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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Is Desperate Housewives Racist?

I just stumbled upon a lot of blogs containing hate messages for Teri Hatcher and the writers of Desperate Housewives for having "racist" remarks about checking if the doctor's credentials came from some med school in the Philippines (eh the doctor graduated from Harvard Med school pala). You guys should see and hear it for yourself. It comes at 0:26 mark on the clock.

At first, I was nainis because it was implied that MD's from the Philippines aren't super qualified to work abroad. Paano pa kaya with us, nurses? But if I look at it closely, it might be because of our own doing so I really can't blame them. Some of my theories of how and why:
  1. Maybe the rift that the Medicine Board Exams Leakage of the early 90's just stuck with the rep of our Filipino MD's. My friend, Mark called the issue *"The Grace of Fatima". Even now, Fatima still has a bad rep whenever they top the board exam for physicians even if they didn't do anything funky...because attached to their success is "Ah, siguro may leak sila".
  2. Or maybe it was because of the highly publicized and highly controversial June 2006 Nursing Board Exam Leakage that gave the entire globe a reason to doubt the credibility of every Filipino professional.
  3. The immensely popular Bar Exams Leakage (I can't remember what year) on the Mercantile Law part of the exam.
  4. The stalls of fake diplomas at Recto...well known ito. Even my American uncle, Uncle Roger knows about Recto.
So with that, I became neutral na...I have nothing more to say. Kasalanan din naman natin on why their mindset was like that.

For those who had been posting an online petition at Friendster's bulletin board, put a cork in it. Isn't there a time that we didn't do "racist" jokes against our own kind? How about this stereotype that every Bisaya female is a "katulong"? Or how about making fun of the dark-skinned girl at Bubble Gang, calling her "Baluga"? Eh how about saying that all Indians and Arabians are "mabaho"? It's racist too, don't you think? It's different on how Black people call each other "Nigger" because for them it means "Brother". How would the female Bisaya carry on being called as katulong?

Let's be open-minded about this now. I repeat, pwede ring may kasalanan tayo. I hope it becomes a motivation for us not to screw up anymore if we don't want the whole world to laugh at us.

* During this controversy, the school pointed out to have the leakage was Fatima.


cors said...

Hey,salamat sa comment=) sa weekend ko pa mapapabuod yung video. Ayaw niya gumana dito sa office eh.I'll leave a comment again kapag napanuod ko na.hehe.Thanks=)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

my official statement:

that line is totally uncalled for. =(

i am personally not that much affected by that discriminatory slur but that line is so full of malice and prejudice it's almost teeming with hate. knowing the statistics that filipino nurses account for the whopping 52% of their nursing demographics and pinoy MD's are growing in population in the states, parang maling-mali naman yung impression na gusto nilang iproject about pinoy MDs and med schools in specific OR the health care delivery system of the philippines in general.

if they'll even look at the real statistics, among foreign educated MDs who took up the US MLE (medicine licensure exams), pinoy ang may mataas na passing rate eh (compared to bumbays at intsiks). not only are those remarks judgmental, they're extremely un-"factual" and misleading as well.

isumpa ang palabas ni mark cherry! sunugin si susan!!! =) just kidding!

oh diba, sabi na sa yo hindi ako masyadong affected. hehehe =)

PS. thanks for naming that school. yang school talaga na yan oh, kahit kelan talaga. grrrr! =) hehehe

KC said...

@ Cors: No prob! I'll be waiting for that. =)

KC said...

@ Ruff: True. It was so totally uncalled for. Kaya nga medyo nainis din ako nung napanood ko dahil parang minaliit yung abilities ng mga Filipino health care workers. I have a friend in the US who's a graduate of UPCM and he was one of those in the top spots ng US MLE passers. He was really disappointed with the bad joke but he told me that he'd pretty much would not dwell on it. Aayusin daw niya ang trabaho niya so that the writers would eat their words. Sana ganon na lang ang reaction ng mga kababayan natin, and not resorting to personal attacks against ALL of the Americans.

But when you introspect, our bad rep is the culprit. Ewan ko ba kung bakit mahirap mabura ang bad rep even if you're so way ahead of the past now. Pero they should know better! Dapat alam na nila na kapag nasaling ang lahi ni Juan, rebolusyon ang katapat niyan. With the statistics that you have presented, kapag nagwelga lahat ng Pinoy health care workers, patay-patay sila.

Ok. Hindi ka nga affected. *LOL*

Oh that was nothing, I have something to say about that "institution" too. I just don't want to post it here. Basta ang masasabi ko lang, the gauge of an educational institution's excellence does not rely on who is the individual on top...but on the number of your sucessful examinees.

OMG. Ang haba ng comment ko. Nobela.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Hay naku about that school. Posible kaya yung maka 100% ka na score sa isang subtest sa Med Boards Exams dito sa Pilipinas? Kahit kailan tlaga hindi na maaalis sa school na yan ang pagiging cheaters.

I couldnt blame DH naman for that slur. I watch DH and normal part na ng script nila yung ganung racial stereotypes (case in point Shao Mei, yung yaya ni Gabrielle na nadidiscriminate kasi Intsik cya). Hindi naman natin kailangang seryosohin ng husto. MOVE ON na tayo. Kung ganon pala ang tingin sa tin ng mga scriptwriters ng DH eh di to hell with them. Iprove na lang natin na mali sila at tayo ang tama. =) Korek? Hehehe

kc said...

*LOL* sabi nga nung friend ko, napakaimposible nga daw talaga kaya kahit wala daw silang ginagawang masama eh, feeling nila there's something funky going on.

Oo nga. Napansin ko rin yung regular racial slur. Hay, sana maging lesson sa kanila yun na huwag na nilang gawing katawa-tawa ang mga Pinoy. Ayan, andaming nagalit sa kanila.

Yeah, let's show them what we're made of. =)

.: jackie :. said...

yes. they are. i wouldn't watch their series for the world. damn people!

KC said...

Marami na rin yatang magbo-boycott sa show na yun. Patay-patay sila ngayon...

Err, and I don't watch it naman din. =)

.: jackie :. said...

pero in all fairness may point ka jan. hindi lang naman cla nagiging racist.. tayo din. maraming spoof shows sa siete and dos na nagddscriminate ng mga tao sa mundo. kaya ung mga ngpepetition jan, ano ba. at least open your eyes and ears sa lahat ng sides.

pero ako, ndi ko padin papanuorin yan.ehhe

KC said...

True. Sa lahat pa ng sites no, sa Friendster pa. Haha!

Move on na dapat. At hindi pa rin ako manonood ng Desperate Housewives...kasi never naman ako nanood nun eh. Mas love ko pa rin ang Grey's Anatomy. =)