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Sunday, 9 March 2008

I Died

I wasn't that sure if I really had sudden death or was just dumbstruck (no pun intended) after watching this:

I thought, "Somebody kill me". At first I laughed until I realized the possible aftermath of this. I felt sorry for her because I know most people will make fun of her...like now in YouTube.

Let us spare the poor girl. She might improve when the time comes that she'd compete for Miss World. Yun lang.

OK, so this entry will make me jologs because for the next days to come, this might be a hot topic in all blog sites.


cors said...

kawawa naman....=(

KC said...

Oo nga, kinawawa siya masyado sa YouTube.

jackie said...

napanood ko to sa PinoyTv. my God, i can't even look at the screen. ako nahihiya for her. grabe. world wide yan.nakakaloka.

KC said...

Hi Ate Jackie!

Nakakaloka talaga. But I bet this girl will have a long way to go. After siguro ng MW, may telenovela na siya. Lol.