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Saturday, 9 February 2008


* from February 5, 2008
Every time people find out that I am a nurse, people usually go "Nag-NCLEX ka na?", "Yayaman na kayo lalo"(?!) or "When are you going to the US?". Oh boy, that makes me want to go:real bad. It doesn't mean that when NCLEX is all the rage with almost everybody, I should go ahead and take the freaking exam now. It isn't cheap and like I said, I don't feel like taking it yet.

And...Do those people freaking read Businessweek dot com? They probably have no idea of what is happening to Uncle Sam's economy. And they probably don't realize that the buying power of the dollar in the US isn't the same as the $1= Php 50.45 here in the third world. They probably don't even know that being in the US doesn't mean instant moolah and cash rain...money is earned, not farted. They might not even have a clue that journey to an unfamiliar territory isn't easy.

OK, I'll forgive those people. Clearly, they have their facts twisted.

Also, in connection with other post, Not Sure If I Still Love NY, the current dollar recession also affects my twisted thinking if I should totally work the US after here. After also reading about the news that the Mole of Asia will allot a bigger budget for health care workers. It's about time! But anyway, I'll continue to watch the currency values, US visa retrogression, and the Mole of Asia's promise before I say: "Hello, Europe!" in:

Spain or UK

Maybe "Obama Fo Yo Mama" or "Hillary the Homegirl" can make me drag my fat arse over to the US. Who knows? I'm not yet closing my options.


Poli said...

Kung sa UK specifically London, second siya sa pinakamataas ang cost of living. Sa Spain naman kailangan pang mag-aral ng Spanish.

Mahirap na desisyon. Dito ka na lang muna sa Pinas. Hehe!

KC said...

Pero sabi naman ng Papang ko, carry naman ng sweldo ang gastos. Meron pa namang time para mag-aral ng Spanish. 2,500 pesos lang...kaso nakakatamad pa talaga mag-isip na lumarga.

Kaya nga nagpapaka-loka ako dito sa Pinas. :)

McRey said...

UK na lang...

mas mataas ang EURO kaysa USD?!

KC said...

Naku gusto ko talaga Europe para sosyal. Haha!
Salamat sa pagdalaw McRey. :)