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Sunday, 20 January 2008

'Tis A Sad Day

As a cat and dog lover, it hurts me a lot to see documentaries on TV about canines and felines being tortured and slaughtered. I thought it is too much but this is something I can't take:

Cat Massacre in DasmariƱas Village
Click it to watch the news report

On December 16, 2007, 29 cats in DasmariƱas Village in Makati were shot to deat using air guns. To find out more about the cat massacre, read here. Mind you, the photos may not be safe for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Stray cats may be annoying to some but killing them for no apparent reason is just unethical. The cats that were killed are taken care of by Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (CARA) Philippines and is awaiting adoption. People talk about human rights but what about animal rights? This event mirrors the sorry state of animal rights in our country.

Lookit! Our former cat, Muning (first photo), used to be stray. We found it stuck on the ceiling of our storage room. There are no mice running around because of it...even if Muning died a year ago, our house is still mouse-free because of her kid, Evil Kitty (one of the kittens in the first photo and the cat in second photo).

Whoever did that must be taken into custody and extensive psychoanalysis must be done. I remember an article in the New England Journal of Medicine that I have read for our Psyche class says that persons who showed violence towards animals are also vulnerable of doing acts of violence towards humans too.

So to whoever is behind the investigation, I do hope you'd catch the perpetrators. If I am given the opportunity to add a person in Jessica Zafra's book, "500 Persons You Meet in Hell", I'd add: Persons cruel to animals. Then their punishment would be..."They are going to be locked in a cage and they would be shot at by cats/dogs using pellet guns with infinite number of pellets" *evil laugh*.

This entry might be late but I hope this will create awareness of animal rights.


Nice said...

cats? we have five of them at home. im also against cruelty to animals!!!

kalansaycollector said...

kaloka talaga ang cat massacre na iyan! tinalo pa ang vizconde massacre at payumo massacre noong 90s!

KC said...

@ Nice: Wow, 5 cats. Lupit!
Let's hope that the supects will be caught

KC said...

@ Kalansay Collector: Naku sinabi mo pa..kawawa naman ang mga pusa, di naman nananakit.

Iris said...

Whoever did those must be unanimously insane! Bakit sila bumabaril ng mga kaawa-awang pusa? Even if cats sometimes seem to be annoying, they're still part of the household. I'm not an official PETA advocate but I do stand by the voice of PETA to protect animals. Tsk tsk. Grabe, stop the abuse!