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Monday, 12 November 2007

Exciting Shizzle and a Close Encounter With an Extraterrestrial

Well for Paulinians and UPM peeps, Robinson's Place Manila is the extension of their school caf. And last year, the construction of the Midtown extension of my dearly beloved mall kick started and pushed through even though a huge crane toppled over. So when I visited Manila last time, uy, MIDTOWN is freaking open. Exciting! Because my prayers are answered...

Nyahaha! The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf will finally have a branch within my reach. Since this joint is not that popular, the crowd isn't that big unlike Starbucks. Call me socially retarded but whatevs, I love their chai lattes.

I should be happy because finally, I get to check out stuff from Gap (because they carry sizes for non-thinspirational peeps). But when I read this blog entry from Chuvaness, I think that the stuff there will also have "preposterous patong".


Another ek-ek from my Manila visit...

Who's that Pokemon?
Borrowed from Ate Richie's album

A victim of an amateur papparazi shot. He happens to be a dorm mate (coed ang dorm) and we secretly pick on him most of the time. Actually, he's the object of crazy stares of some of my college friends from as far as I can remember. If you get a close encounter, you're the (wo)man, but he'll go into hiding after that *snigger*.

Natawa lang ako with this encounter, because I was on the way to bathroom #2 of the dorm when suddenly he went out of the room to go to there too. We almost had a head on collision and there was embarassed silence.

...and then there was Regine Velasquez singing: "Marimar...AWWW!", which was coming from their room. He just said "Sige, ikaw muna, OK lang sa akin" and quickly scrambled to close the door.

Did he change channels after that? Nyahaha! I didn't expect him to be a Marimar enthusiast. Wala kasi sa hitsura. Hee-hee-hee!


just mike said...


uyyy ha, kinakarir yang pagiging papparzi mo.

uhhhm bakit bigla akong kinilig dun sa kwento mong muntik na kayong magbangga? hehe.


KC said...

Ay yang picture na iyan, hiniram ko lang sa ate ko...

Haha! Kinilig ka naman. Ako hindi kasi nanaig ang pagka-OC ko. Siguro kung hindi ako ligong-ligo nun, baka kiligin din ako. Gwapo naman kaso di ko siya ma-feel...tahimik kasi.

just mike said...

masarap ang mga tahimik.


nakakagulat ang kanilang bangis.haha.

KC said...

Haha! Alam ko na may hidden dragon ang mga tahimik pero naman, isa siyang relihiyoso. As in pari in the making..

icka said...

ngpalit un ng channel for sure.nilipat sa kokey...

McRey said...

Mukhang napapadalas ang iyong pagkuha ng istolen shot sa mga malalapit sa iyong buhay eh?!

Nyahahaha...marimar, nanonood din ako nun...hehhe....

/*** Segway ***/

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Basahin mo yung instruction dito


Pwede mo rin iboto sarili mo kapag sumali ka, pero kung ayaw mo, pedeng boto lang!

Sige salamat!

KC said...

@ Icka: Baka nga...dahil okey daw si Kokey. Haha!

@ Mcrey: Naku ate ko ang kumuha niyan, hindi ako. Hiniram ko lang kasi.

Ako rin naman naonood ng Marimar..kaso wala sa hitsura ng Pokemon na ito na nanonood sha ng Marimar. Hee-hee!