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Saturday, 13 October 2007

I Missed These Guys

Yesterday, I was out with some of my high school friends and classmates because Dannilyne celebrated her 21st birthday. Gawd, I haven't seen some of them like, since first year college. It's amazing to see what become of us after high school. Most of them are still students because they had to shift courses or had to stop because of unstable finances and some of us have now finished college and started working. Those who didn't come had work, final exams (Joan, Anna), or busy enjoying the sem break (Verna).

It's fun to reminisce how all of us had dreams of what we'd become in the future. The air is filled with thick slabs of these hopes and dreams, that you can cut with a knife. Well that's how it is in high school, right? And thinking of it, we're now living it in some way or another. Padi is now a licensed medtech, Limp is now an office boy in a corporate setting, Jewel is a call center agent, and yours truly, a licensed nurse (pero wala pang trabaho *lol*). The rest, Mico, Jon, Dannilyne and Sheena are still students.

They say that high school is the happiest phase of one's life. I had fun during high school but I don't wish to go back. I have my friends and classmates from high school moving forward with me NOW. I'd treasure the fun times but I treasure my friends more. Whee, ang drama! Seeing them again after how many days/months/years just makes me go senti.


ruff nurse-du-jour said...

how i miss my HS friends na rin. minsan na lang din kami mag-meet-up eh, and the eating-out sprees have been packed into short, fleeting minutes.

seems like everyone's growing up na. gusto ko tuloy kumanta ng stickwitu. hehehe. =)

KC said...

^ True. Dun ko nga lang nakita yung iba sa kanila after 3 years. Grabe no? Ang tatanda na natin...Haha.

Stickwitu? Hmm, nice soundtrack for this senti moment. =)