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Saturday, 10 November 2007

Pesteng Papparazzi

I watched something over at E! News that a 12-year old boy has made lots of money taking papparazzi chots of celebrities. Since I'm a bum, I was thinking of doing the same thing to earn money for all of my wishlist eklavou. JOKE!!!

I tried my hand in doing a papparazzi shot when I had a close encounter with my certified college crush that i would like to hide under the code name: Barako Boy *lol*. My sister Charmaine and I were on our way to Karate Kid in Robinson's Place Manila when I saw him. The typical fangirl that I am, I scrambled for my phone but unfortunately, I COULDN'T FIND IT! Syet.

As soon as I laid my hands on that phone, I placed my phone on a convenient angle (para hindi halata, if ever he turns around). I was able to get an almost decent shot of his sexy back. Almost decent? Here's why (click to enlarge):

...kasi may mamang humarang. Wehe!


McRey said...

Sayang naman....

kuyugin si manong! DEYM!

KC said...

Oo nga. Heehee. Kung ang PI ay normal na bahagi ng buhay mo, ang pagtingin sa mga wafu ay normal na sa akin.

Sayang, oh, sayang. Haha!

g_mirage said...

The first person I noticed inseide the drawn heart was the older man na kalbo wearing a yellow shirt! wahahaha. =D