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Monday, 3 September 2007

Anak ni Zuma

Ok. This is so not the popular Filipino film circa 1980's. It's about this girl who I am suspecting of having the hots for Mark but doesn't want me to know (takot mabuking kay Mark?). I happen to know her and before, she kept on telling me to "Go for Mark" and now, she discourages me already with an emphasis that there might be someone else he'd like during his stay in New York. And the way he says his name, it's really different...it's so flirty and with a twinge of kilig. Mimi, Mark's evil sister, told me that she smells a snake-y activity, thus the code name, "Anak ni Zuma".

Ang totoong Zuma

Pero even if the original "Anak ni Zuma" is a good gal, I find it a cute code name. I just don't want to drop names when I make this irita/angry/pissed off blog entries. I'm doing it for myself to pour all the negativity out and not to demean others.

Even if my hunch isn't right, it'll stick because she did "Zumanize" a guy from his significant other. I tried asking discreetly but she's uber defensive. Hmm, showbiz! The mood of this post should be annoyed but I just laugh it off whenever I remember the nickname.

Anyhoo, if you have no idea who Zuma is, just click here to find out.

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