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Tuesday, 22 April 2008


I need to vent about work related happenings. As some of you know, I am a clinic nurse. Sometimes it's fun to think that my work is interesting but sometimes it sucks because my practices clash with those of my colleagues who happens to be midwives (Note: No hint of discrimination here, thank you very much). I am the only nurse hired as of the moment because I function as a private duty nurse for my bone connector of a boss.

Just this afternoon, I was tapped to help out at the Delivery Room since we have no patients. During the episiorrhapy, the OB asked me to give 1 ampule of Methergine via IV push. After about 30 minutes after the procedure, I assessed the patient before rushing back to the Ortho office because there's a patient. I palpated that the uterus isn't that contracted and that the patient still bleeds.

Afterwards, I came back and read the OB-Gyn's post-delivery orders, indicating that I should give 200 mcg of Methergine via IV push. Since I know that the uterus isn't totally contracted, I know that that is what the drug is for. So I monitored the patient's blood pressure before giving the drug. And that's it.

Then my colleagues made such a fuss about me giving the drug. They told me that I overdosed because I already gave the Methergine during the episiorrhapy. WTF?! And if that is the case, why is everything on the post-DR orders applicable to the conditons after delivery? No one in their right mind would write intra-DR orders on post-DR orders. And considering that there's still bleeding a few hours postpartum and the uterus of the patient isn't well contacted.

I don't like fussy and this is the second time. First they made a fuss about how fast the IVF of a former patient was consumed even if I explained that I regulated it according to the order and that the rate of infusion is usually affected by the position shifts of the patient...and now this.

This is total mindfuck. I hate this.


mikes said...

sarap pagsasampalin ng mga 'nyetang yun.


ihinga mo lang yan kapatid.argghh.naaasar ako for you,hehe..hindi ako makahinga.pero ganun talaga sa work, kahit saan may mga ewan...

namiss kita :p

bb_anne said...

ahhh....ummmm...grabe pag ako nanjan ngarag ako 4 sure...hehe...at mike is right...kahit sang sulok ng mundo may contrabida...^^

arnie said...

haha..ngayon lang ulit nakapag-surf.
it sounds like OR Nurse ka na? naks..dati naghihintay lang tayo ng resulta ng board. ngayon nagwowork na. anyway, ako naman after 6 months as ward nurse, ICU nurse na ngayon.:D

minsan nakaka-asar talaga magduty..pero, masaya pa rin.;) hehe..more power!

Ruy said...

It seems like you definitely knew what you were doing. Hang in there and keep it up!=)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

there'll still be those people, you know -- who think that they know better... pero hindi naman.

ang sarap pagsa-sampalin isa isa para matauhan.

like, kayo pala magaling eh, bakit hindi kayo ang mag nurse? :-)

wala lang, just releasing the bitchy part of me.

jc.guiyab said...

just chill.

nasa orders naman ng post-dr.

wala bang ng mamassage nung uterus at nag lagay ng yelo?

bata pa kasi tayo kaya yung mga thunders kinikidlatan tayo.

be strong. mag lagay ka nang goma sa face mo para di ka tamaan ng kidlat. joke! hehehe

KC said...

@ Mike: Haha. Natawa ako sa comment mo. Pero keberloo na lang. Nasasanay na rin ako kasi alam ko namang kontra-bulate is everywhere.

@ bb_anne: Right on!

KC said...

@ Arnie: So talagang ramdam mo na ang pag-asesnso...lols. Clinic nurse ako at walang humpay na buto ang lagi kong kaharap at kasa-kasama sa araw-araw. ;)

Oo nga..ang tagal mong nawala.

@ Ruy: Thanks a lot. ;)

KC said...

@ Ruff: Na miss kita!

Anyway, that was what I thought at first pero naisip ko rin that I don't have to waste my energy on them. As long as what I am doing is right, they can't bring me down. OYE!!!

@ JC: Well, ganun nga ang kaso. Eh ano naman kung bagets pa ako? Sanayan na lang. Paminsan lang naman ako kailanganin sa OB dahil mas malakas ang tawag ng mga fracture. Lol.

Anonymous said...

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