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Thursday, 6 December 2007

Going, Going, Gone

Macy was asking: "How would you spend one more day, with someone you loved and lost?"

And the song "Ordinary Day" by Nick Lachey can help ice queens like me to think.

I still have these people I love around me. Maybe I was too young to have realized the pain that my grandparents' death caused everyone who loves them.

..and I'm not smoking crack as I say this: I want to spend one more day with our grandfather, whom we call Papa (Claudio Cervales) even if we have a language barrier. Because the only times that he and Mama get to see us, is when they go to Manila (which they haven't done in more than a decade) or when we're the ones visiting Roxas City. My siblings and I feel that Mama and Papa are like, going to choke in happiness when they see us.

Anyway, before Papa died, we got to see him 3 years before. And he told us that he likes seeing all of us there, peeling seafood for us, and sharing stories...syemps, with Mama as our translator. Hee-hee! Papa doesn't speak Tagalog and talks in Ilonggo fast so we can't catch up.

And if that makes him happy, I want to spend one more day with him in a picnic with Mommy, Daddy, and my siblings. We'll make him crack crab shells, tear the oyster from it's shell, peel the shrimp. Swear, he loves doing that (and stuffing us with the best seafood)! Plus we'll have a storytelling session for him, at si Daddy ang translator *LOL*.
...because we all didn't get to visit him within the year that he died. Sad.


This is more like the book, "For One More Day" by Mitch Albom. That's a kickass and heartwrenching story that'll make you appreciate your loved ones more.


BB_ANNE said...

this reminds me of my grandpa din. He passed away when I was in fifth grade. That time i didn't feel much agony and pain...but now the memory of him makes me wonder "pano kaya kung til now buhay p cya, mas masaya cguro."

justmike said...

case napakinggan mo na yung dance with my father? naku bagay na bagay un dito, try mo.

ako nga eh, lungkot din.alam mo pag umuuwi ako ng palawan deretso agad ako kay lola at lolo bago pa ko umuwi sa bahay.eh ngayong year nawala na sila, ayun, naiiyak ako sa thought na wala na akong pupuntahan dun.ayoko na tuloy umuwi...

haynaku.pahid ng luha at uhog.

KC said...

@ bb_anne: Sad no? Ganon talaga kapag bata, you won't feel the pain due to the loss but you're hounded with "What if's".


KC said...

@ Just Mike: Yup narinig ko na. Masyadong nakaka-provoke...heh!

Parang yung tita ko, ayaw na umuwi nung namatay na sina Lolo at Lola (mother side).

We should really appreciate them no?! Dibadibs?! =)