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Sunday, 16 March 2008


I must have zoned out...this month is the first birthday of The Ice Queen Chronicles. Yay!


I'm going on a maarte mode because I want to take time to thank everyone reading and/or visiting my blog. And to my blogger friends (you know who you are), although we don't actually get to see each other in real life, I appreciate all the kind words, advices and constructive criticisms.

And to the student nurses who stumble in my blog and ask for my help, I'll try to help you guys in the best way that I can.

Thank you again for a wonderful year. I'm looking forward to another kickass year. *mah*


roerure said...

happy birthday! one years old na ang blog mo! haha!

gasti said...

uy happy birthday..hehe! naka isang taon ka na rin pala.

KC said...

Thank you Arjay and Gasti!