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Friday, 14 December 2007


Jeez! It's been quite a while since I last updated my blog. Let me see...

Ok. So these are some things I want to blog about:

Forgive and Forget

I have forgiven the Whore House Peeps and Jollibeeyatch (a.k.a. Anak ni Zuma) months ago. I haven't actually had good reasons to forgive them...all I know is that I won't waste my time in all these "imbyerna-ness" just because they're bitter about their own lives. Definitely not my problem. And besides, the Karma police came out to get them. Fast. I'm back to being cool with them but I won't disclose everything anymore...just tidbits na lang. Because I'm a good sport, I'm going to show up on the Christmas party that a lot of them will attend.

That's me. If I get mad, I won't speak to the offender until I've already forgiven them. Below is the slide show I took down on my Overnight Jologs page, the moment I found out about their treachery (Most of the photos include some of them). So dahil OK na, I'll repost it here.

Dreaming of Them...

Well, well, well seroquel. I was a little freaked out kasi napanaginipan ko in some random evenings:

  1. etong lalaking 'to na sumasayaw ng hip hop - Medyo natakot ako.
  2. Si Chef Rob - Bumanat ng "I'll cook for the dietary department", pero extra lang siya. Hmpf!
  3. Nang wala na akong makuhang trabaho, naging private duty nurse ako ni:
Mimi's Mi Amor, J'adore
Bawal. Kamag-anak 'to ni Kwak-kwak. Haha!
This dude is everywhere. Ayan napapanaginipan ko tuloy.
P.S. Let's not drop names and use the code name DLS for this guy. OK?

Heh! Ang sakit sa ulo.

Lovin' It!

I love huge bags that can fit lots of stuff because I always bring extra stuff for emergencies. Shallow obsessing took over when saw these over the net:

bag! bag din!
Image source

Sana carry yan ng budget ko. Pero hindi so I just have to admire it. Haha! Yun lang =)

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