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Monday, 6 August 2007

what's reeling on my mind?

so the results of the board exams is just around the corner and once again, anxiety is back to haunt me. add that to the anxiety that the board exam rumormomgers create, it'll turn any june 2007 board taker into an anxious flow of nervous sweat.

if i can just delve into the mind of the members of the board of nursing! of course, that's through mental telepathy...and something not radical as this:

sus, i won't resort to craniotomy so that I’d know the BON’s thoughts...

so there.

good luck to all the june 2007 nursing board examinees! =)


Girl said...

sarap kumain ng lunch! dinuguan ulam ko. yum-yum!

kc said...

haha. ganyan din ang mga naging reaction ng mga dumalaw sa blog ko nung nag-post ako ng picture ng pancreatic tumor.

thanks for dropping by, girl! =)

arnie said...

oo nga..grabe, habang lumalapit ang judgment day e lalong tumataas ang anxiety ko.. very severe anxiety na! haha!
God bless sa tin!

Coiledice said...

haha. ok ah. anu ba yan? lam kong me dugo. pero anong parti ng katawan ya. curious lang po.

Adam said...

Good luck! I'm sure you aced it! What's the failure rate by the way?

kc said...

@ coiledice: that's how the incised meninges look. some portion of the brain is already out. just click on the image to see the enlarged version.

@ adam: thanks. the results haven't been out yet, actually. it's going to be released on the last week of august. the anxiety is killing me. gaaaarrrh!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Thanks for the visit kc! =)

I'm not the OC-OC type when I was younger. Not even when I was still a student. I know that in the line of our job, a sense of OCness is imperative, but even when i worked as a staff nurse before, i still could not extract some OC-OC-ness in me. I dont know. Siguro kc I'm a little bit pabaya, and my parents are not that anal either.

Narcissistic pwede, histrionic din, a little bit paranoid. But after reading this post, the little bit turned into a HUGE UNCONTROLLABLE PARANOIA. Just kidding. I hope. =)

anna o said...

omg. i just watched grey's sa 23 kagabi. that's the episode where izzy had to remove a clot in some guy's head using a regular drill kasi there was no way to move the patient out of the scene.

naalala ko yung sinabi ni webber na tanggalin nya yung blood, tas wala syang suction so she had to get her fingers into the hole. wala lang. naalala ko lang coz of the picture. astig.

kc said...

@ ruff: haha. the OC-ness in me is just recent. after the dorm caretaker made my bed, i felt stupid so till then, i tried to be neat as possible. don't worry, i can live with the huge uncontrollable paranoia...but my treatment would be: another vacation. yey!

@ anna: ooh, i know that episode. grabe, i have to be careful while suctioning. we're operating near the "speech center" so if too much suction is applied, the patient may become mute...but i love the experience. =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Thank you for your kind words KC. I guess the hardest part about my predicament is that I’ve let go off easily without even trying to put up a fight. I don’t even have the slightest idea how I should manage the situation. Should I fight or should I flight? And I presume I took the easy way out, I flight. One thing I just learned—you must learn how to pick your own battles.

Life, indeed, still has a lot in store for all of us. We’re still young and there are a whole lots of things that we should take care of. An end in a relationship does not equate to failure, it just means that we are given another opportunity to love again. I still believe in karmic retribution. Sow goodness and in the future you will reap it, plant something evil and it will be given back to you. In the future, eventually, I pray that all of us will be happy.

One more thing I’ve learned: build bridges instead of burning them. So that when things seem barren and hopeless, you have someone to turn your back to. There’s still a purpose behind everything. I’m just digging deeper to find out what this one has for me. =)

Thank you so much my fellow nurse KC. Psych stuffs really helps in times like this. I’m getting better now don’t worry. Hindi na umuulan. =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Re: Weird things, Thanks KC for liking my posts. Im really happy that the population of nurses visiting my site, and blogger in general, is growing and in no sign of stopping as of the moment. =)

Hmmm, is it at Car***** S*****? I think I never had student duties there, the facilities in that hospital is extensive isn't it? And it mostly caters to Fil-Chinese pts? Ano ung tri-flex? Grabe sa sobrang ka-sosyalan, hindi ko na alam! Hahaha. Pero the thing you did is quite impressive. Wawa naman if they have to pay for some stuffs. Sa OPD din kc of this certain hospital, kami na lang nagvo-volunteer for the supplies. Its our little way of helping our less fortunate patients diba? =)

Yeah, who would forget the micropore tapes diba? At this certain pay hospital, you could also get some extra Paracetamol and OTC drugs. Minsan kc discharged pts do not take them home anymore and we could no longer deduct them from the charges, kaya hayun, sa amin na lang minsan, Hehehe. =) bad no? hahaha

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Thanks KC, loved your comments. Yeah, it was quite painful to do that, especially when you feel that not fighting would be the best albeit the hardest thing you have to do. To let go of someone who was never yours could prove to be just twice as heartbreaking.

I guess we just have to learn how to pick our own battles and decide how much we are willing to stake out into the battlefield. Just make sure that you keep a little of something to yourself so that when you lose, you still have something to hold on to.

I wouldn’t close my heart to the possibilities. That’s one thing I’m definitely sure of. Wishing you all the best KC. Keep in touch. =)