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Monday, 4 February 2008

...But They Are So Comfy


This is my first time to rate 5 stars for something so monstrous...well, at least in the Scale of Gross. At first it was just a practical joke I saw over at the Fashion Police but NOOOO...it's freaking real. Meet the latest in fug-a-licious footwear, the Crocs Mammoth.

Honestly, I thought Crocs clogs are OK even if they are fugly because those were meant inside the OR or in the garden, not on the streets. And I always thought that the Crocs clogs can't get any more fuglier than it is...but I was wrong. Coincidentally, the manufacturers stuffed a ferret in it in place of the straps, adding up to its atrocity. I think they made this one for the winter season.

This review doesn't stretch out to the people buying/wearing Crocs clogs and the other lines of Crocs footwear...JUST THE CLOGS. There are other models of Crocs footwear so just buy those instead of the horrendous clogs and its armada of equally gross spin-offs.


Mimi Dizon said...

Monstrous, Gross, Fug-a-licious, Fugly, Atrocious, Horrendous.Those are the words you used. Mind you, those words aren't enough to describe that footwear..especially when you see that worn.

Di naman halatang nasusuka ka sa hisura ng clogs na yan. Haha! Have you seen You by Crocs? It's totally cute...a far cry from those disgusting clogs.

Jennie ~ said...

"Such disgust for these clogs I feel" (In Yoda tone)

I'm not a fan of crocs either but this one has gotten way too far..I wouldn't buy that even if it costs a peso...Call me primative but I'd rather be like a Yetti out in the woods than to wear those things..hahahaha..but, they somehow remind me of Santa >_<

Marcus Dizon said...

I'd rather wear the presidential campaign shirt, "Obama for your Mama" (that my cousin forced me to buy as part of their fundraiser) than that "Santa" shoes.

KC Cervales said...

Hihi. Nagulat lang ako sa hitsura, di ko na-take.
No, I haven't seen that line. I'll try to look it up at Google.

KC Cervales said...

You did make me laugh on that Yoda tone thing.
About being a Yeti, LOL. Imagine mo na lang Jen, magmumukha tayong Taong Java kapag suot natin yan. I didn't see the Santa-like properties of the clogs, though.

KC Cervales said...

I love the rhyme on the shirt. What does it look like? I bet it is wearable than the clogs.