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Thursday, 10 April 2008

Freebie, Schmeebie

One thing I like most are freebies. Well, who doesn't?

So while I was at work, my bosses were hounded by med reps from different pharmaceutical companies. Too bad for me, I had to attend to our admitted patient and my colleagues got all the nice freebies. All I was offered was a discount card for Gabapentin which I had no use for so I had to refuse. I admire the med reps for their persistence because one of them dug into her bag and pulled out something: a ruler. I thanked the med rep and decided to give the ruler to my brother just for fun.

When I got home, I did just that with a smirk. And when Christopher saw the ruler, he said "Ano ba yan ate! Tatanggalin ko na lang yung cover."
"Sige tanggalin mo na lang"
"Akala ko wala nang sulat yung ruler", he complained.

Before you think that my baby brother is an ungrateful dude, here's what was written in the ruler:

Baka daw kasi mapagkamalan siyang gumagamit niyan. Tch.


kaakaams said...

haha! aliw 'to!

Poli said...

Haha! Panalo 'yung picture. Para siguro may panukat ka kapag tumalab 'yung gamot. Hekhek!

the donG said...

what a free stuff. hehehe...

jc.guiyab said...

mas maganda ball pen. pang substitue... meron ako. hjahahahaha ruler panukat lang yan

thejournicler said...

panukat sa before and after. haha

KC said...

@ Kaakaams: Naaliw nga rin ako nung binigay sa akin yan.

@ Poli: Haha! Mas nakakatawa ang description mo ng purpose ng ruler. May inalok din sa akin na discount card ng Viagra. Good luck naman.

KC said...

@ The Dong: Of all the things to be given, it had to be that one..lol.

@ JC: Loko ka. Haha! Meron na akong bagong freebie: lunch box ng Anmum. Carry na rin kahit hindi ako jontis.

@ The Journicler: Harhar. What a purpose!