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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Work Is Done For Now

So today's my off. No biggie. I'm still getting used to waking up really early...and to the professional world so allow me to vent.

I don't know whether my training as a student is an advantage or a curse. I mean it srsly. My colleagues aren't trained to do out patient assessment and the patient's health history so they don't do that. I did it on my first day and they told me not to do it because it takes time. Yun pala, they were scolded because the patient influx traffic went slow. Na-guilty naman ako. Tch.

But whatevs, the clinic is a nice place to camwhore. Lol. Here are some photos I took:


thejournicler said...

magkapatid ba kayo ni mia? wala lang... hehe

KC said...

Mia? Wala akong kapatid na Mia. Sorry.