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Friday, 28 September 2007

Healthy Narcissism

What I don't like is when people are just relying on you so that they can survive. In this dog eat dog world, you need to be tough so you can see the day after tomorrow (ayon na, parang end of the world!). Seriously. We call that parasitism when that person is physically capable but emotionally incapable to stand alone.

Although now, I'm a parasite to my parents' financial gains, I try to compensate that by being useful around the house. That seems OK because both of us benefit from it and it is understandable because I am currently unemployed due to the hitches in the PRC license.

Again, I'm blogging an evil-imbyerna-impakta post because some people just can't move forward without the help of others. Think parasite, baby! They never do things out of their own accord...dapat laging manggagaling sa iba ang effort at dapat laging spoon-fed ang info even if it's stuck at their faces. Ano naman kaya yun? Soooo kapal muks ha.

And because I'm so cruel to annoying parasites who can't find nothing else to do but to post "same face, different angle pa-cute photos" in Friendster, I didn't share the info that I know. Matuto silang maging self-reliant and not expect others to spoon-feed them everything. Naman, the World Wide Web is bursting with info that you have to get. So if you have the nerve to post those kinds of photos, siguro naman, you have the nerve to get that info that's staring at you in the face. Kainez veneracion ha!

Guess who are those people? Its Jollibeeyatch and her crew, the Whore House Peeps.

FYI: Na-imbyerna lang ako sa ginagawa nilang parasitism...but not imbyerna enough to shove the info up their asses. =)

Peace out!


Cory said...

at ano nanaman ginawa nito ni jollibeeyatch? nagpaka parasite naman ang drama nito ngyn! haha.

cnilip ko ang profile nya sa friendster! tawa na lang ako... :D

.: jackie :. said...

lolz. natatawa ako sa tags mo deary. ahihihi.. "impakta mode"

KC said...

@ Cory: Naman, nagpapakamaramot ang lolang yun. Hingi sa akin ng hingi ng mga skeds ng seminars tapos nung ako naman ang nagtanong sa kanya, wala daw. Eh hello, may aattendan siya sa IVT seminar. Tas ang dami pang hinihinging employment info kasi di daw niya makita online. heller, bakit ko nakita?

Haha. Laugh trip no?

KC said...

@ Ate Jackie: Haha. Mga mood ko yan. Marami pa pero di ko pa nalalagay.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

oooh kc! you're so feisty! hehehe. =) makinig ka muna ng keane:

tips (hahaha)
1) What A Wonderful World (the best rendition ever, even better than the original, even better than Buble’s version)
2) Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (definitely gave Elton John’s original due justice)
3) The Happy Soldier (the lyrics of the chorus is Beautiful!)
4) Something In Me Was Dying
5) Walnut Tree (played on One Tree Hill). =)

wag mo na lang sila pansinin friend! it's a beautiful world hunny, no need to bring out that impakta mode of yours. sayang ang beauty. =)

KC said...

@ Ruff: Haha. Tama! Keane will make my day. Thanks for the recommendations. =)

Ayaw ko lang talaga ng mga user-friendly people. Enough said. :D