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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Current and Forever Obsession: Reading

I love reading. Give me a book and I'd surely drift to my own world while reading it. I've learned to love reading when I was in the first grade. My mom made me read sentences off broadsheet newspapers and she'd squeal in delight whenever I flawlessly pronounce each word I am reading. So because of that, I thought reading is a good thing so I hoarded the library of my elementary school to borrow books, thereby forming fondness with the Sweet Valley Series and some literary classics like The Little Prince and The Secret Garden.

My reading preferences has evolved. I never limited myself with books so anything goes with me (except textbooks, nyahaha!). I even read Tagalog romance pocketbooks just for fun. But now, I'm into teen series like Gossip Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar:

It gives me a look on what the ridiculously rich and fabulous does in their lifetime. It's narrated by an "Unseen Entity" a.k.a. Gossip Girl who runs a blog telling gossips about the socialite teens of the Upper East Side of New York City. Whee! I'm going to buy all of the books in this series.
  1. Gossip Girl
  2. You Know You Love Me
  3. All I Want Is Everything
  4. Because I'm Worth It
  5. I Like It Like That
  6. You're the One That I Want
  7. Nobody Does It Better
  8. Nothing Can Keep Us Together
  9. Only In Your Dreams
  10. Would I Lie to You?
  11. Don't You Forget About Me
Buti na lang sale ito sa National Bookstore. Wahaha!

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ruff nurse-du-jour said...

I hate to read. Hehehe. Except from medical/nursing books, that is. The last time I read a serious, formal, actual book was in my literature class (3rd year) where we have to present and submit a thesis. It went well naman, fortunately.

I still have tonloads of unread books in my library, only my sister gets to read most of them. =) Lagi kasi akong inaantok sa mga novels eh. Hehehe. Buti pa yung Mosby and Brunner, dun ako mas naeexcite. Hahaha

kc said...

Baligtad naman tayo. I get really sick of textbooks, well unless I'm in my manic mode. Haha! In my manic mode, I can finish a chapter or two of any of my nursing books.

Minsan lang naman yun. Cheers ulit, for you can stand reading textbooks. =)

Cory said...

omg baliktad din ako kay ruff. i love reading novels but i absolutely gulk when confronted by textbooks and not to mention, nclex reviewers. nakakatamad siya. and exciting? oh no not in the least.

anyway, gossip girl's sikat. i think i've read one or two books from the series nung college. and oh the series will be showing here na sa states! m xcited to watch! u should download it sa torrent when it shows. :D

kc said...

sorry naman medyo ngayon ko lang na-discover ang drama ng gossip girl. ang tanda ko na yata para diyan. joke. oo nga nabasa ko sa wikipedia yung about sa show. uy, exciting! can relate naman ako sa backstabbing sa book 1. harhar!

anyway, nag-iipon na ako ng lakas ng loob na manghingi ng pambili ng mga libro na yan sa tatay ko. =)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KC: Thanks kc. Natatawa na nga lang ako nung binasa ko ulit eh, super mad kc ako talaga nung pinost ko eh. Now that my hormones are back to normal levels and my angry feelings already have evaporated into thin air, parang grabe nga yung bitch fit ko sa post. Buti na lang pala sa blog ko nailabas at hindi dun sa harap ng babaeng yun. =) Hehehe.
~I don’t know din kc, pero feel ko pag isa ako dun sa 24, baka same lang din ako ng reaction. Cyempre na-hurt din siguro sila sa decision ng supervisor namin pero I wouldn’t cross the line naman. Meron sigurong initial feelings of anger, pero it will not be destructive enough to be unmindful of other people’s feelings. Haaay, I still wish them well pa rin at sana maging good co-workers ko pa rin sila in the future. =)

I’m reading an old book nga pala as of the moment, By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept. As a pathetic bookworm me, I’m still stuck in Page 20. =( Will Gossip girl work for me? =)

kc said...

@ ruff: harhar. ok lang yun to have a bitch fit. tapos ok lang din to feel bad about not being accepted but it's not ok to take it against the person who got accepted di ba?

uy, i love paolo coelho's books. gusto ko yang by the river piedra i sat down and wept. i love the depth of the wisdom na naandyan. i think gossip girl would work for you if you'd like to know how an aspect of a rich person's life goes about..or if you want to know how other people react towards backstabbing. :)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@KC: Ngayon calm na ako. No more hate feelings reeling inside of me. Cyempre there’s no use psychologizing over her behavior, or trying to understand her inner hatred. Bahala na si Lord sa amin. Hehehe. Basta I’ll just do my job well and be the best nurse I could ever be.
~I’ll try to finish River Piedra. I have read it before na kc, nakalimutan ko lang yung story. The last book that I’ve finished pala is The Little Prince. I couldn’t get off of my Prince’s addiction.

Poli said...

Napakasaya talagang magbasa! Marami-rami ngang nakapila sa to-read list ko e.

Tatlong Haruki Murakami, isang Kurt Vonnegut at isang Dostoevsky.

Kaya lang ang hirap kapag ang daming ginagawa, hindi ako makapagbasa nang tuloy-tuloy!

kc said...

@ ruff: that's nice. at least you know how to live and let live. bahala na sila. hmpf! ako din ganon na lang ang ginagawa ko. i don't feel a bit of imbyerna anymore. :)

try to read coelho's eleven minutes. maganda rin yun, if gossip girl doesn't appeal to you. ayos ang mga philosophies ni paolo coelho. :)

kc said...

Buti ka pa maraming nakapilang babasahin kahit busy. Marami nga akong time pero wala namang babasahin. Wakokok!

Pero aside from Gossip Girl, bibili ako nung Angela's Ashes. Maganda daw yun eh. :)