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Monday, 10 December 2007


Genre: Romantic Comedy

In true Disney tradition to give you the "Living Happily Ever After" Stories, they gave us Enchanted. It stars Patrick Dempsey (Syemps, he should come first *lol*), Amy Adams, James Marsden, Susan Sarandon, and Peter Pettigrew (I forgot the actor's name).

The story starts in the animated Kingdom of Andalasia where Giselle (Adams) met her Prince Charming (Marsden). Afraid that she might lose her throne, the wicked stepmother (Sarandon) sent Giselle to a world with no happy endings: the streets of New York City. There she met the divorce attorney (Dempsey) who takes her in and orients her with the harsh realities of life. Her Prince Charming sets off to find his lady love with the help of Giselle's forest friend, a chipmunk named Pip.

Just guess how the story would end. Hah!

The movie shows how fantasy clashes with reality, in a funny sort of way. Since I never had a good laugh in the movies for a long time, the movie left me laughing because of how the Andalasians love to sing to convey their feelings...because we never do that. James Marsden's appearance also left me sniggering because he's trekking the streets of NYC in ginormous puffy sleeves and tights during hot weather.

For me, it's a must see...especially if you're a happily-ever-after freak.


Jennie ~ said...

Di ko pa napapanood..booohooo..pero manonood talaga ako...talagang natutuwa ako sa trailer nya..specially when Prince Charming got ran over by bikers in the park when he started singing...yey for Dr. McDreamy :D..haha..parang sya lang ung gusto ko mapanood..haha..well partly

Isa to sa mga papanoorin ko talaga and I'm waiting for Sakal,Sakali,Saklolo too..but i'm not expecting to watch it on the 25th..laging dami tao kapag 1st day ng mga MMFF..bad3p

anna ofilas said...

When I first read the plot, mukhang interesting... divorce attorney si McDreamy, woohoo. Pero kidding aside, intriguing talaga sya kasi it makes me wonder how Andalasians would survive NY. Haha. I haven't seen it yet to formulate a proper opinion, but I would when I have time. :D

KC Cervales said...

Watch it na before theaters change films...you'll <3 McDreamy more. Haha!

KC Cervales said...

That's one thing I was thinking about too. Funny ang mga exploits ng Andalasians sa big city..Heehee!

You deserve a break. Watch it na...for McDreamy *lol*