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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Smile Though Your Heart Is Affected

This entry is something I haven't written about before...think mushy bullsht. I can't drop names though, but I need to let it all out. *emo mode on*

Back in the time when dinosaurs ruled the earth, I met this guy that I am going to call "Mr. Honeydukes". I haven't paid attention to him that time because I didn't even know that he's there. But when he spoke up, that's the time when I actually took notice. His noisy but amazing friends introduced us to each other and that's where it all started.

Months passed and people noticed that their clique and I are really tight because we always represent(!). I heard shitloads of lies about him but I didn't care because I saw that there is something special in Mr. Honeydukes...that nobody else saw.

The catch is, he thinks of me only as a joker of the clique. Like, whatever! That's OK, that's how he noticed me...and I probably was just fangirling. So when I became too saturated with my studies and he in his own field, we rarely saw each other. I only see him accidentally in places I'd least expect...and in a state that I look so fugly and wasted. This went on for a year and we already have our own separate ways.

Fast Forward to 2008:
Two days ago a friend told me something about Mr. Honeydukes and Fleet Enema that's going to happen this May. I couldn't believe my ears because he's too young, maybe? I thought Souljaboy was joking...but he wasn't. They're getting married! For real. Seriously.

I'm happy for him. But...Ay. Why like dut?

...na-hurt ako. Kahit di naman dapat.

*emo mode off*

OMG. I'm so freaking EMO...this better wear out soon.


Marcus Dizon said...

Is this something that I know of? You better tell me more about this.

KC Cervales said...

^ You know this, bro. And by now you have an idea of who the characters are. Send the answer to 2366. Hihi!

Mimi Dizon said...

When I found out who the characters are, naging laugh trip na ang post mo na ito. The best ang "Fleet Enema".

KC Cervales said...

^ I thought so too after the emo mode wore out. Naisip kong mukha akong tangeks. Affected lang talaga ako...but now I back to my (ab)normal self.

rich cervales said...

kainez talaga super!!!!

Jewel Angeles said...

You have the emo bangs na. Ohno simula na yan.

P.S. The best pa rin talaga codenames mo kahit di ko naman kilala 'tong mga 'to. Haha.

But hey, seriously, *hug* emo's okay once in a while. :)

KC Cervales said...

Affected talaga ang mga fangrils niya...kasama na tayo dun. Haha!

KC Cervales said...

I had the bangs last October.
That's how we are nung high school di ba? We weren't called "Code Name Girls" for nothing. Haha!

Thanks. I'm ok now. I was just sooo affected by the news. :)

Mimi Dizon said...

But it's OK to be emo at maapektuhan paminsan-minsan. Dun lang talaga ako sa code names natawa. Medyo di ko pa nakita ang koneksyon ng Honeydukes dun sa guy. At ngayon ko lang napansin, sounds like "Fleet Enema" ang pangalan nung gal. Haha!

Marcus Dizon said...

Yun pala yun. Haha! I found "Fleet Enema" funny.

KC Cervales said...

^ Dudes, I didn't mean to give her a stinky code name. It's just that Fleet Enema rhymes. Yun lang. Hihi! =)