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Thursday, 15 November 2007

Who, Me?

I was at the bank yesterday, depositing my fricking (few) money I saved and to send money to my grandmother who's in Capiz. So after going to BPI, I just walked on the way to PNB since it's just a short walk. I was wearing a loose shirt and a knee-length cargo shorts and my tsinelas na pambahay. It was a decent outfit anyway and very comfy when you're gonna go bank hopping. When suddenly:

"Miss, tomboy ka ba?", sabi ng isang tambay.

Taena, I want to roll on the floor, lauging my ass off. Who, me? Are you seriously talking to me? Well, I can't blame the guy because I don't walk like a girl, like, I don't do hip swaggering.

To begin with, I was not at all offended because it's not the first time that I have been mistaken for as a t-bird. I'm used to it. My relatives thought that I was one even when I was a child because I don't play girly games and I usually hang out with boys. That's the stigma, when you're not all "mahinhin" and hang out with boys, you're officially a tomboy.

Ngek! That's not my fault if I'm not what they want me to be. My girly side just doesn't show all the time, you know. That's why people get surprised when I get all dolled up, when I wear a skirt and when they see me fangirling...like in the photo where I'm ogling on Enchong Dee. Haha!

That's just me. Deal with it. Learn it. Live it. Love it.


gasti said...

ayun yown eh..."when you comment, you know you love me." haha! matagal na ba to? ngyon ko lang napansin.

akala ko sasapakin mo na yung lalaki nung sinabihan kang tomboy eh..hehe! oks lang yun mas kilala mo naman sarili mo eh

KC said...

@ Gasti: Matagal na. Haha! Pauso ko lang.

Hindi rin. Sanay na ako sa mga nagkakamaling tibo ako. Hindi lang halata pero babae po ako... =)

just mike said...


babaeng babae nga header eh.hehe.nakakatomboy.bwahahaha.lok lang.

oi pareho tau BPI. un lang.


ruff nurse-du-jour said...

i love the header too. so femme fatale (with the matching sadako-alike-pic).. hehe... :-)

there was once a time i was mistaken-ed as a tomboy. of all things tomboy pa!

(sa mall sa makati cya, with matching "maam, lipat po kayo sa women's lane," guard kasi eh, you know, the kapkap thingie) :-)

and nope, i wasnt offended either.

KC said...

@ Just Mike: Harhar. Lagi mo na lang ako niloloko. Hmpf!


Aba at nahulaan mong BPI ako... =)

KC said...

@ Ruff: Hi, nice to see you back here.

*LOL* that was random. Of all things pa nga naman...those "mistaken identities" are just so funny. You can't help but laugh.

KC said...

P.S. Thanks for thinking that my header is nice, Ruff. I was supposed to fill it with gothic photos of me but I decided against it. Haha!

BB_ANNE said...

nakakabadtrip nga un..I used to wear loose shirts and pants when I go out...but these days pagirl nako lagi..haha..at home nlng kc it's comfy...

Yaan mo cla noh! eh comportable k nga dun ehh! You don't have to wear your best dress when go out...mean lng tlg ang ibang tao jan..mga judgmental..

Poli said...

Haha! Ayoko ng mga babaeng masyadong kikay. Hehe!

KC said...

@ bb_anne: That's OK. It was just some random (funny) incident that I'm used to.

May kikay side din naman ako pero hindi lang halata. =)

KC said...

@ Poli: Talaga? Heehee...Cool.

Ruy said...

Ok nga yun eh, para when you're with your special someone you have something to surprise and awe him with. Parang yung sa movies where the unassuming nice girl turns into a stunning lady and walks in to a grand ball fashionably late and the music suddenly stops everyone's just stunned and mesmerized(including the prince). =)
Wala lang just having a hyperactive imagination right now.

KC said...

^ Haha! Exactly. =)