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Friday, 28 September 2007

Same Face, Different Angle Pa-cute Photos

Since I mentioned, "Same Face, Different Angle Pa-cute Photos", I'm going to give you guys an example for you to have a clear picture of what it really is. My sister, Charmaine and I dislike those kinds of photos in Friendster, except when there is something artsy about it. Nakakasawa kasi tingnan kung pare-pareho lang naman...

This is not a knockoff of Gdwn's Okrayable Friendster Profiles ha? Now, I give you the "Same Face, Different Angle Pa-cute Photos" using my own photos. (READ: Malanding mugshot)

O di ba? Parang mugshot sans the name tag and background. Pero yung sinasabi ko eh tipong 3-5 photos na puro ganyan ang nakalagay. Ang dating kasi nyan sa amin ng kapatid ko, "Cute ako sa ganitong hitsura...ibang anggulo naman! (click) Ok, cute talaga ako. Bwahahaha!". Okay, I get it...cute ka na! You don't need to shove it up my ass.

Haha! Pakialamera mode lang. Pero pabayaan. Kaligayahan nila ang maglagay ng ganyang litrato.

Healthy Narcissism

What I don't like is when people are just relying on you so that they can survive. In this dog eat dog world, you need to be tough so you can see the day after tomorrow (ayon na, parang end of the world!). Seriously. We call that parasitism when that person is physically capable but emotionally incapable to stand alone.

Although now, I'm a parasite to my parents' financial gains, I try to compensate that by being useful around the house. That seems OK because both of us benefit from it and it is understandable because I am currently unemployed due to the hitches in the PRC license.

Again, I'm blogging an evil-imbyerna-impakta post because some people just can't move forward without the help of others. Think parasite, baby! They never do things out of their own accord...dapat laging manggagaling sa iba ang effort at dapat laging spoon-fed ang info even if it's stuck at their faces. Ano naman kaya yun? Soooo kapal muks ha.

And because I'm so cruel to annoying parasites who can't find nothing else to do but to post "same face, different angle pa-cute photos" in Friendster, I didn't share the info that I know. Matuto silang maging self-reliant and not expect others to spoon-feed them everything. Naman, the World Wide Web is bursting with info that you have to get. So if you have the nerve to post those kinds of photos, siguro naman, you have the nerve to get that info that's staring at you in the face. Kainez veneracion ha!

Guess who are those people? Its Jollibeeyatch and her crew, the Whore House Peeps.

FYI: Na-imbyerna lang ako sa ginagawa nilang parasitism...but not imbyerna enough to shove the info up their asses. =)

Peace out!

Summer Sisters

Genre: Literature & Fiction
Author:Judy Blume

This is the story of Vix Leonard and Caitlin Somers who became the best of friends after spending one summer together. Caitlin dazzled Vix from the start, sweeping the latter into the heart of the unruly Somers family, a world of privilege and adventure. Vix's bond with her summer family reshapes her ties to her own family. Then, in one moment, everything changes, exposing something in her extraordinary friendship with Caitlin that will haunt them through the years.

It's a fascinating read, because it kept me reading for more to see how far would their friendship take them. I thought Caitlin, a rich girl is just fooling around with Vix since she is so willing to do stuff with her. It just amuses me to see that their friendship has survived until they celebrated the big 4-0. But some parts irked me because some parts between Vix and her boyfriend are laden with selfish and pathetic pleading. I'm not too much of a pathetic pleading fan when it comes to literature.

I gave it 3 stars because not only it was interesting, it also entertained me throughout the uber-boring school activity I had to attend.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Registration for License

Start:     Oct 23, '07
Location:     PRC Building, Manila

Ah, maybe the last time I'll be over at PRC. I'm scheduled to register for my license at this period so with that, I have to bring all of those blasted requirements.

Diaspora to the West

Looking at these photos, I might want to stay here.
Central Park, New York City

7th Avenue, New York City

Art deco Lifeguard Station, Miami Beach, Florida

Miami, Florida

Buti na lang wala nang CGFNS sa mga State na ito. Wahaha! NCLEX na lang...

OK. You might say I can go here because I'm a nurse. Well technically, yes but not now. I still don't want to arrange those overseas required bullshit. Plus it's really expensive and time consuming to take all of those exams. Lastly, I don't want to go there without experience. Enough said.

So sa mga nagpupumilit, kayo ang magbayad at mag-ayos ng requirements ko. Capiche?

A big thank you to Mark, for letting me borrow his photos. Peace out!

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Holy Horrors!

My sister and I were talking about some urban legends and stuff. Then suddenly, we shifted it to hospital horror stories. Whee, ang saya palang mag-night duty kapag alam mong may moo-moo!

When I had my elective in the operating room (PM duty ako nito), I was roaming around since there were no cases yet. I wandered over to the RCB of the OR complex...alone. Syemps, dahil wala nang case, patay na lahat ng ilaw sa OR suites except sa hallway and a radio was playing loudly. Medyo kinilabutan ako ng walang dahilan pero wa ako care dahil talagang nababagot ako sa LCB. Nakita ako ni Kuya Jerry, yung repa-peeps kong IW tapos sabi niya, may multo daw dun. Then he told me one experience that he can't forget. They were fixing a certain OR suite in the RCB when one of his colleagues was nudged by something twice. The colleague kept looking but there was nobody there. On the third time, he was tapped in the shoulder. To see if his companions aren't fooling around, the colleague bent over and looked..at ang nakita niya ay bare, ghostly pale legs. Kaya pala ako kinilabutan ng walang dahilan...

Kwento naman ng ate ko, (di naman super horror factor) yung tungkol kay "Resident Pusa" sa ward nila. The cat lurks at a certain room and then after a few minutes, the patient occupying that room goes into arrest and then eventually dies. Just read the details here.
Can't wait to work night shifts. Haha! =)

Monday, 24 September 2007

Decluttering My Room

You might say that I'm way too much of a nostalgia freak if you're going to read that I kept some empty fragrance bottles that I used way back in high school. I'm not bluffing ang you're not mistaken as you look at this photo...

O sige na, that purple bottle is an empty bottle of hand sanitizer...

I was looking for some important papers when I saw these things hidden somewhere in my jungle-like room. And I never thought I kept those all this time. I paused to think and remembered that I kept this for all the nostalgia to rush back to me. 

What should I do?

After a few seconds of thinking, I threw some of it away (I kept the hand sanitizer bottle and the Watermelon ek-ek mist because I'll use it for decanting). I just thought that I don't need to have these things with me so that I can remember the happy old days.

Happy old days can always be remembered when you cherish it with all your heart.

WOOHOO! Ang drama...

Riding in the "Uso" Wave...Not!

I'm not in the mood to always follow a fad. Ewan ko ba. Basta I don't get a kick out of following what's "in". Yeah, maybe I do but in just different occasions that I find it cute. Most of the fad today doesn't work for me. Like in fashion, I know that the skinny jeans is the hottest thing right now. But maybe I'm one of the few who doesn't have a pair in my closet. I have straight cut jeans but heck, it's different from the skinny jeans no!!!

Mahilig akong magpauso. Haha!

Way back in high school (Syet, this sounds eons ago..haha!), I was the one who started this Penshoppe Bottled Up Perfume fad. My perfume was halfway empty because of Rugby, and some of the girls in my class bought their own. Magkakaamoy na kami after nun so I have to switch to Smells Like Baby cologne by Penshoppe. In the end, nag-Johnson's baby cologne Regular na lang ako. Haha!

Nung college naman, I was running out of my grad pic copies so I have to get some extra prints. The reprinting in Chat Peypoch (photo ek-ek ng school namin) is so frigging expensive so I resorted to scanning my 8x10 photo and ordering prints at Photoline because my classmates told me that it's inexpensive dun. Ngek, mahalia din naman and I discovered Hello Kitty Fujifilm Outlet in Robinson's Manila. Syemps, I only paid 3 pesos for a piece of the wallet sized photo. O ayan, when other people heard of it, nilangaw ang Photoline.

You might say that I'm so retarded enough not to join the uso bandwagon. Riding in it will make me spend more...and I don't like spending more.

Saturday, 22 September 2007


I chanced upon this stack when I went to National Bookstore:

I felt so giddy when I saw these. I have always been a frustrated artist. Maybe because I was inspired by those endless doodling at the back of my notebooks everytime I feel bored during classes. But I don't think that my strongest suit is color. That's why now I wanted to practice on colors...especially now that I have nothing to do yet.

Just look at this frustrated attempt. Sablay sa shadowing kasi bara-bara lang ito...atsaka wala naman akong alam. I passed it as my project for Visual Arts in High School. You be the judge of this:

I used charcoal pencil at this. It became smudged with my fingerprints thus the dark background. I called it "Moonlight.Filth.Soliloquy".


Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Senti-Emo, o Wala Lang?

First off, I was tagged by Nelo. Unfortunately, I have already answered that meme in Multiply so just click on this link to view the answered meme.


So with all the evil-imbyerna-impakta mode all drained out of me, let me share some things that I have learned and realized with all of the backstabbing episodes. Yung iba medyo kalokohan but it helped me revive my self-esteem that went comatose for quite some time.

  • Live and let live because each waking day is a gift for each and everyone of us. Don't let those people ruin your day. They're God-given for you to have a constant reminder that you have to be mature. When the time comes that your day isn't ruined by them, that's the time that you're mature enough...at pwede na silang kunin ni God.

  • Nanghihinayang ka ba sa friendship? Just don't. They should've thought of that way before doing those personal attacks. Anyhoo, learn to forgive even if they don't ask for your forgiveness. You can't appreciate things when you have ill feelings towards other people. After all, with friends like that, who needs enemies?

  • Eeew. It all started with a GUY that they can never have but came to me (ano daw?!). After failing to get the best of me (and my lovelife), they attacked me about everything. Clearly, that's the best that they can do. So go, kick ass and continue to do well each and every day. Excelling at some point isn't a crime. You live for yourself, not for them.

  • From Mark, a.k.a. Balahibo Boy, Sasquatch
    They're not your friends if they keep on pulling you down...but there's a good thing out of this. You now know that you're way ahead of them. Just do your thing, they're just playing dirty so that they can catch up on you.
    (OK, nosebleed. Mahaba pa ito pero baka hemophilia na ang abutin natin)

  • From Kat, my former dormmate
    Hayaan mo na sila ate. Lagi mong tatandaan na mas maganda ka kaysa sa kanila dahil ikaw ang pinupuntahan ng lalaki, hindi sila.
    Dahil sa ginawa nila parang na-feel ko na ang pangit-pangit ko...pero naisip ko na tama rin si Kat. Haha, feeling. Thanks Kat! Instant cardioversion sa aking dysrhythmic na self-esteem ang mga sinabi mo.

  • From Mimi, Ang Dakilang Pintor at Mananahi
    Maintain peace and order. Isipin mo na lang ikaw ay peace-loving woman of substance na hindi pumapatol sa mga taong may IQ at EQ na 5...Kung sinabi ng mga chismosang inggitera na cheapskate ang mga lecturer mo nung in-house review mo, wag mong ipagkalat na mas cheapskate ang lecturer nila. Just think and keep to yourself, "Pakiulit? Mrs. Lucy Espinosa, Chief Nurse sa NCMH, cheapskate?! Eh ano kung cheapskate ang lecturer ko. Keber! Less than one month lang ako nag-review pero pumasa pa rin ako".
    Natawa ako dito sa baba ng IQ at EQ. True, na-hurt ako dahil parang sinabi na rin nila that I wasn't good enough to pass the board exams dahil parang "incompetent" DAW ang lecturers namin. Pero as usual, wala akong pakialam sa kanila, basta food trip kami ng mga roommates ko. Take negative criticisms lightly and make it as your motivation to do your best...so in the end, you have the last laugh and say, "Who's laughing now, bitch?!"
Another lesson: Don't slack. Mahirap magpa-super petiks mode before board exams.

Tip lang: when you feel sad, try to verbalize because after that, it'd feel so much better. Tapos maganda rin mag-share sa blogger friends mo. They listen..err, through reading. Ah basta you guys would get it.

Best reinforced knowledge...having friends in cyberspace and real life sure helps. Whee! ~*hug*~

Monday, 17 September 2007



In the 8 facts about you, you share 8 things that your readers don’t know about you.

Then at the end you tag 8 other bloggers to keep the fun going.

– Each blogger must post these rules first.
– Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
– Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their 8 things and post these rules.
– At the end of your blog, you need to choose 8 people to get tagged and list their names.
– Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1. Nakapasa na ako ng board exam pero palamunin pa rin ako..hihi!
2. Di ko pa rin mapagdesisyunan kung itutuloy ko pa ang aking maitim na balak sa pagkuha ng kursong medisina. Ayos lang naman sa tatay ko kaso the tuition fee is so johalia jackson...
3. Kulang pa sa akin ang isang buong brownie fudge cake sa Brownies Unlimited.
4. Nanonood ako ng Korean drama sa Arirang kahit di ko naiintindihan...lalo na kapag walang ginagawa.
5. Gusto kong magpakulot ng buhok...
6. Mahal ko na rin yata si De La Santa...haha! Rip it beybeh!!!!
7. Malandi na ako. May balak akong bumili ng high heeled gold pumps. Haha!
8. Naglo-load lang ako kapag lumuluwas ako ng Manila
Hmm, I tag...mel, kim, jhofel, jovy, cory, cors, lois, chrissie

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Duty Galore! Part 2

Continuation ng part 1..malamang!

  • National Center for Mental Health: Pavilion 3- Dito ako nakapanood ng Electroconvulsive therapy. I don't want to go into detail dahil parang ako ang nasasaktan kapag naaalala ko yung patient. Dito ko rin napatunayan na maganda ang may mabilis na reflexes para kapag sinakal ka ng patient mo matapos kang kumanta ng "bulaklak" ng Viva Hotbabes, makakabawi ka agad At maire-restrain mo siya. At please, don't use novelty songs anymore...
  • San Lazaro Hospital- Di ako masaya dito. Nag-aagawan kasi sa isang patient. Sus! Pero marami akong natutunan about communicable diseases dito. Syemps, may play ek-ek na naman at ako na naman ang salarin.
  • East Avenue Medical Center: Delivery Room- Case galore dito. Hihi! Dito ako nakaputol ng umbilical cord habang inilalabas ang placenta. Syet. Sumirit ang dugo, a la Trevi Fountain. Eek! First time ko rin magparticipate sa emergency baptism nung ipinanganak na deds yung baby. Dito ko rin na-experience na makatandem sa pag-sigaw sa pasyente ang isang OB-GYN. Kasi dumating si patient G5 P4 (na hindi nagpapacheck-up) sa labor room. Super nagwawala due to labor pain, nasapak kaming dalawa ni doktora. To add insult to the injury, pagtanggal ko sa undies ni patient, crowning na pala at PAA ang nakalabas. Sabay tadyak pa sa amin ni doktora so nasigawan namin ang bayolenteng ate.
  • Philipine General Hospital: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit- First time ko maghandle ng patient na may Hydrops Fetalis atsaka Neonatal Syphilis. At dito kami nasabihan na worst group..only to find out na lahat pala ng grupo naging worst group. Hihi!
  • Philippine General Hospital: Central Intensive Care Unit- Dito ko na-utilize ang knowledge ko sa Pharmacology. Favorite subject ko kasi yun...anyway, marami akong na-encounter na drugs dito na never ko pang narinig. Plus first time ko mag-tracheostomy care dito kaya pagtapos ng rotation, hustler na rin ako dun. Yay!
  • Philippine General Hospital: Pediatric Ward- Sa sobrang pagka-intrimitida ko, lagi akong sumasama sa hemodialysis sessions ng patient ko. So because of that natutunan ko ang mechanism ng hemodialysis. Dito rin ako nakakita ng platelet count na less than 10.
  • East Avenue Medical Center: 5N (Male Medical Ward)- Dito ko nakuha ang line of the year: "This is unprofessional and unremarkable charting, Miss Cervales". Woohoo! Patay tayo diyan kay Ms. Olivar! Eh siya ang nagipilit na checkan ang sample charting ko kahit di pa ako tapos. Dito ko rin na experience na makakita ng patient na nilalabasan ng colonic tissues due to extensive amoebiasis. Oo nga pala, Cory: Kamusta na si Reesee?! Nyahaha!
  • East Avenue Medical Center: ER Ward- Bionic ang role ng lola ninyo dito. Isipin ninyo: 8 patients ang handle ko dito plus may 2 pang incoming galing sa ER. Ang masaya pa nito, talagang bedside ang trabaho ko. Whoopee! Dumating pa yung dalawang hinihintay galing ER. So sampung pasyente ang hawak ko ngayon. Wala na ngang kainan para lang matapos ang trabaho ko...at in fairness, 2nd ako sa mga natapos. Yehey, early lunch ako!
  • East Avenue Medical Center: Pediatric Ward- Wala naman masyadong nag-code dito nung duty namin. Masaya naman dahil may mga magagandang case katulad ng Cancer. Tanungin nyo na lang si Cory. Team Leader namin siya diyan eh. Woot woot!
  • Manila Doctors Hospital: Emergency Room- Try nyo mag-manage ng pasyenteng suspected with meningococcemia. Dito ko na-experience yun. Masaya kaso nakakabanas kasi nung naghahatian na ng gagawin, nilayasan ako ng mga kasama so. No choice, meningo is here to stay. Buti negative.
  • Philippine General Hospital: Operating Room (ulit)- Specialization ko na ito. Mas magaganda na ang cases na na-assist ko tapos dito ko rin na-discover na OR nurses aren't relegated lang sa loob ng OR. Nakapag-duty rin ako sa Post Anesthesia Care Unit. Masaya din kahit toxic...think: mag-isa ka lang tapos lahat ng pay patients (including pedia) sa iyo. Woohoo! Ilan sa mga cases na na-assist ko ay Craniotomy, Exploratory Laparotomy with distal pancreatectomy and splenectomy, Tenorrhapy at Phrenicorrhapy.

So ayun. Sana naliwanagan ka Neneng at nakita mong kahit toxic, masaya ang maging nurse. Salamat sa email mo! =)

Duty Galore! Part 1

Someone sent me an email asking about my clinical exposures. Naintriga daw itong si Neneng sa mga OR photos ko on my previous post, "Oh Operating Room". She was asking what are the most unforgettable clinical exposures I've ever had be it full of learning, funny experiences or with plain impakto modalities. Tip ko lang sa iyo Neneng, ok lang ang magtanong. Di bale na magmukha kang tanga kaysa sa manatiling tanga. Asus! Whatevs. So here goes...

  • ParaƱaque Community Hospital: Delivery Room-Nursery- Under Mrs. Flores kami nito sa Nursery. Dahil ako ang taga-abot ng mga gamit sa classmate ko (OR nurse in the making?), she expected na tuturuan ko yung mga susunod na taga-abot. Tinuruan ko naman kaso sa sobrang takot niya kay Ms. Flores, puro mali ang naabot niya. So eto binengga niya ako kahit busy ako sa pag-aayos ng mga chuva ng baby.
  • Cardinal Santos Medical Center: 2 Main (OB-GYN)- Comedy yung patient ko. UP Manila siya grad so tinatanong niya kung kamusta na ang Diners, kung di pa daw kinakain ng anay ang Dentistry Building, etc. At galit na galit siya dahil ang bagal daw ng pangit niyang asawa. Nung biglang pumasok, hubba-hubba! Yun pala ang pangit para sa kanya! Nyahaha!

THIRD YEAR- andami dito...hihi!

  • Philippine General Hospital: Operating Room- Assigned ako sa Above the Knee Amputation at pinagbuhat ako ng consultant ng amputated leg. No choice, binuhat ko na lang at sinabing, "Doc, astig po ito no, parang Chinese ham". Nagtawanan sila. Pinagtripan lang pala nila ako dahil titingnan nila kung totoong maarte ang Paulinians. I assisted din sa Repair of Lipomyomeningocoele, Intramedullary Nailing, Lumbar Laminectomy to name a few.
  • Philippine General Hospital: Trauma Ward- Winner si Madame chief nurse na tuwing 8 AM, nag-uumpisa na ang ratrat niyan tungkol sa "Cleanliness is next to Godliness". Voltron, defender of the nursing universe si Madame. Nagsagutan pa sila nung GS na doktor (code name: Edu Manzano) sa harapan ko dahil narinig ni Madam na binabalahura ako nung si Edu Manzano. Kaya after nun, super bait na sa akin ni Doc Edu, at Ma'am na ang tawag sa akin.
  • Philippine General Hospital: Orthopedic Ward-Spine Unit- Walangya. Dito ko naipahiya ang sarili ko. Lech. Kailangan kasi ng ward class na may halong play to maintain the interest ng mga patients at mga bantay. Ako ang ginawang bida dahil ako lang yata ang may makapal na mukha sa grupo. So para totohanan ang aksidente, gumulong ako sa sahig tas umiyak ako a la Juday in her api roles. Akala nga nung mga intern totohanang aksidente kaya uzi mode sila. Tuwang-tuwa naman ang mga pasyente pati yung head nurse at dahil dun naalala nila ang Range of Motion exercises. Sus! click nyo na lang ito kung bakit memorable din ang ortho ward. Wakokok!
  • Manila Doctors Hospital: Operating Room- First time ko mag-assist sa Excision Biopsy. At dude, parang meatball ang nakuhang tumor sa breast nung patient. Bengga galore din! Sinabon ako dahil sumunod ako sa mga classmates ko na nagpunta sa Greenwich para sunduin sila. Bawal kasi yun. Sus! Damay ito.
  • Cardinal Santos Medical Center: Operating Room- Naging Ophtha Queen ako dito dahil lagi akong kinukuha sa Ophthalmic surgeries. Nakapag-observe kami ng Kidney transplant atsaka Double Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG). At moral lesson: Huwag mag-assist sa plastic surgeries. Nuknukan ng tagal at sobrang BOR-ING!
  • Fort Bonifacio General Hospital: Male Medical-Surgical Ward- Dahil masyadong mahigpit si Ms. Alfaro, maraming nabenggang mga team leader ahead of me. Malas na pagkakataong bilang team leader, tamad pa naman ako. Dahil ayokong mabengga, naging masipag ako kaya maganda ang evaluation sa akin. Pinabubura ko rin sa sample charting ang "VS taken and recorded" at yung "Due meds given". I don't do double charting no! Dito ko natutunan na maging masipag, ang mahirap na gawain ng mga sundalo at ang kahalagahan ng Sambong sa mga may UTI. At may pogi-ta pala dito..Dr. Adrales. Hihi!

Yung iba sa part 2 na para hindi masyadong mahaba at boring....

Saturday, 15 September 2007



O sige na, Goong is also known as Princess Hours here in the Philippines.

Chae-gyeong is an ordinary art high school student. One day, she hears totally unexpected news that, based on her grandfather’s will, she must marry the unemotional Crown Prince Lee Shin who attends the same high school. Free-spirited Chae-gyeong resists the proposal, but reluctantly marries him to help her debt-ridden family. As she struggles to adapt herself to the proper manners and royal duties of palace life and to her disagreeable husband, Lee Shin’s sentimental cousin and second-in-line to the throne Yul steps into her life. She feels like she can rely on Yul to help her, but can’t help worrying about her haughty, cold-hearted husband.

To help bridge this gap, the senior members of the royal family take some special measures to get them to spend the night together. Along the way, you will encounter numerous delightful episodes among the cute and lively Chae-gyeong, the cold heartthrob Lee Shin, the handsome, down-to-earth Yul, the perfect ballerina Hyo-rin who just can’t get over Lee Shin, and all the other members of the royal family.

Oh well, ngayon ko lang ito na-appreciate because I was able to catch all episodes because I'm not busy. Hihi! =)

Photo courtesy of: MBC

Friday, 14 September 2007

A Busy Bee in Impakto Modalities

Yesterday was a busy day for me. I went to PRC to buy those annoyingly expensive oath-taking tickets and to get more copies of my board rating and a certification that I am a board passer. Lucky me, there was a booth set up for the PNA membership thingy. Yay! I'm already a member..whee! I can now get discounts in their seminars.

Anyhoo, I just hope that PRC can improve the guest relation skills of their employees. I know that they're sooooo toxic and all but they don't need to snap at everyone no! Especially that guy who's giving out the oath forms who snapped at some of us when we asked him NICELY for the oath forms. Oh, and also that woman on Window K who was a total beeyatch even if I'm so disgustingly polite.

I was taught to have good manners and I use it most of the time. But in that case, good manners aren't applicable because you get the same rude and impakto treatment that you don't deserve. Hmpf!

Hindi ko na pinatulan. It's definitely not worth it. Lalo lang makakasira ng araw.

Btw, my dad and I were talking and he said that PRC should be moved to a more spacious location like those in Roxas Boulevard. I agree. Hello naman, ang daming professionals tapos ang sikip dun. Sabi nga ni mommy try daw na ilipat ang PRC sa dating Bangko Sentral building. Haha! Patay tayo diyan, ang laki.

Sana may taga-PRC na mag-blog hop dito. Nyahaha!

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Gossip Girl

Genre: Teens
Author:Cecily von Ziegesar

I've been obsessing on reading this book for the longest time. I was just too busy (and penniless *lol*) to read a new book when I was still a student. Thanks to my newfound bum mode, I finally got to read this book.

The series is narrated by an "Unseen Entity" a.k.a. Gossip Girl, who runs a blog about the lives of the socialite teens of the Upper East Side of New York City. The book runs an account of what's happening to the lives of these people and how they deal with it. The book tackles the troubles of these socialites regarding drugs, sex and keeping friendships and relationships intact.

I found it hard to stop reading this book. Aside from the fact that I can relate to the backstabbing, it gives readers a glimpse of what it's like to live the high life- being ridiculously rich and fabulous. I'm going to collect the entire series. Whee!

Current and Forever Obsession: Reading

I love reading. Give me a book and I'd surely drift to my own world while reading it. I've learned to love reading when I was in the first grade. My mom made me read sentences off broadsheet newspapers and she'd squeal in delight whenever I flawlessly pronounce each word I am reading. So because of that, I thought reading is a good thing so I hoarded the library of my elementary school to borrow books, thereby forming fondness with the Sweet Valley Series and some literary classics like The Little Prince and The Secret Garden.

My reading preferences has evolved. I never limited myself with books so anything goes with me (except textbooks, nyahaha!). I even read Tagalog romance pocketbooks just for fun. But now, I'm into teen series like Gossip Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar:

It gives me a look on what the ridiculously rich and fabulous does in their lifetime. It's narrated by an "Unseen Entity" a.k.a. Gossip Girl who runs a blog telling gossips about the socialite teens of the Upper East Side of New York City. Whee! I'm going to buy all of the books in this series.
  1. Gossip Girl
  2. You Know You Love Me
  3. All I Want Is Everything
  4. Because I'm Worth It
  5. I Like It Like That
  6. You're the One That I Want
  7. Nobody Does It Better
  8. Nothing Can Keep Us Together
  9. Only In Your Dreams
  10. Would I Lie to You?
  11. Don't You Forget About Me
Buti na lang sale ito sa National Bookstore. Wahaha!

Images c/o Wikipedia.org

High School Musical 2

Genre: Other

I was expecting a lot from this movie because of the incessant plugging of Disney Channel for the past month. So I watched it last September 9.

The first scene delivered the usual HSM trademark while singing "What Time is It?": giddy students celebrating. But there are some scenes that are dragging that would make you want to hit the fast forward button. But some sequences are good especially with that of the "I Don't Dance" scene with Ryan (Lucas Grabeel) and Chad (Corbin Bleu).

Personally, I didn't like the sweet/mushy scenes of Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) and Troy (Zac Efron). It annoys the sh*t out of me. So I think High School Musical 1 is way much better than its sequel.

The Revenge of Beach Walk

I was at SM Sta. Rosa yesterday and I was intrigued by this item: Beach Walk wedge flip flops. O san ka naman dun? Beach Walk is back with a vengeance. Masyado kasing hinamak ang Beach Walk nung nauso ang Havaianas at ang Crocs. Ayan tuloy, bumagon siya upang maghiganti. Wehe! Sorry at malabo ang kuha ko dahil di ko na hinintay ang auto-focus kasi ang sama na ng tingin sa akin ng salesperson.

Pati ang presyo naghiganti...Php 250 na ang isa. Patay tayo dyan! I tried it on and it's comfy too. I want this. Yun nga lang hindi ako bumibili ng rubber slippers na mas mahal sa Php 100. Nyahaha! In fairness, meron na din itong kahon:

Para ba itong drama movie ni Ate Shawie (o Ate Vi?!) na "Babangon Ako at Dudurugin Kita?"

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Hyperactive Little Runt

So I have now accepted and grasped the reality that I am now a June 2007 Nursing Licensure Exam passer. I already have my name posted in the newspaper and in the tarpaulin (see photo on left side) that the school posted outside the gate of the Fleur-de-lis Auditorium. I feel happy seeing my name listed among the successful examinees. Buti na lang tama ang apelyido ko kahit ka-jirita lang dahil kulang ng Anne ang pangalan ko (#22). Anyway, enough of my kaartehan. Now people have been asking me, "So what are your plans?".

And I can only answer with a smile. A retarded smile. I don't know what to say.

Gaaah! What is happening to me? Before the results were released, I was full of plans. I have plans A-D. But when the results came, my plans became all blurry. Here are some of what I planned to do:

Plan A: Seek employment in the hospitals of my choice, which are PGH, USTH, and Manila Doctors Hospital. Na-TO ako sa Asian Hospital because they are underestimating some procedures...maniniwala ba kayong walang lap chole dun

Plan B: Review for CGFNS at PRS review center...O don't expect me to review at the whore house ha? *lol* I'm also working on other requirements as well. I even have an application form for NYU Medical Center but it is still left untouched until now.

Plan C: Take up a Masters Degree in Nursing, especially on the time that I was so majorly bummed out while waiting. Kaya lang I noticed that I was thinking of this because I was inggit with my friend Carissa because she has something productive to do while waiting for the board exams...but anyway, I WAS planning on it pa rin.

Plan D: Continue my ambisyosa mode to pursue medicine...ambisyosa talaga di ba? Wehe!

Ang dami kong gustong gawin..para tuloy akong my hyperactivity disorder.

But just now, since employment chorva is still uncertain, I finally decided to review for the CGFNS muna. Parasite mode pa rin ako dahil nakaasa pa rin ako kay mommy at daddy. Kahiya! Kasi naman ang tagal pa ng release ng license...yung hospital of choice ko required ang license mismo. Plus, according to the law, you should be 21 years old before you practice nursing. I'm still 20 years old pa lang naman. At in fairness isa pala akong law abiding citizen, considering na pasaway ako. Etchos.

Malabo na rin ang plan D dahil Johalia Jackson (uy, thanks to Chuvaness for the term) ang tutition sa Go USTe tapos pampanipis naman ng gray matter ang NMAT rating na required ng jUPeeCM. So ayun...ang master's saka na lang kapag may experience na para can-relate sa discussions.

Good luck talaga sa atin. Dati-rati luto, wishful thinking, at linis ng bahay ang inaatupag ko pero ngayon, paghahanap na ng totohanang purposeful activities. And it just dawned upon me, HOLY COW! Isa na talaga akong ganap na nurse...at tumatanda na ako. haha!

Thursday, 6 September 2007


I don't drop names when I have evil-imbyerna-impakta posts. My precious time should be devoted to more important things so I'm not keen on wasting my time in mentioning the names of those people who backstabbed or cheated on me. But if you can't take it anymore and want to spill all the negativity out but you want to preserve anonymity, the solution is: make code names.

Times are difficult. You don't want someone overhearing and making a juicy scandal out of your imbyerna experience. Hayaan mo siyang maloka sa kaka-isip kung sino si "Chuva", "Chorva", at "Chuvaness".

Share ko lang ang mga code names na nagawa ko at ng iba kong peeps, rationale at konting ka-impaktahan behind the name.
  • Neo- High School teacher namin sa Business Management na soooobrang toxic. Lagi kaming ngarag sa kanya kaya napagkaisahan ng batch na pagtripan ang apelyido niya na lagi niyang pinagyayabang na of Spanish origin daw. Neo + Surname niya + LET = Neo Aspilet. Wa kwents kasi obvious naman kaya pinaikli na lang. So Neo ito, a la The Matrix.
  • Jollibeeyatch- Siya ang nagkalat ng mga kung anu-ano tungkol sa akin kaya yung mga chikadora, nakakahuha ng mga tidbits na pwedeng gawing chismis. Sabi niya jolly person daw siya pero for me beeyatch siya. Technically, she's a jolly beeyatch. Pagdikitin. Yun na yun.
  • Whore House- Yung review center na pinagmulan ng mga ka-batch ko na nagcompare sa passing rate ng review center nila at sa aming mga nag-in house review sa St. Paul. According to them, maraming nagka-lovelife dun (READ: i-dump ang kaboyprenan para patusin ang mga bagong voyz na umaaligid; naki-sabit sa lalaking may jowais na). Nang dahil sa kanila, "easy" ang naging perception sa Paulinians. Kaimbyerna, Paulinian ako pero hindi ako easy. Sorry pero whore na sila sa paningin ko because of that. Saan nakatambay ang mga whore? ...sa whore house.
  • Biether Ocampo- Ang taong masyadong maraming frustrations kaya naninira ng mga nakakalamang sa kanya. Applicable din ang "Biether Ocampo" para ilarawan ang mga taong bitter sa buhay.
  • Ano- Mothership ng mga chismosa. Masyado akong nabwiset sa kanya dati kaya di ko masabi ang pangalan niya at ang salitang "ano" ang ginagamit ko in reference to her. Dumikit na lang yan sa kanya kahit di na ako asar.
  • Rugby- Ancient na ito. Siya yung classmate ko nung First Year High School na kinaiinisan ng lahat..including me dahil inuubos niya ang pabango ko. Lagi siyang nakadikit kung kani-kanino (basta may pabango...at gwapo), parang silang nilagyan ng rugby.
  • Kiwi- This person uses my stories as her own. I confronted her pero deadma lang siya. Kaloka! Bahala siya, magsisisi rin siya at sa akin niya unang sinabi na may balak siyang magbenta ng shoe polish na white na pe-presyuhan niya ng 120 pesos. Iyon ay dahil sa binara ko siya dahil ang mahal ng tinda niya at sa naging alyas Kiwi siya.
  • Anak ni Zuma- Hindi ito ang pelikula ni Snooky Serna circa 1980's ha? Kunwari greytes pan namin siya at alam niyang "It's Complicated" ang status namin ni Mark. Pero pinapadalahan niya ng "harot" at "malabo-ang-future-nyo-together" messages sa Friendster si Mark. Akala naman niya di ko malalaman...nyahaha! Di kaya dahil may maitim siyang pagnanasa kay Mark? Anak talaga nito:
Photo Courtesy of wikipedia.org

Sige na, mabait ang Anak ni Zuma na si Galema pero gusto ko ng snakey female figure.

Konti pa lang yan. Masyado na akong evil kung lalahatin ko...pero at least tinago ko pa rin ang identity nila para iwas kahihiyan. =)

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

I Love Shoes

Since I am so bored (as always), I decided to take a break and logged on to the web. And I found these:

photos from keds.com

Unfortunately, these aren't out yet in the Philippines. I don't know whether it would be.

I am a "sneaker pimp" and a "tsinelas freak" (as a friend puts it) on hiatus. Walang perang pambili eh *lol*. But lately, I have been becoming it again because I just realized that a very interesting pair can bring a touch of oomph to a very boring outfit. That is, if I don't want to use other kinds of accessories. Plus, since Keds are not so popular here, there are less chances that I'll be bumping into someone else wearing the same thing. 

Wild prints and patterns on sneaks and sandals always catch my attention. So un-generic! I love it. :)

Monday, 3 September 2007

Anak ni Zuma

Ok. This is so not the popular Filipino film circa 1980's. It's about this girl who I am suspecting of having the hots for Mark but doesn't want me to know (takot mabuking kay Mark?). I happen to know her and before, she kept on telling me to "Go for Mark" and now, she discourages me already with an emphasis that there might be someone else he'd like during his stay in New York. And the way he says his name, it's really different...it's so flirty and with a twinge of kilig. Mimi, Mark's evil sister, told me that she smells a snake-y activity, thus the code name, "Anak ni Zuma".

Ang totoong Zuma

Pero even if the original "Anak ni Zuma" is a good gal, I find it a cute code name. I just don't want to drop names when I make this irita/angry/pissed off blog entries. I'm doing it for myself to pour all the negativity out and not to demean others.

Even if my hunch isn't right, it'll stick because she did "Zumanize" a guy from his significant other. I tried asking discreetly but she's uber defensive. Hmm, showbiz! The mood of this post should be annoyed but I just laugh it off whenever I remember the nickname.

Anyhoo, if you have no idea who Zuma is, just click here to find out.

Photo from Wikipedia.org

Street Food

Nung lumuwas ako last Friday, nakita ko yung suki kong si Mang Boyet (o di ba, close na kami). Ayos nga sa raket si Mang Boyet kasi dumami na ang tinda niya. Kinarir na niya ang calamares. Dati kasi fishball, kwek-kwek, chicken balls, squid balls, at kikiam ang tinda niya. Natuwa ako kasi masarap pala yung calamares tapos hindi makunat. Ayan sa picture yung calamares. Saka na lang ang picture ng stall ni Mang Boyet.

Na-miss ko tuloy kumain ng street food dun sa may Pedro Gil cor. Guerrero Street para specific. Nung college ako, ang aking usual food staple (lalo na pagkatapos ng duty) ay:
  • 5 pisong fishballs (10 pesos kapag gutom na gutom ako at nagkukuripot)
  • 10 pesos na kwek-kwek (a.k.a. tokneneng)
  • 10 pesos na chicken balls o squid balls kapag wala ng kwek-kwek
O syempre, ang daming mga nagmamagandang nagsasabing madumi daw ang street food. Ngek! Hindi naman lahat. Wala pa namang nangyayari sa akin o talagang nasanay lang ang tiyan ko sa bacteria *lol*. Pero malinis naman yung preparation ni Mang Boyet, yun ang nakikita ko.

Ayon sa iba, parang hindi ka true-blue Pinoy kung di mo pa nasusubukang kumain ng mga ganyang pagkaing nabibili sa kalye. Ay ewan, basta masarap kumain nyan.