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Saturday, 9 February 2008

Smile Though Your Heart Is Affected*

* from January 30, 2008
This entry is something I haven't written about before...think mushy bullsht. I can't drop names though, but I need to let it all out. *emo mode on*

Back in the time when dinosaurs ruled the earth, I met this guy that I am going to call "Mr. Honeydukes". I haven't paid attention to him that time because I didn't even know that he's there. But when he spoke up, that's the time when I actually took notice. His noisy but amazing friends introduced us to each other and that's where it all started.

Months passed and people noticed that their clique and I are really tight because we always represent(!). I heard shitloads of lies about him but I didn't care because I saw that there is something special in Mr. Honeydukes...that nobody else saw.

The catch is, he thinks of me only as a joker of the clique. Like, whatever! That's OK, that's how he noticed me...and I probably was just fangirling. So when I became too saturated with my studies and he in his own field, we rarely saw each other. I only see him accidentally in places I'd least expect...and in a state that I look so fugly and wasted. This went on for a year and we already have our own separate ways.

Fast Forward to 2008:
Two days ago a friend told me something about Mr. Honeydukes and Fleet Enema that's going to happen this May. I couldn't believe my ears because he's too young, maybe? I thought Souljaboy was joking...but he wasn't. They're getting married! For real. Seriously.

I'm happy for him. But...Ay. Why like dut?

...na-hurt ako. Kahit di naman dapat.

*emo mode off*
OMG. I'm so freaking EMO...this better wear out soon.

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