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Sunday, 23 December 2007

My Birthday Shebang

Un-effing-believable. I'm already 21 years old. Gaah! This birthday is different because I had no cake. We were too satiated with the yummy food at Gumbo to pig out on cake. And besides, there's no appealing cake selection in Red Ribbon.

Sorry, walang blow out. As of the moment, your Lola KC is still jobless (and broke) for the time being. Saka na lang when I get a kickass job. Anyway, here's a few photos off of my birthday shebang. I'm too lazy to upload all of it as of now.

Hah! You might be wondering how I'd wandered off at Zirkoh. Well, my friend Mimi invited me to come and watch "A Most Talked About Performance". I thought it was Bamboo (or the PGH-Ortho Band..Haha!) so I agreed to come. Hainaco, siya na nga ang nagyaya, hindi pa nakasama. Long story. I won't talk about it and who the performers are because it's not safe for dinner. *LOL*

Needless to say, I had fun. Just wait for the nth part of my birthday, I'm going to blow my candles. I repeat: pigging out isn't safe for birthday celebrators.

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