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Monday, 22 October 2007

Trouble with Hackers

Something's freaking wrong. I haven't opened my fucking Friendster account for like 2 days or so and I checked it out just now because of some new messages from friends and a cousin. I think SOMEONE or SOMETHING hacked into my account and read my messages because I didn't see the new message alert in the homepage. Worse, he/she/it might have sent out perverted comments and messages or just some random fuckery to some of my friends.
So I've posted a bulletin saying that if there's a new comment or message from me from two days ago, blast it. THAT'S NOT ME. It may be some simpering loser or a retarded perv who had nothing better to do. I also changed my password.
Plus, I'm always over here...not in there. O let's all go to some unpopular networking site na lang. *lol*
 Multuhin sana sila ng mumu na sumasabay sa prayers namin nung in-house review. Hmpf!


Mimi Dizon said...

Naku...buti pinalitan mo na ang password mo. Nabiktima na rin ako ng ganyan pero sa myspace nga lang. Nagpadala yung hacker ng "KeN i hav sEx wIT u". alam naman ng mga friends ko that I DON'T USE alternating caps and I don't do text talk handwriting.

Perverted and retarded. Sila nga yun. Bwahaha!

Jewel Angeles said...

Uh. It could also have been a Friendster bug. ;p
See, I stick with Multiply. LOL.

KC Cervales said...

Maybe. Pero may nagconfirm na rin sa akin na I sent out messages/comments sa kanila. I saw the comments already bago ko pinabura. It's jologs all right. Text talk?! I never write like that.

anna ofilas said...

Well, that's the problem with these overcrowded networking sites. People should know you don't do text talk so at least obvious na hacked sya. :D

KC Cervales said...

^ Oo nga. Sana it won't happen here sa Multiply.

Felipe Cunanan said...

pfft. hackers hack some other computer stuffs, not friendster accounts. how dare you defile the name. lawl.
Well to the person who "Hacked" KC friendster account. Heres somthing for ya.

Clicky me

KC Cervales said...

^ So I guess my use of hacking was just as bad when people misuse the word "depressed". Ok, my bad. =)

*LOL* I love the music background!

Felipe Cunanan said...

^yeah. the thing is old but still gets the job done.