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Sunday, 8 June 2008

Two Peas In a Pod

Since my boss has been clearing up his stuff for the past few days, I chanced upon some of his journals. A certain issue caught my eye when my colleagues showed it to me. Hindi talaga kinaya ng powers ko. Naloka ako after I saw the photo below this heading:

Kristine Anne O. Cervales, Matronang Bagobo edition.

Compare it with Kristine Anne O. Cervales, Bagets edition (with my lovely HS pals):

Ang chaka ha. Take note of the year: 2002. I was still in high school at this time at hindi ako ganyan kataba, in fairness.

And for the record, hindi kami close nung artist na si Rey Gimena. Yun lang poe.


arnie said...
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arnie said...

hehe..kelangan ba talaga na ganon ang suot na damit?:O

thejournicler said...

creepy ang resemblance... parang magkapatid lang kayo... sa personal, magkamukha ba talaga kayo ng boss mo?

KC said...

@ Arnie: Ewan ko ba dun sa artist. Hehe!

@ Arjay: Di ba? Kaloka. Naku hindi ko yan boss. It was just some random photo na nakita ko sa opisina ng bossing ko.

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