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Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The Revenge of the Fat Kid

I had to think twice about coming to the cemetery tomorrow. That's because of my thin obsessed relatives will start yet another you'd-have-a-lot-of-guys-around-you-if-you're-skinny-as-a-reed or skinny-is-beautiful litanies. Phone yetah, I hate it when they do that because they'd just focus on my fat ass and not in what I am doing. I should tell them that they should be thankful that I don't do drugs and that I am not terminally ill. I love my plus size figure and my body is proportional to the size of my head, thank you very much.

The names "Taba" and "baboy" from my Elementary days are long gone. And I also left behind my bullying the bullies tendencies. But I decided that I'd show up anyway, because I don't intend them on raining on my parade. Put Tang in a glass, so what if I'm not thinspirational? I'm just trying to maintain my weight for health reasons and not for vanity's sake.

To make them shut up, I formulated a plan. If they start ranting on how pretty being skinny is, I'll give them a piece of paper containing a list of the stuff I want to have for my birthday/Christmas. They'd know I'm not joking because I never asked for gifts when I graduated or passed the board. It's a great deal though, because I'm turning a year older on the 21st and Christmas is on the 25th. Not bad, eh? Follow my list:

  1. Top Priority/Ultimate Shebang: A 30GB Micorsoft Zune or an 80GB Version 5.5 iPod (black) paired with surround sound speakers.

  2. Bangaw shades ni Kumareng Lulu or ng Mangga

  3. 3M™ Littmann® Electronic Stethoscope Model 3000.
  4. Gossip Girl Book 2-10, hardbound.
  5. The Witch of Portobello by Paolo Coelho and Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia-Marquez, hardbound.
  6. Anesthesia Machine by Siemens (joke)
  7. Hip Hop Abs by Shaun T...to prevent obesity induced Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.
  8. Trip to Divisoria with Php 5,000 pocket money...pang-negosyo. *lol*
Good luck sa kanila. Knowing them as kuripot, I'll see if they'd try to initiate that kind of talk after my gift proposal. Haha!!!

Monday, 29 October 2007


Medyo natakot ako dito:

Uploaded by ms_mionette2006

Akala ko kasi mapuputulan siya ng litid...
Ang sama ko. I want to post something scary to get into the "Halloween spirit" but I couldn't. Only crapola pops into my mind right now. Hence the no blog updating shebang...

Anyway, check this out. Do you believe in this stuff?

Happy Halloween everyone. Don't forget to visit your departed loved ones and pray for their souls, ok? :)

Friday, 26 October 2007

License Claiming

Start:     Nov 26, '07
Location:     PRC Manila

At last that fricking elusive license will now rest in my hands. It's my ticket to employment to the hospitals of my choice. Sa wakas...

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Elitism in Choosing a Guy?!

I was over at PRC yesterday and while I was eating lunch at St. Thomas Square, I overheard two girls talking about Girl #1's suitor. The flow of their conversation revolved on Girl #2's encouragement that Girl #1 should go for the guy because he's an Atenean, has a car and a son of some rich dude, despite Girl #1's emphasis that the guy is nice and intelligent.

I expected that reply from Girl #2 because that's not new to me.

Eto na ang pinakamalupit sa lahat ng na-experience ko...When Jollibeeyatch found out that I was dating Doctor Kwak-Kwak, she was throwing me a lot of questions. She advised forced me to go for him NOW when she found out that Doctor Kwak-Kwak is an automobile owner, a son of a surgeon, financially able, a Filipino Chinese, ran for a cum laude slot in his premed course at UPD, and a jUPeeCM grad. His types were Jollibeeyatch's ideal guy.

I never introduced him to anyone in the clique (yet) because I was protecting him and myself (from the potential chismis). Ganito ba naman kasi ang balak ni Jollibeeyatch kapag pinakilala ko si Doc sa kanya na lagi niyang sinasabi sa akin, 3x a day:

  1. Sasama si Jollibeeyatch sa lakad namin tapos magpapalibre ng dinner at magpaparinig na mag-Starbucks after dinner. Swerte pa daw kung mapapagtripan ni Doc sa UCC. And she expects him to foot the bill even if he didn't want to have coffee

  2. Magpa-reto ng co-resident or ng jUPeeCM batchmate ni Doc

  3. Mag-feeling close at kunwari magiging ally...so that he'd have good things to say about her if he finally decides to introduce her to someone.

  4. Gusto niyang maka-experience sumakay sa Ford Escape. (Naisip ko tuloy: "Ford Escape lang ba ang bagong sasakyan sa buong mundo?")

  5. Magkakaroon na daw siya ng karapatan na mag-sked ng date naming dalawa. Those dates include a random day kung saan chaperone ko "daw" siya. (Third wheel?!)
Patay tayo diyan, nagbalak na! At seryoso siya dyan. Bahala siya, I won't have her back when he starts lecturing medical terms in English, with matching intonation and word blending pa...para total nosebleed. Nyahaha!

I have guy friends and I will feel sad if the girl they like, treats them as a cash cow. It's disturbing. Really. I didn't see Doc as a money dispensing machine and I hate to know that other people around me sees him as otherwise.

So guys, take heed. Sometimes, you have to be careful of the clique.

Ronald McDonald, pray for Jollibeeyatch.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Trouble with Hackers

Something's freaking wrong. I haven't opened my fucking Friendster account for like 2 days or so and I checked it out just now because of some new messages from friends and a cousin. I think SOMEONE or SOMETHING hacked into my account and read my messages because I didn't see the new message alert in the homepage. Worse, he/she/it might have sent out perverted comments and messages or just some random fuckery to some of my friends.
So I've posted a bulletin saying that if there's a new comment or message from me from two days ago, blast it. THAT'S NOT ME. It may be some simpering loser or a retarded perv who had nothing better to do. I also changed my password.
Plus, I'm always over here...not in there. O let's all go to some unpopular networking site na lang. *lol*
 Multuhin sana sila ng mumu na sumasabay sa prayers namin nung in-house review. Hmpf!

Saturday, 20 October 2007

The OC

Anywaaaaaay. Moving on...

No, no. I'm not referring to the now defunct Josh Schwartz series. I'm referring to the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Majority of my dormmates were laughing their messy asses off whenever they see me arranging my stuff according to height or according to category. They call me "ok-ok" because they think I'm a hardcore obsessive compulsive. Yeah, right. I'm not a hardcore OC because there are some instances that I can be messy..if I have no time to clean up.

Then my friend, Sasa and I was chatting before and she jokingly asked about my room at home, if it is as neat like my dorm room. Sabi ko makalat pero di siya naniwala. Kunsabagay, partly true pero partly barbero naman na makalat ang kwarto ko sa bahay. Just look:

Pagsama-samahin ang pare-pareho...Harry Potter (above) and Sweet Valley(below).
Note the tall-small-tall arrangement...may singit-singit pang papel.

Dorm: Where the teasing began...

Notebooks, books, handouts arranged according to height
Deadmahin nyo na lang yung mga papel na nakasingit above the books.

Pagkatapos lumapang ng dinner + bote ng Ciprobay= makalat.
Pantay nga ang mga bote sa kikay tray.
PS: Ang cute ng katabi ni Patrick Starr. Haha!

Dahil may kalat pa rin sa akin, I'm not a hardcore OC. Mediocre OC will be more like it. Whatchathink?!

Friday, 19 October 2007

What In The World?!

As some of you know, I have been busy scattering pieces of me all around the metro (Translate: Nagpapaulan ng resume). I've also been doing online applications to some hospitals. Last night, I just read an email from Hospital X turning down my application because my "grades are all exceptional but my board rating didn't make the cut". WTF?! I didn't know that they have a board rating cut-off because they didn't indicate it on the list of requirements.

I had crazy thoughts pouring. "Baka nag-clash yung grades ko sa TOR at yung board rating ko", "Bobo ba ako?", and other whatever things. It did damage to my self esteem. There was even something that came up and made me blame myself for getting a 74 on Test 4 since it's the only incriminating mark that I got that greatly affected my rating (sabi ng ale sa PRC).

What the heck. I'm proud of my rating even if isn't even close to what everyone thinks as "satisfactory". I won't let this rejection stop me. There are lots of opportunities out there for me, other than this one. I just felt sad about this "grade stigma" because it seems as if they limited everyone's abilities with the figures that they saw on the board rating slip. Yeah, whatever. All I know is that I'm a whole lot different than the whatever mold that they had placed me into. Ay pampalubag-loob? Nyahaha.

When I was in college, my motto is: "Grades aren't the measure of what I'm really learning". I never limited myself and my abilities just because I have a grade that reeks of mediocrity. I believe that whatever the sky-high graders can do, I can do too. Well, except memorizing. Tee-hee.

That got me into thinking: who are the super intelligent people anyway? Ngek. Whatever. Pauso lang.

Anyhoo, I'm OK now. It's part of the role I play in the theatrical play that we all belong into. That play is what we know as: LIFE.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Halloween Treat

Macy gave this one to me so I decided to give this Halloween treat

to the following people: Icka, McRey, Gorjess, Ardee, and Ate Jackie.
Have a nice day everyone. =)

Future Footwear Fad

So now, we have Havaianas and Crocs and its knockoffs currently scattered in the market. I have never been a fan of those footwear because those are freakin' expensive. But now, I predict that the next [insert sarcastic tone here] big thing in footwear will be Dopie from the UK.

Not My Feet...
(Courtesy of dopiewear.com)

I find it really weird because I thought that it was just the swelas. Yun pala, that's it: the swelas is the slipper itself. It comes with a detachable strap that you can use if you keep on leaving your slipper behind. I think it'll become a hit since the fugly Crocs clogs took center stage. And it might be priced at above 1,000 bucks or more for a pair...fearless forecast lang.

I was officially naloka with the engineering and the design. Check out their website for more details and photos.

~ enough of the creepy stalker people na... =)

Sunday, 14 October 2007

I'm Going Good?! *shriek*

I've been mentioning something about an angry, delusional ex from hell. And she's tagged as "The Sak" because of how she manipulated Mark into buying her a Php 5,000 purse from The Sak in Rustan's. I've detonated her angry bomb using Felipe's headshot slogan (Thank you Felipe, ahlavett!). But I modified it a little because I don't do religion-related chuva so that religious manangs won't revolt against me *lol*. I've never responded to her pathetic defaming messages until she wished me dead.

The Sak: So pumasa ka pala ng Board exams...Magkano ang binayad mo sa BON? At kung nahilo ka man nung nagmisa kayo, sana namatay ka na lang.
KC: (keeping the woman of substance composure) Do you know Elmo from Sesame Street?
The Sak: Of course stupid. Sino ba ang hindi kilala si Elmo?
KC: So for sure you know Elmo's tagline, "Elmo loves you". I'm gonna say that to you. Elmo loves you...but I still think you are a c*nt.
The Sak: Hindi muna nanggugulo...

Ngek! If I was in my ultra-imbyerna mode, Word War I might have begun and might not end.

On his birthday, Engz wished for 10 yards of patience for me. I think it worked because I didn't go totally ballistic over Balenchaka (Ang babaeng may pasosyal effect pa pero chaka naman), when I discovered that she's been on a lying spree for the nth time. Normally, I'd interrogate her in front of people until I catch her off guard and expose the lie. But now, I'm just laughing it off..and at her. Haha! Maybe I learned the golden lesson that I should be cautious with her.

Or maybe I'm really going *slightly* good now. Well, except for the rationale behind codename: Balenchaka. Harhar. At least I'm not totally bad anymore.

Saturday, 13 October 2007

I Missed These Guys

Yesterday, I was out with some of my high school friends and classmates because Dannilyne celebrated her 21st birthday. Gawd, I haven't seen some of them like, since first year college. It's amazing to see what become of us after high school. Most of them are still students because they had to shift courses or had to stop because of unstable finances and some of us have now finished college and started working. Those who didn't come had work, final exams (Joan, Anna), or busy enjoying the sem break (Verna).

It's fun to reminisce how all of us had dreams of what we'd become in the future. The air is filled with thick slabs of these hopes and dreams, that you can cut with a knife. Well that's how it is in high school, right? And thinking of it, we're now living it in some way or another. Padi is now a licensed medtech, Limp is now an office boy in a corporate setting, Jewel is a call center agent, and yours truly, a licensed nurse (pero wala pang trabaho *lol*). The rest, Mico, Jon, Dannilyne and Sheena are still students.

They say that high school is the happiest phase of one's life. I had fun during high school but I don't wish to go back. I have my friends and classmates from high school moving forward with me NOW. I'd treasure the fun times but I treasure my friends more. Whee, ang drama! Seeing them again after how many days/months/years just makes me go senti.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Crazy Power Tripping

I was checking my CD's at home when I chanced upon this video presentation that my groupmates and I made for our case presentation at school. We presented a different video during our case pres at PGH-OR. This is a better version because we're so afraid that the Jolivar might bite our heads off. We're much more scared of the Jolivar than the chief nurse of the OR complex. Haha!

The nursing history comes in as a serious laugh trip. My friends, Joy (pseudo-Dulcolax Girl) and Toyang (Mr. Pringles knockoff) make a cute couple *lol*. Some parts may be a bit too graphic for your taste because it involves blood and gore, but not the violent types.

Err, I noticed that it's my third time to rant about how I miss the operating room. You might think that I'm such a freak. Haha! Sorry about that.

Peace out! =)

How I Communicate...

I have been thinking about deleting my Friendster account for quite some time now. That's because I get over 300+ views in a month and it scares me shitless. Think: creepy stalker people and angry ex from hell and her crew. But I can't bring myself to do it because most of my friends (and some frienemies *lol*) are on it so that's where I can get some news about what's going on with them.

And to tell you the truth, I'm not much of a text fanatic because I rely on the World Wide Web because it gives complete info and it comes in free for me...unlike prepaid credits. And another reason why I chose to stick to my eons-old Smart cell number because I'm not fond of crowing using SMS. So that's no reason for me to avail of the unlimited texting service and to buy credits frequently. I just send out text messages if it's really, really important. I rarely respond to quotes now, depending on the "I Miss You" factor.

I don't open my Friendster account anymore, unless if there are some new messages or comments or just a need to update (which doesn't come in soon). I just open my YM, Multiply, and Blogger accounts along with my e-mail accounts. Those are the hotspots which you can find me.

And that's how I communicate, the social retard way. *lol*

A Sneak Peek

I was tagged by my sister, Richie and here goes:

So here's my desktop. I'm not actually using my own user profile right now. Haha! But anyway, there are loads of icons in there because we just create shortcuts for the most frequently used programs. It's for the purpose of functionality. And some of the icons are the games I usually play when I get bored. I'm addicted to the Magic Vines game now and I have two more levels to play and I'm done with the entire game. Yay! I chose this default wallpaper because I love dogs and it reminds me of our former dog, Ginger...even if Ginger happens to be a small brown dog, unlike that one. Go figure! =)

I don't have anyone in particular to tag. Just tag yourselves if you're feeling like doing it.

My Desktop Free View Instruction:

A. Upon receiving this tag, immediately perform a screen capture of your desktop. It is best that no icons be deleted before the screen capture so as to add to the element of fun. You can do a screen capture by:[1] Going to your desktop and pressing the Print Scrn key (located on the right side of the F12 key). [2] Open a graphics program (like Picture Manager, Paint, or Photoshop) and do a Paste (CTRL + V). [3] If you wish, you can “edit” the image, before saving it.

B. Post the picture in your blog. You can also give a short explanation on the look of your desktop just below it if you want. You can explain why you preferred such look or why is it full of Icons, things like that.

C. Tag five of your friends and ask them to give you a Free View of their desktop as well.D. Add your name to this list of Free Viewers with a link pointing directly to your Desktop Free View post to promote it to succeeding participants.

Pieces of Me
Just Let Go
Dancing With Butterflies
Jaycee's Desire
Ice Queen Chronicles

Gossip Girl TV Series


Finally! One of my favorite books have been turned into a TV series by the CW network. The series is produced by Josh Schwartz of The O.C. and the production team is composed of the people behind the costumes, music, and the story line of Sex and the City, The O.C., and Veronica Mars.

I watched the first few episodes already and I noticed that they haven't followed the concept of the book. They just adapted the characters and had taken a completely different story line. Ok, I know that Gossip Girl is really way behind my age category, it just captures you with it's catchy story line and great soundtrack.

Although I think the story line of the book is better, the plot gets exciting each episode as we watch New York's Upper East Side it-girl, Serena van der Woodsen battle it out with her former best friend Blair Waldorf. And we'll get hooked on waiting if Dan Humphrey would be chosen by Serena over Nate Archibald, or if the horniest boy in their clique, Chuck Bass would finally get in between Serena's pants. And oh boy, they're just in high school.

But I was disappointed because Serena (Blake Lively) doesn't look like what I was expecting her to look like. Her acting is OK but lacks the bee-yatch factor that Blair (Leighton Meester) has. Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) sometimes look untidy and weird but has this certain "angas" look that gives him an edge. Nate (Chace Crawford) and Dan (Penn Badgely) are hot *lol*. As for Gossip Girl, Kirsten Bell's voice is perfect for the part.

I can't wait for the next episodes. =)

Monday, 8 October 2007

Cool Chaps

Aaarrrgh! I should've done this for my 100th post. I lost track of my posts because this is my 102nd post already. Hmpf! Anyway, here are those who I think deserves this cool chap badge, which you can get here:

  1. Engz- This guy is my "school" neighbor. He's a cool dude because he's never embarassed to tell us where he came from. One of his posts (about his parents weren't able to pay for the food) made me tearful. Wow. Kaya lab namin sha..uy!
  2. Ruff- His posts never fails to inform, entertain, and amuse me that's why I am a frequent visitor whenever I am online. He is also a big Grey's Anatomy fan like me. Haha!
  3. Nelo a.k.a Gasti- I don't know what to call him now. In his Blogger site, he used to be Nelo but now that he's on Wordpress, he's Gasti. But the posts are still the same: FUNNY. I always have a good laugh when I visit his site.
  4. Poli- Like Nelo a.k.a. Gasti, his posts are hilarious. I love the "Peys Op: Havaianas bersus Spartan" entry. Dahil sa kanya, nalaman kong hindi lang pala ako nag-iisa sa mundo ng mga non-Havaianas fanatics.
  5. JC- Another colleague. I am a frequent visitor of his blog although he hasn't been able to update it because he's busy with his training at Binan Doctors. Kainggit. Haha! Well he's cool because he doesn't conform to the cum-laudes-are-only-those-who-deserve-to-get-high-grades because even if it was so, he still does whatever he has to do.
  6. Doc Martin- I am a frequent visitor of his blog although I don't usually comment on his posts. Nahihiya kasi ako. Harhar! The first time I posted a comment is about the Desperate Housewives slur. Even though he was disappointed, he didn't let it ruin his day. He still gave out the care that the patient deserves. And that is cool...BTW, he's the one who ran for Senate. I would have written his name in all 12 spaces, if it was allowed so that the healthcare sector will have a voice in the Senate.
  7. Aethen- This guy's advocacies continue to amaze me. I wish I have his motivation to do all of those things he does. I admire his enthusiasm so much.
  8. Ayel- Teacher Ayel here is the winner of the Wika2007 blog writing contest *applause*. His recent posts made me appreciate teaching and my former teachers more. For me, even if some of my teachers are terrors, I am still thankful for them. And Ayel's students should be thankful too...
  9. Kalansay Collector- I can relate to Kalansay's posts. Hanga din ako sa artistic niyang pagsusulat ng blog entries na Tagalog. Pinaka gusto kong post niya eh yung tungkol sa Stereotypes. It's really good; funny but true especially with the nursing stereotypes.
  10. Quincy- He's one of the most industrious people I 've met in the Blogosphere. Ang daming extracurricular activities, nakakaloka! I hope he's doing well now. I haven't heard from him yet. And I hope he passes the LET.
Err, I gave Adam the badge months ago so I didn't include him in the list anymore. He strives to make the internet beautiful even if he was so busy with med school. Now that's cool.

So that's it. Everyone deserves to be a cool chap. I'd also like to thank them for letting me hang out and post comments on their blogs.
Peace out! =)

Saturday, 6 October 2007


I've been so amused by this Inday jokes circulating thru SMS. I always await the reaction of Inday's amo, which for me, is the funniest about the whole thing. And FYI, Inday is now an international name. I found out last night that my friend in New York has also been receiving these Inday jokes from some of his friends here in the Philippines (huwag ninyo ako asahan magtext dahil wala akong pang-load at buhay pesante ako). Here are some of the best that we got.

Nanay: Day, bat ba ang tigas tigas ng ulo mo?
Inday: Nay, intransigence is just normal for us juveniles...
Nanay: Day, anong nakain mo? I'm pertubed by your words!
Inday: Nay...wala namang gantihan.

Overnight inaral ng amo ni Inday ang dictionary para may pangtapat siya kay Inday.
Amo: So Inday, tell me, how do you accept the fact that you are just a mere chambermaid in this extravagant mansion?
Inday: Una camarera? Eres tan pathetic. La unica razon que inscribi tu casa es porque nada esta sucediendo dentro de tu casa cuasi-agradable. Quisiera traer una poca clase en este hogar pero conjeturo que nopuedo porque esta casa es fea.
Amo: Putangina ka Inday....

Amo 1: Inday, ano gamit mo sa katawan mo, ang kinis mo kasi eh?
Amo 2: Siguro gumagamit ka nang papaya soap.
Amo 1: Baka naman kalamansi soap o placenta soap?
Inday: No! Only Belo touches my skin, who touches yours?

*Drunken shrimp and blue lobster meat with caviar serve with milagrosarice (red avriety) and apricot sauce
*Vegetables in balsamic vinegar splashed with extra virgin olive oil
*Lychee and peach salad with sour cream cheese topped with lemon zests
- baon ni Junior sa daycare na inihanda ni Inday

I certainly believe that though we didn't make it for the sixth time, still the
noise of our crowd was enough to conquer the Big Dome. The yells and cheers of
the true champion couldn't be beaten by those who think that they "rock". Wasn't
it shameful to enjoy a regime with a point difference? Knowing that they exerted
enough effort, duh? At least, deep within me, I aggresively defend my "Go Uste"!
Even though we did fell on our first pyramid.
- reaction ni Inday sa nakalipas na UAAP Cheerdance

"Success is often the result of taking a misstep in the right direction. Show me
a person who has never made a mistake and I'll show you somebody who has never
achieved much"
- comment ni Inday sa pagkakamali ni Christian Bautista sa pagkanta ng Lupang Hinirang
I hate how coffee turns into an addiction and how it keeps you up all night. How
it burns and makes your heart beat fast. Especially how it makes you crave for
its rich and sweet promises of grains, milk, and sugar. Moments later, it puts
you into a melancholic mood of coolness. Before you realize, it has consumed you
before you should have consumed it. Empty. Hollow. Bitter. Then again... You
crave for another cup. Just like love...
- Si Inday nag-eemote sa Starbucks
Laugh trip! Angat na ang status ni Inday. Cool.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

I Was First

This just in: nauna pa pala ako sa ABS-CBN at GMA na maibroadcast ang Desperate Housewives "racial" slur. My friend Jirita Jackson (not her real name) was the one who noticed. Just click on the photos to have an access to my Flickr site so you can see a bigger version. Click on the all sizes button once you get there.

My blog at Blogger says 11:40 AM of October 3, 2007

My Multiply blog said it's 3:40 PM of the same day

Nag-broadcast ang GMA 7:45 PM of the same day

Natawa lang ako...

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Is Desperate Housewives Racist?

I just stumbled upon a lot of blogs containing hate messages for Teri Hatcher and the writers of Desperate Housewives for having "racist" remarks about checking if the doctor's credentials came from some med school in the Philippines (eh the doctor graduated from Harvard Med school pala). You guys should see and hear it for yourself. It comes at 0:26 mark on the clock.

At first, I was nainis because it was implied that MD's from the Philippines aren't super qualified to work abroad. Paano pa kaya with us, nurses? But if I look at it closely, it might be because of our own doing so I really can't blame them. Some of my theories of how and why:
  1. Maybe the rift that the Medicine Board Exams Leakage of the early 90's just stuck with the rep of our Filipino MD's. My friend, Mark called the issue *"The Grace of Fatima". Even now, Fatima still has a bad rep whenever they top the board exam for physicians even if they didn't do anything funky...because attached to their success is "Ah, siguro may leak sila".
  2. Or maybe it was because of the highly publicized and highly controversial June 2006 Nursing Board Exam Leakage that gave the entire globe a reason to doubt the credibility of every Filipino professional.
  3. The immensely popular Bar Exams Leakage (I can't remember what year) on the Mercantile Law part of the exam.
  4. The stalls of fake diplomas at Recto...well known ito. Even my American uncle, Uncle Roger knows about Recto.
So with that, I became neutral na...I have nothing more to say. Kasalanan din naman natin on why their mindset was like that.

For those who had been posting an online petition at Friendster's bulletin board, put a cork in it. Isn't there a time that we didn't do "racist" jokes against our own kind? How about this stereotype that every Bisaya female is a "katulong"? Or how about making fun of the dark-skinned girl at Bubble Gang, calling her "Baluga"? Eh how about saying that all Indians and Arabians are "mabaho"? It's racist too, don't you think? It's different on how Black people call each other "Nigger" because for them it means "Brother". How would the female Bisaya carry on being called as katulong?

Let's be open-minded about this now. I repeat, pwede ring may kasalanan tayo. I hope it becomes a motivation for us not to screw up anymore if we don't want the whole world to laugh at us.

* During this controversy, the school pointed out to have the leakage was Fatima.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007


I just got home from Araneta Coliseum, from the Oath-taking ceremonies. Of course, I'm really happy that my school was awarded with a certificate for being the Rank 3 of the Top 3 Schools with 99 examinees and above. Aba, even if we're the Notorious 92, na every year may major na kalokohang ginagawa, bumalik na ang dating bango ng pangalan ng St. Paul Manila.

I was planning not to attend because of the weather but heck, it was hard to pass the exams. I was one of the lucky few so I had to come. Buti na lang, pumunta ako. I liked the message of Dr. Jesus Estanislao, Ph.D to all of the new nurses. He taught us that every Filipino nurse should have the 3 P's, which are:
  • Professionalism
  • Patriotism
  • Personal Governance
That made me promise to myself that if ever I'd leave the country, I will come back.

But for now, I'd serve my country first. I want to hone my skills before joining the diaspora of the great minds to the west. Atsaka wala pa akong pambayad ng NCLEX. Haha!

Ayon na...bagong bayani. *lol* Anyhoo, I'll post a "dignified", less camwhore-like photo of mine. In fairness, I look like a professional already...not a hooligan that I used to be. Haha!

I was bored so I took photos of myself since the program started late. I was even roaming around carrying my beloved red jacket. Hyperactive.