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Monday, 8 October 2007

Cool Chaps

Aaarrrgh! I should've done this for my 100th post. I lost track of my posts because this is my 102nd post already. Hmpf! Anyway, here are those who I think deserves this cool chap badge, which you can get here:

  1. Engz- This guy is my "school" neighbor. He's a cool dude because he's never embarassed to tell us where he came from. One of his posts (about his parents weren't able to pay for the food) made me tearful. Wow. Kaya lab namin sha..uy!
  2. Ruff- His posts never fails to inform, entertain, and amuse me that's why I am a frequent visitor whenever I am online. He is also a big Grey's Anatomy fan like me. Haha!
  3. Nelo a.k.a Gasti- I don't know what to call him now. In his Blogger site, he used to be Nelo but now that he's on Wordpress, he's Gasti. But the posts are still the same: FUNNY. I always have a good laugh when I visit his site.
  4. Poli- Like Nelo a.k.a. Gasti, his posts are hilarious. I love the "Peys Op: Havaianas bersus Spartan" entry. Dahil sa kanya, nalaman kong hindi lang pala ako nag-iisa sa mundo ng mga non-Havaianas fanatics.
  5. JC- Another colleague. I am a frequent visitor of his blog although he hasn't been able to update it because he's busy with his training at Binan Doctors. Kainggit. Haha! Well he's cool because he doesn't conform to the cum-laudes-are-only-those-who-deserve-to-get-high-grades because even if it was so, he still does whatever he has to do.
  6. Doc Martin- I am a frequent visitor of his blog although I don't usually comment on his posts. Nahihiya kasi ako. Harhar! The first time I posted a comment is about the Desperate Housewives slur. Even though he was disappointed, he didn't let it ruin his day. He still gave out the care that the patient deserves. And that is cool...BTW, he's the one who ran for Senate. I would have written his name in all 12 spaces, if it was allowed so that the healthcare sector will have a voice in the Senate.
  7. Aethen- This guy's advocacies continue to amaze me. I wish I have his motivation to do all of those things he does. I admire his enthusiasm so much.
  8. Ayel- Teacher Ayel here is the winner of the Wika2007 blog writing contest *applause*. His recent posts made me appreciate teaching and my former teachers more. For me, even if some of my teachers are terrors, I am still thankful for them. And Ayel's students should be thankful too...
  9. Kalansay Collector- I can relate to Kalansay's posts. Hanga din ako sa artistic niyang pagsusulat ng blog entries na Tagalog. Pinaka gusto kong post niya eh yung tungkol sa Stereotypes. It's really good; funny but true especially with the nursing stereotypes.
  10. Quincy- He's one of the most industrious people I 've met in the Blogosphere. Ang daming extracurricular activities, nakakaloka! I hope he's doing well now. I haven't heard from him yet. And I hope he passes the LET.
Err, I gave Adam the badge months ago so I didn't include him in the list anymore. He strives to make the internet beautiful even if he was so busy with med school. Now that's cool.

So that's it. Everyone deserves to be a cool chap. I'd also like to thank them for letting me hang out and post comments on their blogs.
Peace out! =)


engz said...

yehey una ako..haha.(mag post)

bakit nga pala ako yung nasa unahan? kadyahe diba? thanks pu. salamaz err salamat talaga. kaw din dapat kang bigyan ng ganitong recognition.

uyy about dun sa nahihiya mag comment, pareho tau. may mga ganun ganun din akong atake.hihi..katakot lalo na pag uber galing di ba?

yun lang. salamat po.nakangiti talaga ako di ba? haha.parang ulul.


adam said...

yay! Thanks KC... it's better late than never! You're one cool chick :)

.: jackie :. said...

they deserve it. yang mga taong yan asa list ko din yan. sad to say c quincy and aethen madalang nalang mag update ng blogs nila. nakakamiss din. ;)

KC said...

@ Engz: Anokabah? Wag ka na madyahe..eh ikaw ang una kong nabunot. Random ang ginawa ko para fair at exciting. Tingnan mo mahal ka ng daliri ko, ikaw ang unang nabunot.

You're welcome. Totoo namang nakakaantig ang mga posts mo. May mga nakakatawa din, katulad nung sa kapatid mo.

Pati pala ikaw sinusumpong ng hiya sa pagco-comment. Haha!

Sige, smile ka lang dyan. =)

KC said...

@ Adam: Sure, no prob. You're cool too.

@ Jackie: Oo nga. Madalang na lang magupdate yung dalawa. Eh elibs na elibs pa naman din ako dun sa mga accomplishments nila. Nahihiya din akong magcomment kay Aethen kasi nakakaloka ang activities niya. Napapanis ang mga activities ko...Haha!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Whoa!!! Thanks for that shout out KC! And congrats to your 100th, er, 102th post. Grabe, can't wait to reach the hundred mark as well! =)

I have the same feelings KC. Your blog is a very nice read, entertaining, informative, and really insightful. Its a shame this potential job is taxing too much of my time I couldn't even update my blog. Haaay, bakit kaya ganun no, we complain when we dont have jobs pero we complain still pag nagkatrabaho na tayo no? Human creatures are simply insatiable.

Oh well, I'm getting off topic already. hahaha. Thanks for the shout out KC! =) Ice Queen Chronicles will remain as my staple blog today and forevah-more!

KC said...

@ Ruff: You're welcome. You guys deserve this naman.

And it's true that humans are so insatiable. Ang gulo natin no? Good luck sa job mo ha. Yipee!

Thanks for those kind words too. =)

jc.guiyab said...

ahahah nice naman included ako sa list...

thanks huh

mag apply ka na rin dito sa bdh

di ko pa napopost yung entry ko sa oath taking sira kasi friendster dun ko sana kukunin yung mga pics e.. :)

cheers RN na tayo!

see yah soon

Poli said...

Wow salamat! Hehe!

The last word I would use to describe myself is "cool."


kc said...

@ JC: Welcs! Sige aabangan ko ang oath taking post mo. Kabugnot naman ang friendster eh. Lipat ka na sa multiply para mas masaya. Haha. Nag-endorse daw ba?!

@ Poli: Bakit naman? Ayos nga eh, ang cool ng mga post mo. Just keep them coming. And..you're welcome.

Peace! =)

jc.guiyab said...

nako may multiply ako kaso di ko type konti ang viewers e


kc said...

Pwede mo naman i-cross post yung blogs mo from blogger to multiply. Mag-add ka na ng friends mo para mas active ang interaction. Nabo-boringan na ako sa Friendster eh. Haha! =)

ayel said...

kc, thanks for including me here. i really didn't know about this. i've only read this now. congrats pala for your 100th post (though you have written dozens more already.haha) Have a great day!:)

kc said...

Oh that was nothing. You really are cool. Congrats on passing the LET. =)