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Thursday, 30 August 2007

Creepy Semi-stalker People on Friendster

Anyway, moving on...

I now regularly check my Friendster account so as to post thank-you comments to those who gave me "congratulatory" comments for my recent achievement. I am overwhelmed by the great amount; and with that another thank you. I also had friend requests from my elementary classmates that I haven't heard from for a long time.

Not to mention, some friend requests are from those I do not know. Honestly, I don't add people I don't know but I don't reject them. It's up to them to reject themselves *lol*. But if like, we're somewhat acquainted, that's the only time I add them.

One person scared the shit out of me. The guy is from Sta. Rosa, Laguna and he sent me a message that he knows me and asked for my home phone number. I just said that I'm sorry but I don't know him so I can't give him our home number. After a few days, he had this friend request which of course, I didn't accept. Then he kept on flooding me messages that we went to school together and other what's wrong with me bullshit. In my imbyerna mode I asked him which school and he said, Canossa. Ngek! I never attended Canossa, no! When I told him that I never studied in Canossa, he kept on insisting that I studied there. I got so pissed off so I rejected his request and blocked that guy from ever accessing my profile again.

churi, restricted po ito

If it weren't a way to keep in touch with my friends, I would've cancelled my Friendster account. Call me a social retard but I just don't want meeting people in that way. Buti when you blog, there is real interaction between the author and the readers. Ang saya kaya ng intellectual and funny conversations...

Hooray for blogging!


Poli said...

Naks, sikat ka na kaya ka may stalker!

Congratulations sa pagpasa mo sa board exams!

Mabuhay ka! Hehe.

Cory said...

another case of mistaken identity i wud say.

i read stuff from ur profile n gurl, i jst wna say n m kilig for u sa mga comment ni boy balbon sayo. awww ang sweet. :D i really love it kapag my friends have very active n blossoming love lives. m really happy for u. ^_^ que ber s ibang chismosang walang magawa na nakikialam at namamagitan. basta ako i feel elated for u.

let's drink to that.

kc said...

@ poli: *lol* 2x na akong nagawan ng chismis so dumoble ang yata ang sikat factor ko. etchos!

feeling ko napagkamalan lang ako nun. kaso marunong pa sha sa akin pagdating sa identity ko. haha!

kc said...

@ cory: i think napagkamalan lang din ako. gaya nga ng sabi ko kay poli, mas marunong pa siya sa akin pagdating sa identity ko. haha

ang arte nga nung si boy balbon. nakakadugo ng ilong ang nilalagay. at talagang que ber ng mga chismosang inggitera no! ayon na, ikaw ang nasa nirvana. joke! haha.

isama natin si porsching sa inuman. *lol*

Engr. Cesar Noel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nelo said...

hehe! nice profile ah..dalagang dalaga :D

ako nga pala yung classmate mo nung prep..remember? LOL!

sakin rin kapag may nag add na hindi ko kakilala eh hindi ko ina-accept (pa-hard to get eh :D) pero gaya mo hindi ko nire-reject...andun lang sila sa pending request hanggang sa i-cancel na nila.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

that's the reason why i have 2 separate friendster accounts, an anonymous myspace page, and a faceless blogger profile.

i have the 1st friendster account available to everyone but the second one is reserved for close friends, blog acquaintances and family members. i also have 2 blogs here at blogger, i use this one, and the other where my image is posted. i guess some of my blogroll friends know about the other one. sana lang wag nya ipagkalat. hehehe. =)

dati gusto ko ung friendster but now its otherwise. i think it had already lost its purpose. and those anonymous stalkers, spammers, feeling-friends and makulit invitees top the list. =(

kc said...

@ nelo: kailangan kasi colorful ang profile ko. haha! uy, parang naaalala na kita nelo...ikaw yung dapat honor student nung prep kaso nahuli ka lang na nagtago sa CR at nagyoyosi. *lol*

ang pangit kasi ng term na "reject"...yun lang ang ayaw ko. =)

kc said...

@ ruff: i was thinking of having separate friendster accounts but being the little twit that i am, i'm too lazy to check on it.

siguro naman hindi nila ipagkakalat yun. ;)

true. i don't like friendster anymore for the same reasons that you have stated above. kaso lang it's one way of getting to keep in touch with friends.

btw, i got my board rating. laugh trip!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KC: Yeah KC, that was definitely one of the very spectacular things everyone should be thankful for. I’m also thankful for better days, wonderful life experiences, and happy moments like this one. Stay happy too KC.

Our board ratings? Another thing we should be really thankful for. =)

nelo said...

haha! hindi ako yun kristine..di ako nagyoyosi baka katol lang yung sinisinghot ko nun. :D

kc said...

@ nelo: ah so ikaw pala yung nasita ng janitor kasi ang dami mo na daw nakulimbat na katol. naaalala na kita..basta prep tayo nun. etchos. stir lang..wehe! =)

Anonymous said...

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