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Thursday, 9 August 2007

peer pressure? not!

my friend mimi gave me a nickname and she has been has been calling me "laguna bitch". it's written all over my friendster account. knowing what the meaning of bitch is, i'm supposed to throw a hissy fit from the time that she called me laguna bitch. but i didn't. she explained to me that she has another meaning of bitch, which she has taken from an old forwarded e-mail.

according to that e-mail, bitch means:
B- babe
I- in
T- total
C- control of
H- herself

she told me that she gave me this nickname because noticed that i rarely succumbed to peer and social pressure. yeah, even in my age, there’s still peer pressure. i don’t know about you guys but that’s how being in an all-girl university goes (ack, we went co-ed a couple of years back). social pressure never goes away. but anyway, take these examples:

1. it’s time to choose what our field of specialization would be. the medical-surgical ward is all the rage but i’ve decided that i should really stick to my choice, which is the operating room. i was the first one to write down OR (in blue ink) on that measly piece of paper. some of my classmates taunted me that from what they’ve heard, the OR elective has the most number of paper works and has one of the most difficult final exams. they tried to avoid that and some persuaded me to change my field.

2. some of my friends didn’t attend the in-house review organized by our school, in preparation for the board exams. they reviewed in other review centers. naturally, they persuaded me to come because almost everyone “fun” is going to attend in the same review center.

3. one time, i have a friend who admitted that he really likes me but the problem is, he is already in a relationship. i like him too but only as a friend. knowing these facts, some of my friends pressed me into entering a relationship with him even if the poor girl didn’t know, because eventually, they’d break up if he truly loves me. they gave me the crap that “love is all that matters”.

4. i got sick and tired of studying at starbucks at robinson’s place manila ever since it became crowded and noisy because of other “reviewees”. my dormmates, who also happens to be my friends, get a kick out of studying there even if it’s noisy. one night, they decided to go to starbucks adriatico to study. the night before, i had coffee with the ice king so i declined. ooh, they wouldn’t take no for an answer.

how did i manage?

DEADMA lang. as in totally ignoring them. seriously, i have my own brain that can function so i don’t need anyone telling me what i should do. i take advices and words of wisdom; but letting them control my decisions? nope, won’t work.

so what happened after?

1. i chose the OR no matter what. turns out that there is only one case study, a quiz, a case presentation (in front of staff nurses and the chief nurse of PGH-OR, mind you), and a scrapbook with your photos and whatnots are required. i had a hell of a time because i enjoyed every single minute of my duty in the OR.

2. i paid the fees early so that they couldn’t say anything anymore. i went out and enjoyed myself before the in-house review started while they have been going to their classes almost 6 days a week, 12 hours a day. when the in-house review started, they had a lot of topics covered but they are still so toxic. unlike us who only had a month of review, we got to chill out pa at club manila east.

3. when i heard their reason, i was like, “wtf?”. and reality check: i told them that i like him AS A FRIEND, for crying out loud. that’s enough for me not to listen to them. and i think they have a twisted perspective on what ‘love” is. jeez!

4. i have to save because i'm flat broke. i hate it when people can’t take no for an answer because i have to tell a white lie so they’d leave me alone. so i just gave them a pathetic excuse that my dad would call up that night and would totally freak out if he finds out that i’m not in the dorm. they know that my dad’s overprotective so they went by themselves. problem solved! i got to study well and they just ended up chatting with some of our classmates. now, i call them the starbucks study brigade.

oo nga naman, i realized that i don't usually give in to the whims of my friends when i don't feel like it. ok. so maybe laguna bitch really fits me. =)


on the other hand, evil kitty’s kittens have grown so big. lookie here:

aww, so cute. i love them.


cory said...

since classmate kta at forever groupmate sa duty alam ko ang cnsb mo! i so agree abt sa in house review saka sa starbucks ek ek. cla bebs nga eh noh todo aral dun. n like i sed sa blog ko hnd ko maintindihan ang mga tao na nagaaral sa starbucks. no offense pero it's so like an "in thing." que ber naman noh! haha at kelangan sa byahe papuntang nueva ecija magsstarbucks lahat (ngkape ka ba nun?)! kahit pa alam nila na mawiwiwi cla on the way. (at and ending napa wiwi nga sa karinderya ang mga lola mo kasi nga diuretic ang kape!) haha!

ska the hell sa pagbuyo sayo na manira ng relasyon ha! ano klaseng advice un! sus ginoo santisima rosaryo...

pareho tayo hnd ako madaling madala sa peer pressure.

kudos to us. we have a mind of our own.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Hmmm, not a huge fan of the OR though, I think I made an entry on my blog about some OR experience of my own. Hehe. When I worked as a staff in "go uste," i chose icu agad (ako lang ang pumili ng icu out of 75 trainees), not knowing what the magnitude of my decision was. the training supervisor kept on asking me, "ano sure ka na ba?" sabi ko lang, "cyempre naman," (insert peer pressure of my co-trainees here) but when i got there on my 1st week, patay! ang hirap nga. pero cyempre, keri pa rin kahit im having crying spells sa CR pag wala nang nakatingin. peer pressure could be a good thing if it forces you to be the best that you can be, but it is deleterious if it makes you otherwise.

Thanks KC. Glad that the weather is now cooperating. If it weren’t for Mikkoi’s tag & your messages, this post would have never come to fruition. I love answering meme’s pa naman. Tag mo ako if you have one ha. Hehe.

kc said...

@ cory: haha! ayabyu. kakampi talaga kita forever.

dati kasi tahimik dun sa starbucks sa rob kaso biglang dumami ang nagreview dun. tama ka rin na parang it's the "in thing" na parang super talino mo na kapag dun ka nagreview. aysus, ang ingay na rin talaga kaya ayoko na! atsaka na-in love na ako sa the coffee bean and tea leaf dahil masarap ang mga tsaa nila (ay lola?!). and nope, di ako nagkape nung sa nueva ecija kasi ayokong maihi ng wala sa oras..plus i need to save up dahil mahaba na ang listahan ko kay cai. haha!

sa in house naman, ayokong magpaka-toxic. sus! apat na taon na akong toxic and i think i deserve a break. i don't doubt whatever the school taught us. siguro naman di rin naman ako ganung ka-ulyanin para makalimutan ko ang lahat ng tinuro sa atin. syempre may makakalimutan din din but not all, "stuck" knowledge ika nga ni ms olivar.

at sa paninira ng relasyon, utang na loob! ano naman yun, papatusin ko kasi andyan siya at gustong-gusto ako? no can do! di naman ako ganong ka-desperada na magkabuypren kahit tayo ay nasa intimacy vs isolation. =)

yeah, cheers to that! we have a mind of our own. =)

kc said...

@ ruff: talaga pwedeng mamili ng area sa "go uste"? hmm..

anyway, you're right in saying that peer pressure is also a good thing if it can help you bring out the best in you. maybe the manner of speaking is important in this situation. kasi kung ineencourage mo nga pero parang nginangarag mo siya, kawawa naman. but if you'll give the person encouragement in a calm manner, i think the person can process that very well and wouldn't feel so pressured.

you know how non-verbal cues speak louder than words... =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Thanks for the visit KC! Sure sure, I will definitely try do the tag one of these days. I'm brewing up something funny and informative to post as of the moment. =) Keeps me excited...

Glad you loved the IT GIRL thing. I really could not understand that lady. =)

And yeah, you could choose ur own ward sa training pero depende sa vacancy if you're for regularization. But what you said is truly right, there's no use naman sa tao kung ngangaragin sya. Come to think of it, diba minsan we listen pa nga sa mga friends natin for our decision making. =) A healthy peer pressure, if coupled with moderation and foresight, could be helpful din naman.

and about your last words? yup they do =)

kc said...

@ ruff: yeah i agree with what you said about the moderation and foresight.

haha. i love the thought that pops is old enough to be a girl but she considers herself to be one. jeez. the world must be flipping out on her.

thanks for dropping by! =)

cory said...

pwede pala mamili ng area dun. ngyn ko lng din nalaman. napaka dami talagang alam nito ni nurse ruff at napakasipag mag blog. :D

haha natawa ako sa we're on the intimacy vs isolation part... ugggh! sus mio gusto ko ng tanggalin sa ulirat ko ang mga stages of development pls lang at ang mga milestones!!! sakit sa ulo...

loves u too mama kc!

kc said...

@ cory: oo nga, andami alam ni nurse ruff. kaya madalas ako tumambay sa blog niya.. =)

oo nga syet, ang sakit sa ulo. 2 years din natin yang inalagaan sa ating conscious being. *lol* pero totoo ang sinabi ko. di ko naman nafi-feel ang matinding urge na magkaroon pa ng buypren sa ngayon. ayokong mag-jump from intimacy vs. isolation to integrity vs. despair. nyahaha! =)

Adam said...

um they really don't look anything like kittens!

kc said...

@ adam: they don't look like kittens to you? well, that's ok. some of my friends call them the gremlins.

sweetrai said...

if i were in your shoe i would do the same!

ur in my saturday list.. :) u expect me to comment on ur site every saturday...hope you can comment on my posts too Godbless

kc said...

haha. may kakampi ulit ako. thanks sweetrai =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Hi KC. Glad you liked the post. The thing that is more annoying than chain mails? Chain SMS. And the weird thing about Chain SMS is their insensitivities about religion and spirituality. It’s so threatening, like if you won’t send that message, God/Mama Mary won’t bless your family or something. Isn’t personal faith enough?

And good luck isn’t something you’re always given. We can’t have the best of luck all the time. But that’s just me, I think. =)

nelo said...

ang cute talaga ng mga kuting..hehe!

hanga ako sa katapangan mong mala-gabriela silang..astig! may sariling paninindigan at hindi basta na lang sunod sa agos...

kc said...

salamat nelo. lab na lab ko yang mga kuting na yan. kaso may nanghihingi na..sad.

haha..siguro likas na talaga akong pasaway. atsaka minsan yung pamimilit nila sa akin, alam kong hindi makakabuti sa akin. di bale kung payong-kaibigan lang ang ibibigay..as in syet, todo pili ito sa kung ano ang gusto nila. hindi naman pwede yun, di naman sila ang nagpapakain sa akin. hmpf!

..sus! impakta mode na naman ito. =)