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Sunday, 23 December 2007

To All of You Reading This

I might not greet you guys on the 25th so here's an advanced greeting. We'll be going to Manila so the computer seat is vacant...

Enjoy the season, guys. Thanks for making blogging sooo much fun.
"Thank you God for the gift of these wonderful people. Continue to guide and shower them and their loved ones with blessings."

Happy Birthday na rin pala kay Pareng Gasti...Pompyang ito! Magkabirthday pa kayo ni Jesus Christ. Hee-hee.

Peace out everyone. =)

My Birthday Shebang

Un-effing-believable. I'm already 21 years old. Gaah! This birthday is different because I had no cake. We were too satiated with the yummy food at Gumbo to pig out on cake. And besides, there's no appealing cake selection in Red Ribbon.

Sorry, walang blow out. As of the moment, your Lola KC is still jobless (and broke) for the time being. Saka na lang when I get a kickass job. Anyway, here's a few photos off of my birthday shebang. I'm too lazy to upload all of it as of now.

Hah! You might be wondering how I'd wandered off at Zirkoh. Well, my friend Mimi invited me to come and watch "A Most Talked About Performance". I thought it was Bamboo (or the PGH-Ortho Band..Haha!) so I agreed to come. Hainaco, siya na nga ang nagyaya, hindi pa nakasama. Long story. I won't talk about it and who the performers are because it's not safe for dinner. *LOL*

Needless to say, I had fun. Just wait for the nth part of my birthday, I'm going to blow my candles. I repeat: pigging out isn't safe for birthday celebrators.

Friday, 21 December 2007

21 Years and Still Counting

Drama Queen Days are over.

Myspace Graphics
Thanks to all who greeted me.
Love you, Guys.

..I'm still over the moon. I'll just blog about it the next day...wala sa akin yung cam so I couldn't post some photos.

* The image here is the same thing that my friend, Mimi posted on my Overnight Jologs page.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Not A Joke

In a matter of three days, it's my birthday. But I'm not at all thrilled about it because people have been expecting me to adjust to whatever whoosis that they want. How about celebrating my birthday like I want it? Sa 21 lang ako magpapabida kasi kapag ordinaryong araw naman di ako bida. After all it's my day...

Try Again.

Kainez naman, feeling ko tuloy wa care sila. That's the feeling that I hate the most, when nobody cares. Actually I'm sad. Ewan. Baka ka-dramahan ko lang ito.

On a lighter note, baka may surprise. Hahaha!

Whatevs. I'll just keep humans posted for any developments. I am formulating a 3 day celebration on my own if all of it seems hopeless. Lakas ng fightinf spirit...ayoko kasing maging malungkot, nakakapangit.

Anyway, I finally found these songs in the net. These two are songs from my childhood that the adult (kuno) in me can relate to. Yung Forevermore, wala akong makita na original, but I downloaded the original version.

jed madela - forevermore

atlantic starr - always

P.S. Mike, those are what I was supposed to send. =)

Tuesday, 18 December 2007


There are times that I'm wishing...
that I don't want to wake up
after the night's slumber
I want to find myself waking up...
Months after all of this
I didn't ask for this to happen
but it's happening to me.
That's why I want to sleep througout this ordeal
so when I wake up, it'll be all over

and FYI: This is NOT a suicidal post. Nagfi-feeling makata lang. =p

Monday, 17 December 2007

I'm Not An Accessory Critic/Environmentalist

I've been seeing that a lot of stores in the malls are now selling eco bags. I guess that's because Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago's bill has been approved or maybe the store owners were inspired of the mad rush for this popular eco bag:

Image Source

...the "I'm Not A Plastic Bag" by Anya Hindmarch.

This bag is like, everywhere, be it a knockoff or the original thing. But I have never seen anyone use the bag for its "plastic bag" purpose because it's been used as a purse.

Anyway, I know that someone will think of an ingenious way of topping this. There has been spin-offs labeled as "I'm Not A Smug Twat" and "I'm Not An Anya Hindmarch Bag". But I'm thinking of something like: Coffee shops will design a vacuum flask or tumbler marked "I'm Not a Paper Cup" and that sort of thing.

And I hope that with this eco bag fad, the use of plastic bags will be decreased...as well as weird looks at the supermarket because we brought our own bags. That's because I don't like to see the scenes from Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" happening next week.

Yun lang.

Friday, 14 December 2007


Jeez! It's been quite a while since I last updated my blog. Let me see...

Ok. So these are some things I want to blog about:

Forgive and Forget

I have forgiven the Whore House Peeps and Jollibeeyatch (a.k.a. Anak ni Zuma) months ago. I haven't actually had good reasons to forgive them...all I know is that I won't waste my time in all these "imbyerna-ness" just because they're bitter about their own lives. Definitely not my problem. And besides, the Karma police came out to get them. Fast. I'm back to being cool with them but I won't disclose everything anymore...just tidbits na lang. Because I'm a good sport, I'm going to show up on the Christmas party that a lot of them will attend.

That's me. If I get mad, I won't speak to the offender until I've already forgiven them. Below is the slide show I took down on my Overnight Jologs page, the moment I found out about their treachery (Most of the photos include some of them). So dahil OK na, I'll repost it here.

Dreaming of Them...

Well, well, well seroquel. I was a little freaked out kasi napanaginipan ko in some random evenings:

  1. etong lalaking 'to na sumasayaw ng hip hop - Medyo natakot ako.
  2. Si Chef Rob - Bumanat ng "I'll cook for the dietary department", pero extra lang siya. Hmpf!
  3. Nang wala na akong makuhang trabaho, naging private duty nurse ako ni:
Mimi's Mi Amor, J'adore
Bawal. Kamag-anak 'to ni Kwak-kwak. Haha!
This dude is everywhere. Ayan napapanaginipan ko tuloy.
P.S. Let's not drop names and use the code name DLS for this guy. OK?

Heh! Ang sakit sa ulo.

Lovin' It!

I love huge bags that can fit lots of stuff because I always bring extra stuff for emergencies. Shallow obsessing took over when saw these over the net:

bag! bag din!
Image source

Sana carry yan ng budget ko. Pero hindi so I just have to admire it. Haha! Yun lang =)

Monday, 10 December 2007


Genre: Romantic Comedy

In true Disney tradition to give you the "Living Happily Ever After" Stories, they gave us Enchanted. It stars Patrick Dempsey (Syemps, he should come first *lol*), Amy Adams, James Marsden, Susan Sarandon, and Peter Pettigrew (I forgot the actor's name).

The story starts in the animated Kingdom of Andalasia where Giselle (Adams) met her Prince Charming (Marsden). Afraid that she might lose her throne, the wicked stepmother (Sarandon) sent Giselle to a world with no happy endings: the streets of New York City. There she met the divorce attorney (Dempsey) who takes her in and orients her with the harsh realities of life. Her Prince Charming sets off to find his lady love with the help of Giselle's forest friend, a chipmunk named Pip.

Just guess how the story would end. Hah!

The movie shows how fantasy clashes with reality, in a funny sort of way. Since I never had a good laugh in the movies for a long time, the movie left me laughing because of how the Andalasians love to sing to convey their feelings...because we never do that. James Marsden's appearance also left me sniggering because he's trekking the streets of NYC in ginormous puffy sleeves and tights during hot weather.

For me, it's a must see...especially if you're a happily-ever-after freak.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Going, Going, Gone

Macy was asking: "How would you spend one more day, with someone you loved and lost?"

And the song "Ordinary Day" by Nick Lachey can help ice queens like me to think.

I still have these people I love around me. Maybe I was too young to have realized the pain that my grandparents' death caused everyone who loves them.

..and I'm not smoking crack as I say this: I want to spend one more day with our grandfather, whom we call Papa (Claudio Cervales) even if we have a language barrier. Because the only times that he and Mama get to see us, is when they go to Manila (which they haven't done in more than a decade) or when we're the ones visiting Roxas City. My siblings and I feel that Mama and Papa are like, going to choke in happiness when they see us.

Anyway, before Papa died, we got to see him 3 years before. And he told us that he likes seeing all of us there, peeling seafood for us, and sharing stories...syemps, with Mama as our translator. Hee-hee! Papa doesn't speak Tagalog and talks in Ilonggo fast so we can't catch up.

And if that makes him happy, I want to spend one more day with him in a picnic with Mommy, Daddy, and my siblings. We'll make him crack crab shells, tear the oyster from it's shell, peel the shrimp. Swear, he loves doing that (and stuffing us with the best seafood)! Plus we'll have a storytelling session for him, at si Daddy ang translator *LOL*.
...because we all didn't get to visit him within the year that he died. Sad.


This is more like the book, "For One More Day" by Mitch Albom. That's a kickass and heartwrenching story that'll make you appreciate your loved ones more.

Not High

Oye! I am not high on crack when I answered this quiz. Thanks to Tsaiko

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You don't even want to be a Nurse!


Tuesday, 4 December 2007

At Last

This guy now has a name:

Thanks to Mayor Binay, we now have an idea of his identity.

Monday, 3 December 2007

Baby Out!

My older sister, Ate Richie had a whale of a power trip during her birthday last November 30. Ayos sa Feng Shui because she added 1 year on her candle for good luck.

Hmm, so I'm thinking about my own birthday shebang because I want to celebrate the day the Delivery Room peeps yelled "Baby out". *harhar*

Sayang nga lang because my relatives already made plans for that day (because it's also Mama Ovie and Papa Joe's 30th Wedding Anniv on that day) so I can't have my own way. Gusto ko sana trip to Jerusalem Hong Kong o Thailand...so I can satisfy my wanderlust. Kahit di na tuparin ang hiling kong "kahit anong mp3 player". But it's still a few days away so, whatever.

Kailangan ko na rin yata magpa-Feng Shui..for good luck, lalo na sa punyetang employment na yan.I'm tired of living la vida chaka. Hah!