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Wednesday, 8 August 2007

the sayote and other discoveries

gaaak! i just learned last night that the sayote fruit's seed can go out of the fruit...all by itself when it's ready to germinate...

now i know...another thing learned from being a bum! at least being a bum has its advantages. not only that, it has made me realize that i like semi-bangaw and humongous bangaw shades (oversized shades, in other words) like this one from lulu castagnette:

btw: they have great stuff there. especially the jeans, winner! it fits me well even if i have pata thighs and an invisible butt. but i only check it out kapag end of the season sale because they remove 70% off the original price (kuripot eh!). plus, even if you're one season behind from its flagship store abroad, you're one season advanced when it comes to the philippine fashion scene.

so that's just one of the things i've learned as a bum. don't mind it if you received a snide comment that you're too dressy or something. you're just being commended in another way because you're sassy. and besides, it's your turn to laugh when you move to the next BIG thing and they're just starting to buy the items that they think is too kooky way before it's considered chica.

..that i should've known when i was going out a lot frequently than now. *sigh*

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