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Thursday, 23 August 2007

johalia jackson

As a child of the late 80's, I had a glimpse of what the 80's was. Big hair, tights, new wave, weird dancing. That's some part of the 80's I saw. So I decided to make myself an 80's dancing chorva alter ego from the Music and Lyrics movie site. I named my alter ego, Johalia Jackson (well, the Jacksons were really big on the 80's). Here's Johalia:

YEAHBOI...work it!

Ngek! Kahit ako di ko masasayaw yan. Baka makalas pa ako! *lol*

Make your own 80's dancing alter ego here.


rich cervales said...

ayos to ah

KC Cervales said...

haha! wish ko nga meron din nung kay cora. *lol*

George Atento said...

oh no. kids are making fun na of my generation! bah! getting old na talaga. hehehe. those were fun days.

KC Cervales said...

don't worry sir, i think that the 80's is fun. walang basagan ng trip. whee!

kaya nga po sabi nila "you can take a person out of the 80's but you can't take away the 80's from that person"

Jewel Angeles said...

Yeah, sir, the 80s were cool! Except for the shoulder pads and... most "fashionable" clothing then. Hahaha.

Jewel Angeles said...

Can't hate the 80s. I was BORN in the 80s. :D
Nostalgia trip!

KC Cervales said...

me too. i think the 80's is cool sans the shoulder pads. haha =)