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Saturday, 12 January 2008

Not Funny

There was a caller this morning, looking for my dad...

Creepy caller: (boses galit, almost shouting) Hello, pwede ba kay Chip Met Ricardo Sirbales --seryoso, ganyan nya sinabi!
KC: Sino po ito?
Creepy caller: Hindi na mahalaga kung sino ako, basta nasaan siya?
KC: Sino nga po ito?
Creepy caller: Nasaan siya?
KC: Sino nga po ito?

Then he hung up.

Natakot ako...so I went out and locked the gate. Pretty paranoid but duh, I'm all alone this morning! Good thing I was so stubborn enough to piss him off. I didn't trust the way he talked (yelled at?) to me.

Maybe it was the same guy who called up a long time ago saying that my dad is secretly going home because he allegedly killed the ship's captain during a fight, got injured pretty bad and he's now wanted by the police. He really scared the shit out of my older sister. My mom can't be bullied, she looked for a loophole in the guy's story. And the ending is: the caller's busted! What an idiot!

...And if it did happen, the dad's agency would've called us up.

Because if it was an agency rep or a friend looking for him, he'd say his name and contact details so that my dad can contact him when he gets home. What's odd is that he said that his name isn't important. Prank caller? Not funny.

So be careful, you guys.


arjay said...

based on your story i don't think it's a prank. it may not be the same person who called before but i do think there's some kind of connection there. haha. peeling detektib! lol!

ingat ingat na lang dyan.
take care!


McRey said...

Dugo-dugo gang?!

Meron pa ba nun?

May ginanyan na rin ako, pero sa text lang and kaklase ko

Me: Humanda ka na Mayor, ito na ang maliligayang araw mo.. hindi ka na aabutan ng araw...

Klasmeyt: Wala si Mayor dito..

Amfshet... tablado ako dun kaya umamin na rin ako.

Pero ingat with that "creepy voice" baka dugo-dugo gang siya.

justmike said...

uyy namiss kita.

sa caller na yun: hayop sya!

hahahaha.ingatz baby casey..mwah

adam said...

Hey KC!! It's been awhile!!! I just created a new site http://joblessgraduate.com - I was wondering if you can add it to your links? :) :)

KC said...

@ Arjay: Siguro nga hindi rin siya yung unang tumawag. But sometimes pranksters really think they're funny.

Thanks for the concern. Ingat ka din..all the time.

KC said...

@ McRey: Oo nga, meron pa ba ng Dugo-dugo gang?

Loko ka, may balak ka bang denggoyin ang classmate mo. Haha! Nakakaloko kang maging classmate.

Oo nga eh. Salamat na lang at di ako tanga. Hihi!

KC said...

@ Just Mike: Uy, na-miss din kita syempre.

Tao man sya o hayop *lol*, he's scary...

God bless Mike. =)

KC said...

@ Adam: Yeah, it's been a long time. I hope you're doing great.

...And sure, I alrady added it up to my Lookie Here Site list.