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Saturday, 21 June 2008

Dark and Twisted

It's not my fault if someone finds me funny.
Whipping up casual conversations are OK...
As long as it is not overdone, I wouldn't care.
But now, it's obvious. Too obvious.

And it scares me shitless.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Two Peas In a Pod

Since my boss has been clearing up his stuff for the past few days, I chanced upon some of his journals. A certain issue caught my eye when my colleagues showed it to me. Hindi talaga kinaya ng powers ko. Naloka ako after I saw the photo below this heading:

Kristine Anne O. Cervales, Matronang Bagobo edition.

Compare it with Kristine Anne O. Cervales, Bagets edition (with my lovely HS pals):

Ang chaka ha. Take note of the year: 2002. I was still in high school at this time at hindi ako ganyan kataba, in fairness.

And for the record, hindi kami close nung artist na si Rey Gimena. Yun lang poe.

Friday, 6 June 2008

Let's Get Ready To Rrrrumble!

Mukha ba akong punching bag?!

Whenever I have time to assist in a delivery, the patients who happen to give birth are the queasy, violent types. One patient reached out, grabbed my freaking arm and pinched it. HARD. The other one is like a kickboxer, she kicks hard that she almost hit the doctor and me in the face.

Hindi na yata ako natapat sa pasyentng hindi bayolente. Dang! So let's get ready to rrrrrumble. Dapat pala makausap ko si Freddie Roach. Lol.