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Saturday, 2 February 2008

Writings On The Wind

I own an ink splotching pen. It hasn't only stained a lot of my notebooks, school papers from elementary to college, but it has also taken over cyberspace. Yes, I love to write. Even if my pieces are just craploads of whatever things or plain useful, I really enjoy putting my thoughts into writing. Give me a writing instrument and a few pieces of paper (or a computer at that), a mug of coffee and digital audio, I can survive boredom.

Writing has been such a big part of my life. I started on copying letters of the alphabet on my parents bedroom walls when I was younger and now as a bum, I'm littering the cyberspace with outlandish thoughts. It has kept me sane throughout this 8 freaking months of this so-called "professional hiatus".

Whenever I pour out my thoughts, it gives me satisfaction but it also stresses me out if I don't. That's how freakish I am. One of the reasons why I am so happy to receive a recognition (despite a gaping hole in my stocking) for writing during our pinning ceremony in college. For me, it is more than receiving something for academic distinction because I get rewarded for doing something I love...not that I hate studying or anything. And I'm saying this with no pun intended.

The bottomline is, even if nobody is reading, I will continue to write. The journey of the ink splotching pen continues.


McRey said...

Haha... basahin ko na lang maybe tomorrow tong post na ito... pero for now, ito lang ang pwede kong gawin for my deceased dog. Kakamatay lang niya kanina.

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quincy john said...

sabi pa ni kokey, 'kurekurekurekurekok!'


keep writin' kc!

KC said...

@ Mcrey: Condolence. Ang sad naman nyan...

@ Quincy: NABUHAY KAAAA!!! Woo-hoo! Salamat sa encouragement. :)