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Saturday, 18 August 2007

post overkill

for the record, i have a lot to blog about but it all kept on slipping from my mind. my trip to manila made my mind overflow with blog topics. but i wasn't able to type it immediately so those ideas dissolved quickly as fast as it popped into my head. anyway, i'm going to type something about what i remember and about some of the photos i took.

1. for ruff, i found my old stock of sterile gloves. i still have a pair of triflex gloves. since you asked me about it, i took a photo of it so that you can see. this one from my stash was given to me...i didn't get it in the way that we talked about. *lol*

2. i love nestle's twin pops in both flavors (orange and chocolate). it's one of my ultimate childhood favorites. ok, it used to be twin popsies but i love it just the same. it's bigger and still inexpensive. in our local variety store, it only costs only 10 pesos. i'm glad they didn't take it out of the market.

3. we have thought of a name for evil kitty's kittens. the black kitten is named "gumby" because i thought it has umbilical hernia because it's umbilical stump is protruded. i shortened it to umby. but it sounds like umbridge, the little twit from harry potter and the order of the phoenix. i added a "g", thus the name. the white kitten is "hagger", which is what grawp calls hagrid in harry potter. the kitten is fat and big that's why it deserves the name.

4. pakialamera mode: with the long hour i've spent in the road due to heavy traffic in the south luzon expressway, i thought: the government should try to improve the philippine railway system. my mom said that from the pasay road station up to sta. rosa, laguna costs about 30 pesos. with that, i think riding the train is a very cost effective way to travel quickly and safely. and just think, there would be less instances of heavy traffic...and less instances of ozone layer depletion due to fossil fuel burning.


Ayel said...

How wonderful would our world be if everyone becomes pakialamero/a.

Have a great day, KC!

kc said...

i think being a pakialamera/o would help us a lot if they do it positively. i mean the way they should be interfering or giving out comments and suggestions should be constructive, not destructive.

and thanks for dropping by, ayel! :)

Danika said...

Wait.. so what's the difference between twin pops and twin popsies? I love them too. Just like you, i think they're one of my ultimate childhood faves, both orange and chocolate.

As to the philippine railway system, I think the government needs to improve everything, not just that. Hehe.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KC: Hey! Thanks for the comments KC! My PLDT DSL services, annoyingly and unfortunately, are still not yet restored. I’ll make another call later and then that would be it. My patience doesn’t come for free you know. Hehe.

Thanks for the picture KC!!! Re#1, ngayon lang ako nakakita nyan, I swear. We used Reliance brand yata dati if I wasn’t mistaken. And gloves weren’t “my thing” back then. I’m still a KY guy. Eeek. Re#2, I miss naman those ice cream cookies. They’re shaped like Mickey’s head, and in between the cookies is the vanilla ice cream filling. I so so love them. Re#3, I’m allergic to cats but not to dogs. Ewan ko ba, alam ko namang parehas lang silang hayop, with danders and all, pero may selective ka-artehan yata yung ilong ko. And about #4, I believe that the govt is restoring PNR operations to the north, that’s a good thing for Bulakenos, but a bad thing for Bulakenos like moi who detest going to the province and long trips.

By the way, I used to post entries in my friendster too but I tackle very light topics like my favourite novels, quotations, poems, et cetera. And I don’t write personal memoirs there, I once posted a personal chronicle and the next thing I knew it was posted in somebody else’s blog too. =(

Though it has been 3 years since I started posting here, I still consider myself a neophyte writer too. I’m still learning a lot of things (on grammar and rhetoric, what topics are post-worthy, and how to modify the appearance of the site). I think, we all still have a lot to learn and blogging is one really good way of discovering such new ones. More power too KC. =)

Cory said...

gurl nung pgka grad aba voila! i still had a box full of sterile gloves n half of a box ng clean gloves. (both of which i gave away for free to friends, charity ito! isang 5 C's! haha)la lang na relate ko lang sa #1. triflex? is that from pgh? sounds family.

kc said...

@ danika: there's no difference. iniba lang ng nestle yung pangalan. it still has it's signature yummy taste.

and as for the improvements, i agree on what you told me. pero i think the improved railway will have a lot of advantages. i've mentioned some on my entry and i'll add this one:

--# merchandise like fresh produce from baguio can be transported quickly and inexpensively. so that means less ang patong sa original price and that the fruits and veggies that we'd be getting are really fresh.

thanks for dropping by danika! =)

kc said...

@ ruff: you're welcome. that triflex brand is sooo elusive now. wala na daw nagtitinda sa bambang. sus! and as for the ice cream cookies, masarap nga yun! *drool* kaso dahil kuripot ako, tama na ang twin popsies. *lol*

a lot of people are allergic to cats than to dogs. i think it has something to do with the cat fur. i forgot the rationale for that. basta i watched that on animal planet many years ago.

there has been a buzz that there is a consortium between the philippines and japan that a modern railway would be established...a railway similar to singapore. that's why many of the squatters were transferred to a housing project here in laguna because the japanese wouldn't construct if squatters are present. if that is the case, the travel time would be fast. yay! i just don't know if the cost would be minimal, though.

kc said...

@ cory: *lol* i still have a box of sterile gloves myself. yung binili ko for my elective sa OR. i also gave it away to my sisters, including majority of my stuff that i won't use as of now.

i have 2 pairs of triflex with that stock. yup, it was given to me by my patient's relative nun sa cenicu...ayoko ngang tanggapin kasi nakakahiya. tinanggap ko lang kasi she stuffed it into my pocket. kasi nga naawa siya sa akin dahil inaagawan daw ako ni ms vitug ng gloves. haha! loko din yun, palibhasa nursing student din siya. =)

Cory said...

teka mama kc, ksabay ba kita mag cenicu ksma cna bebe? hmmm...la lang.

jc.guiyab said...

i'm backkkkkkkkkkk

gawdddddddddd ako din meron pang stock sa bahay ng sterile gloves!!! hahahaha


uy kaasar yung mga kumala ng txt messages about sa release ng results, huh...

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KC! I miss ice cream cookies. But bad for adipose cells and walls of the arteries. =) I so miss having pets. Most of our dogs died (for several different reasons),while some are deported to our relatives in the province to do some work (by work I mean, magbantay etc). I want another dog, yung malaki, Labrador or Golden retriever siguro. Hehe.

Progress entails sacrifices. If the country wants to attain first world status, some radical changes both from the govt and the people must be made. Squatters must be relocated, infrastructures be made, and social commodities made cheaper. Sana nga magkatotoo. Hehehe =)

arnie said...

1. baka expired na yang old gloves mo..:D haay, miss ko ng mapaduty sa OR. (malapit na result ng NLE.:O)
2.tamang pag-advertised ng product ng nestle..endorser. hihi..:D
3. ang cute ng kittens mo.:D kamukha ni gollum yung nasa upper right. "my precious!" haha!
4. sana maayos na ang train dito. kwento naman ng lolo ko, Php4.5O lang daw bayad from laguna to manila. wow! so cheap.. gusto ko makasakay ulit sa train. (hindi sa LRT at MRT..hehe.)

adam said...

KC! I see you're blog slacking! It must be exam time...

kc said...

@ cory: yup magkakagroup tayo nun sa cenicu. naalala mo ba ang award-winning na banat?

porsching: o ms cervales, ano ang meds ng patient mo
kc: esomeprazole po
porsching: what is the classification of esomeprazole?
kc: proton-pump inhibitor po.
porsching: no. it's an anti-ulcer. you're just guessing, ms cervales
kc: *kamot ulo*


kc said...

@ jc: uy, welcome back. you've been gone for like, 2 weeks or so.

di ba? i still have gauze pads, micropore tape, betadine, hydrogen peroxide and other stuff. pinamigay ko na lang sa mga kapatid ko.

lecheng balita talaga. pero informed naman ako na joketime lang yung mga text messages kasi nagbabasa ako ng balita sa inquirer tapos yung lola ng isang friend ko kilala yung mga BON.

kc said...

@ ruff: oo nga. whenever i have too much, i think i can hear triglycerides and sugar exploding into my veins. sus! but i still love it just the same. =)

we used to have a pet dog too. after it got sick and died thereafter, we never had another dog. uy, a labrador is cute. pati yung rottweiler. who couldn't stand its big sad puppy dog eyes.

yup. i also believe that changes in the government AND its citizens should happen so that a big difference can be made. oo nga, sana totohanan at hindi stir ang "singapore-like" trains

kc said...

@ arnie: naku hindi pa naman expired ang gloves ko. halos bago pa yan. at 2010 pa ang expiration date nyan.

kumain ako ng maraming twin pops during the dry spell. ang init kasi! i hope nestle can pay me too. joke!

haha. gollum is creepy. my kitties are waaaay adorable.

i haven't had a train ride. ever. you're so lucky. =)

kc said...

@ adam: i don't have an exam. whenever i have something up my sleeve, i blog slack.

i guess my brain farting is a hard habit i can't break. =)

Cory said...

oo ako din tinanong ako nyan gurl! mahilig mag impromptu ang lola mo at ang kabagalan effect nito sa paggloves sabay banat kay pukachu na ang bagal bagal dw nya (samantalang sya na lang ung inaantay). at dnt forget the pagtakbo effect ng lola mo papuntang CR sabay sigaw ng XRAY!!! haha. at ang 1 million dollar question ng meaning ng CBC na tinanong pa natin kay Dator. haha.

kc said...

*lol* that's funny. ang daming bloopers ng group natin sa cenicu. haha!

porsching: ms cervales anong ginagawa mo? (akmang papagalitan)
kc: inaayusan ko po si madam ng buhok
porsching: ikaw talaga ginawa mo pa siyang chun-li
kc: kyut nga po eh, di ba madam?
patient ni kc: *ngumiti*
porsching: o sige ms cervales, may ribbon pa siya dito

ngek?! ^_^

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Yup yup kc. Fats and moi have such a wonderful relationship, we could not live and survive without the other. As for the dogs, I guess they just hate me, and as far as I know, I’m their angel of death or some sorts. And about RP progress, don’t let me start with our airport… =)

kc said...

@ ruff: ha! like you, fats and me are inseparable. so i think that i might acquire diabetes mellitus or CVD when i get older.

the airport..ok. i won't let you start on it. i know that it might take you long to enumerate a lot of it. :)

Cory said...

CHUN-LI!!! lmao.

mga alam nito ni porsching eh. haha comedy!

Poli said...

Wow! Peyborit ko yang Twin Pops! Teka, diba Twin Popsies yan dati?

Kawawa naman yung pusa kapag Hagger ang pangalan! Hehe!

kc said...

@ cory: oo naloka ako sa chun-li nya. sus! if i know adik sha dati sa street fighter. *lol*

@ poli: oo, twin popsies yan dati. ewan ko nga ba kung bakit naging twin pops na lang..mas kyut ang twin popsies.

haha. may tamang pronunciation ang hagger. parang pang-taong tabon..parang ganito: haaaagrrrrr! para bang hagorn. sus! adik.

salamat sa pagbisita poli. =)