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Friday, 22 February 2008

Ramdam Ko Ang Pag-Asenso

I'm not that stressed anymore regarding my "moonlighting". Now that I have discovered the wonderful world of Secret-ing, my perspective has been set into the light. I saw something good in this period of rest because I was able to: contemplate on my silly little project, think of what I really want to do in my life and improve my cooking.

Yes, you got that right. I cook.

Dahil dati-rati ang niluluto ko ay:

Uling na nagpapanggap na calamares

Pero ngayon:

Sosyal na...mukha nang calamares

So sa halip na siputin ang mga interview ko, magpapagawa na lang ako ng kariton at magbebenta ng calamares. Wala nang hirap, malaki pa ang kita. Kaya ramdam ko ang pag-asenso.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Balentayms Day

To get into the freaking Valentine spirit and not to make all the singles people feel that they are marching to their execution rites, I'll spill how Marky-boy and I met and how it all started. Since some people were asking me about it (not to mention different bullsht laden versions popped up), eto na talaga ang totoong pangyayari.

It was January, 2007 when my repa-peep (Codename: 50 Cent) was pestering me that I'm "date-less" for Valentine's and that they wanted to set me up with a colleague. He gave me the URL of the guy's Overnight Jologs page para lang patunayang totoong tao ang lalaking yun. I saw the photo and went: "Pwede! Pa-set up naman...charing!". But he promised me that they would indeed set me up with the guy. Syempre, lagi niya akong inaasar, di ako naniwala.

So eto, February na. Immersion ko ng CHN sa Nueva Ecija from Feb. 12-14 so medyo nawala sa loob ko yung lokohan namin nina 50 Cent. The night of Feb. 13, after ipamigay ni Ms. Santos yung mga phone, may nagtext. Sosyal. Unknown number.

"Hi KC. Gud pm. Ds s Mark Dizon. 50 Cent gave me ur # wen he set us up. He sed dt u agreed 2 go out wit me 2mrw. M nt yet sure of my sked s cuz m on ER duty. I'd jst call u 2mrw if Id get out on time. :)"
Dahil gaga ako, ang nasabi ko lang, "Ah ok. Tnx, Mark. M stil on duty @ Nueva Ecija". Wala akong masabi kasi na-shock ako. Naisip ko tuloy: Pakiningshet ka 50 Cent!!! Kung kailan ako mukhang ulikba, saka mo ako bibigyan ng ka-date...English speaking pa!!!

Pero in fairness, 3x niya ako tinawagan nung 14 para lang sabihin na:
  1. "Where would you like to eat?"
  2. "I'm sorry but we can't go out. We're going to do an emergency operation because the patient has a fractured femur, tibia, and L4-L5 ng spinal column. I hope you understand and I'm really sorry." (Safe! Hindi niya makikita si Bakekang!)
  3. "Hey KC, what's up? We just got done with the fixation stuff. I'm really sorry...(chika mode starts here)"
Kahit feeling ko magkaka-hemophilia ako, OK naman pala siyang kakwentuhan...kahit medyo kulang ng sense of humor at least may sense...hindi slow, gets agad ang mga joke.

We usually talked on the phone because we don't have time to go out. I'm busy with my graduation/pinning requirements and he's busy with work. Weird nga eh. Magkaharap na lang ang location namin pero di kami nagkikita...by chance lang sa Robinson's Manila at mukha pa akong basura.

Pero nung March 13, natuloy na rin ang long delayed Valentine's date na yan...tumakas lang siya bago mag-rounds for 8pm. First date ko sa buong buhay ko yan...at first time kong na-stress dahil hindi ako marunong mag-ayos ng sarili. Anyway, I had fun that night kahit para kaming puganteng kailangang magtago. He's hiding from his seniors and I'm hiding from Gossip Girl Insiders ng St. Paul.

Yun na yun. That's where it all started. Kaya disclaimer na rin: pag may narinig kayong nakilala ko sa OR-Elective ko sa PGH, family friend, o doktor ng daddy ko si Marky-boy, kalokohan yan. Kung narinig nyo ring 35 years old na siya at isa siyang neurosurgeon, kalokohan din yan. Bawal maghanap ng pictures...mahabang kwento yan.

Image from here and here.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Miss Angry Girl

I just don't get it. I wished for peace of mind this 2008 and what do I get? Warfreaks. Not because of something bad I did but for what SOMEBODY ELSE did. I don't know if I have a sign on my forehead that says "Annoy Me" or "I Love To Be Pissed Off" but that's not why freaks like her come and do their thing. Can't understand them.

funny pictures
Replace "White Wich" with "Miss Angry Girl"

Let me give you the lowdown on this cheesemax. Keep reading if you're interested or click Alt+F4 to skedaddle you way out of here.

As you guys know, I had my review for the board exams with our school: in-house review. I was doing my thing and I know less about those who reviewed outside of the school. Fast forward to 2008 and there was this girl here in Multiply who was sending me PM's. She was "reprimanding" me about the alleged whore-like behavior of some of my classmates who reviewed in some review center that I don't know. She continued to flood me until I blocked her and reported her to the Multiply admin. In short, I annihilated her (LOL).

Or did I really?

cheesemaxWith her gone in Multiply, she's bugging me through e-mail. Woo-hoo! I don't know how she got one of my e-mail adds. This is funnn...mad fun. I don't know if I'd laugh or go "WTF?!" upon reading her mail. Just click on the thumbnail to enlarge.

I don't know if she's the one who's violated or just a "good" friend defending her violated friend. And for the record: Why is she bugging me anyway? It's ok for her to contact me if I was one of them or if I know by detail the "whore activity" that she is talking about, so this can be settled once and for all...and she should talk to those people involved, not me.

Seriously, this is so high school...

...and I've never seen someone so full of hatred. Oh boy, she should filter out the all vitriol in her blood and start spreading peace and love.


* from February 5, 2008
Every time people find out that I am a nurse, people usually go "Nag-NCLEX ka na?", "Yayaman na kayo lalo"(?!) or "When are you going to the US?". Oh boy, that makes me want to go:real bad. It doesn't mean that when NCLEX is all the rage with almost everybody, I should go ahead and take the freaking exam now. It isn't cheap and like I said, I don't feel like taking it yet.

And...Do those people freaking read Businessweek dot com? They probably have no idea of what is happening to Uncle Sam's economy. And they probably don't realize that the buying power of the dollar in the US isn't the same as the $1= Php 50.45 here in the third world. They probably don't even know that being in the US doesn't mean instant moolah and cash rain...money is earned, not farted. They might not even have a clue that journey to an unfamiliar territory isn't easy.

OK, I'll forgive those people. Clearly, they have their facts twisted.

Also, in connection with other post, Not Sure If I Still Love NY, the current dollar recession also affects my twisted thinking if I should totally work the US after here. After also reading about the news that the Mole of Asia will allot a bigger budget for health care workers. It's about time! But anyway, I'll continue to watch the currency values, US visa retrogression, and the Mole of Asia's promise before I say: "Hello, Europe!" in:

Spain or UK

Maybe "Obama Fo Yo Mama" or "Hillary the Homegirl" can make me drag my fat arse over to the US. Who knows? I'm not yet closing my options.

Smile Though Your Heart Is Affected*

* from January 30, 2008
This entry is something I haven't written about before...think mushy bullsht. I can't drop names though, but I need to let it all out. *emo mode on*

Back in the time when dinosaurs ruled the earth, I met this guy that I am going to call "Mr. Honeydukes". I haven't paid attention to him that time because I didn't even know that he's there. But when he spoke up, that's the time when I actually took notice. His noisy but amazing friends introduced us to each other and that's where it all started.

Months passed and people noticed that their clique and I are really tight because we always represent(!). I heard shitloads of lies about him but I didn't care because I saw that there is something special in Mr. Honeydukes...that nobody else saw.

The catch is, he thinks of me only as a joker of the clique. Like, whatever! That's OK, that's how he noticed me...and I probably was just fangirling. So when I became too saturated with my studies and he in his own field, we rarely saw each other. I only see him accidentally in places I'd least expect...and in a state that I look so fugly and wasted. This went on for a year and we already have our own separate ways.

Fast Forward to 2008:
Two days ago a friend told me something about Mr. Honeydukes and Fleet Enema that's going to happen this May. I couldn't believe my ears because he's too young, maybe? I thought Souljaboy was joking...but he wasn't. They're getting married! For real. Seriously.

I'm happy for him. But...Ay. Why like dut?

...na-hurt ako. Kahit di naman dapat.

*emo mode off*
OMG. I'm so freaking EMO...this better wear out soon.

Oh, I'm Sorry

Whew! I haven't updated frequently. I used the crossposting by Multiply but the entries don't appear usually. But anyway, I'm going to post the entries here...

Guys I didn't forget you, I was still hanging around...but I rarely post comments, though.

As soon as my "silly little projects" are done and decided upon, I'd make myself more visible.

Bagong role, Invisible Woman. Nyek!

Monday, 4 February 2008

...But They Are So Comfy


This is my first time to rate 5 stars for something so monstrous...well, at least in the Scale of Gross. At first it was just a practical joke I saw over at the Fashion Police but NOOOO...it's freaking real. Meet the latest in fug-a-licious footwear, the Crocs Mammoth.

Honestly, I thought Crocs clogs are OK even if they are fugly because those were meant inside the OR or in the garden, not on the streets. And I always thought that the Crocs clogs can't get any more fuglier than it is...but I was wrong. Coincidentally, the manufacturers stuffed a ferret in it in place of the straps, adding up to its atrocity. I think they made this one for the winter season.

This review doesn't stretch out to the people buying/wearing Crocs clogs and the other lines of Crocs footwear...JUST THE CLOGS. There are other models of Crocs footwear so just buy those instead of the horrendous clogs and its armada of equally gross spin-offs.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Writings On The Wind

I own an ink splotching pen. It hasn't only stained a lot of my notebooks, school papers from elementary to college, but it has also taken over cyberspace. Yes, I love to write. Even if my pieces are just craploads of whatever things or plain useful, I really enjoy putting my thoughts into writing. Give me a writing instrument and a few pieces of paper (or a computer at that), a mug of coffee and digital audio, I can survive boredom.

Writing has been such a big part of my life. I started on copying letters of the alphabet on my parents bedroom walls when I was younger and now as a bum, I'm littering the cyberspace with outlandish thoughts. It has kept me sane throughout this 8 freaking months of this so-called "professional hiatus".

Whenever I pour out my thoughts, it gives me satisfaction but it also stresses me out if I don't. That's how freakish I am. One of the reasons why I am so happy to receive a recognition (despite a gaping hole in my stocking) for writing during our pinning ceremony in college. For me, it is more than receiving something for academic distinction because I get rewarded for doing something I love...not that I hate studying or anything. And I'm saying this with no pun intended.

The bottomline is, even if nobody is reading, I will continue to write. The journey of the ink splotching pen continues.