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Friday, 24 August 2007

Les Dames Compatissantes de Jesus

So the title of this post is our batch name. It is French for "The Compassionate Handmaids of the Lord". Ok, so the June 2007 licensure exam results are just around the corner and I'm still hoping that our batch will have a 100% passing rate. Here's our batch song, which I found on my friend's Imeem page.

edit: Leche, the Imeem played wouldn't show up. Just click the link above if you want to listen to the song. Anyway, here are the lyrics.

CARPE DIEM (Seize the Day)
by: Carissa De Luzuriaga

We all started as strangers
Got to know each other better
Now were almost out there
What to do? How to get there?

I know the love that we share
Will serve each other strength
Whatever the distance, whatever the length
One thing weve got is care

Dreams I know are not that far
Weve struggled hard to reach that star
Whatever happens or comes our way
Dont worry just seize the day

Friends forever that we are
We all may not be together
But one thing for sure
Well all be as one

(Repeat CHORUS)

Ohhh Ill never forget the times weve shared
The good times and bad
The laughter and tears that we have shed
It really wasnt all that bad (Repeat 2x)

Repeat CHORUS (except last line)

Dont worry just seize
Dont worry just seize
Dont worry just seize the day

Gawd! I'm not into the moderate anxiety mode yet, but listening to severely anxious people kills me...especially when there was this crapola sent through text messaging about the national passing rate being 36% (daw). Ngek! I've been reading updates about the exams online so I'm pretty skeptical about those "please pass" crap.

Whatevs, I'm just psychobabbling. Good luck to all of the examinees. Go for 100% Les Dames (a.k.a. Notorious 92 *lol*)!


ruff nurse-du-jour said...

You know what KC, I’m supposed to post an entry about the boards too pero sabi ko ipo-post ko na lang after the results have been released. Baka kc ma-pre-empt ng contents ng blog ko yung results. I know that that is not possible (as the results are already known by now by the PRC/BON people) pero I’m that superstitious eh, kaya wag muna.

Sa aug29 na lang. =) goodluck sa atin kc.

kc said...

oo nga wag muna. baka sabihin pa na you have connections or whatever. you know how the dirty thinking goes out here.

oo nga good luck sa atin..woot woot!

Cory said...

wadapak dat carcar's song over there! naks! oh yeah boi seize the day notorious 92! gudluck wd the results. m hoping for the very best.

adam said...

hey KC! I finally got a chatter box! :P come check it out!