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Saturday, 9 February 2008

Miss Angry Girl

I just don't get it. I wished for peace of mind this 2008 and what do I get? Warfreaks. Not because of something bad I did but for what SOMEBODY ELSE did. I don't know if I have a sign on my forehead that says "Annoy Me" or "I Love To Be Pissed Off" but that's not why freaks like her come and do their thing. Can't understand them.

funny pictures
Replace "White Wich" with "Miss Angry Girl"

Let me give you the lowdown on this cheesemax. Keep reading if you're interested or click Alt+F4 to skedaddle you way out of here.

As you guys know, I had my review for the board exams with our school: in-house review. I was doing my thing and I know less about those who reviewed outside of the school. Fast forward to 2008 and there was this girl here in Multiply who was sending me PM's. She was "reprimanding" me about the alleged whore-like behavior of some of my classmates who reviewed in some review center that I don't know. She continued to flood me until I blocked her and reported her to the Multiply admin. In short, I annihilated her (LOL).

Or did I really?

cheesemaxWith her gone in Multiply, she's bugging me through e-mail. Woo-hoo! I don't know how she got one of my e-mail adds. This is funnn...mad fun. I don't know if I'd laugh or go "WTF?!" upon reading her mail. Just click on the thumbnail to enlarge.

I don't know if she's the one who's violated or just a "good" friend defending her violated friend. And for the record: Why is she bugging me anyway? It's ok for her to contact me if I was one of them or if I know by detail the "whore activity" that she is talking about, so this can be settled once and for all...and she should talk to those people involved, not me.

Seriously, this is so high school...

...and I've never seen someone so full of hatred. Oh boy, she should filter out the all vitriol in her blood and start spreading peace and love.


karakiks said...

sis, siguro it'll be better kung you confront her (via email), or did you do it na? i'll be freakin' irritated by that! or you delete your email na.. just a suggestion..

Poli said...

Kulang lang 'yan sa pagmamahal. Hehe!

arjay said...

papansin lang yan. haha. never mind those kind of people, just like what poli said, kulang lang yan sa pagmamahal.

relaks ka lang. wag masyadong high blood. ang puso natin. hehe.

KC said...

@ Karakiks: No, thank you...she's cramping my style. Haha! Arte no?!

@ Poli: Korek. Kailangan ko atang yakapin para ma-feel niya ang L-O-V-E.

@ Arjay: Uy, na-miss kita! Naasar lang naman ako. Medyo di pa naman umabot sa level ng high blood. :)

BB_ANNE said...

the email is not readable...it's just so intriguing..

she hasn't got enough nerve to talk to you in person kaya dinadaan nya sa email...pano nya kaya nalaman email mo..baka may spy cya..hehe

macy said...

ignore her. she is not worth your time as you have better things to do. KSP yan. if she took the board already, she probably didn't make it and envy you. if she is reviewing right now she better spend her time reviewing than harrassing you.
in short loka-loka lang yun!

KC said...

@ BB_anne: It is readable. Just wait for the enlarge icon to appear as you hover the pointer to the photo.

OK lang naman kasi hindi ko na lang pinapatulan.

KC said...

@ Macy: I completely ignored the lady. I want peace.

gasti said...

yan tama yan..kunyari ignorante ka lang..ahehe! nakakatawa naman yang mga desperadang babae na ganyan..kelangan pang padaanin sayo yung sentimyento nya. baka takot makuyog sa mga pinagsasabi nya.

KC said...

^ Oo nga. Panibagong kagagahan, the best of 2008.

arabianprincess13 said...

read the email and it shocked me coz she was bitching at our class. the good thing is that it's not you or me (lmao). intriguing how you erased the name but left the 'B'.. like some juicy blind item. :)

so.. who's the 'B' girl?? email the name to me!!!

and oh btw, u left your email ad for the world to see at the 'To:' column. miss u KC.