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Thursday, 31 July 2008


Ok. I'm on a two-day off since yesterday so I have enough time to rant and rave about the rumored Pinoy version of Gossip Girl on this blog and on my Multiply. People reacted violently as if its production will help trigger the Bubonic Plague. Plus a visitor on this site assumed that the chikatime came from me.

Nge! Actually, huli na nga ako sa balita eh. Nung May pa pala nagstart ito. Other people blogged about it way before I did. Hee-hee. And I never said that I love you that it's already confirmed...rumor lang sha. Peace out!

Anyway, upon reading on the rumor, I decided to investigate so that I wouldn't be that bothered when I'd go on duty again. I asked some members of the GG Multiply Group about the source of this cheesemax and they told me that they just got it off an Istorya.net thread...chika lang talaga.

Gossip Girl Pinoy version by ABS-CBN: Fiction. ...just as it should be.
At least we're spared from paranoid thoughts of Tagalized lines like:

Sino ako? (Who am I?)
Iyan ay isang sikretong hindi ko ipagsasabi (That's one secret I'll never tell)
Alam mong mahal mo ako (You know you love me)
Mwahugs (XOXO)
Babaeng Chismaxer (Gossip Girl)

About the ABC-5 cheesemax and the "Constance Billard, Pinoy Style" photo, I don't know yet if it's fact or fiction. Honestly, I think the kids on the photo are cute but ruined by their outfits. And I haven't watched anything from ABC-5, after Sabrina The Teenage Witch got cut from its program list so it was really a surprise that they are planning to air the remake. If you have any info about the things mentioned above, share naman diyan oh!

Naloka din ako because my friends informed me that my previous post was discussed in Chuvaness' blog. Kaya pala sa stats ko, maraming galing sa site niya. I saw it already. Na-conscious tuloy ako sa grammer at isfeling ko. Lol.
BTW, I'm an avid reader of Chuvaness dot com.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

What the Hell?!

I was in a totally good mood upon opening my Multiply account. But when I read from one of my groups that ABS-CBN is planning to do a local version of Gossip Girl, sumakit ang ulo ko. Though it's just a rumor, it's so bad that it makes me want to projectile vomit. Y'all know that Gossip Girl is my favorite show so any rip-off is truly un-fucking-believable.

Fine. OA na ang projectile vomit. Though I say "Love your own", I don't think that the plot will click here in our conservative country. I hope if it's true, they should just use the concept but DON'T copy everything, from the characters down to the plot.

Here's the chikatime:

ABS-CBN will air the Pinoy version of Gossip Girl soon. FINAL CAST:

Serena van der Woodsen
: KC Concepcion

Dan Humphrey:
John Loyd Cruz

Blair Waldorf
: Anne Curtis

Nate Archibald
: Sam Milby

Chuck Bass
: Luis Manzano

Jenny Humphrey
: Angelica Panganiban

But there was someone who said that it isn't ABS-CBN or GMA who would be making a Gossip Girl-ish series. It's ABC-5. Hilarious much? I don't know.

Constance Billard, Pinoy Style?!


Constance Billard, Manhattan Style

You decide.

Got this chikatime here: GG Multiply Group.

EDIT: I removed the first photo so that the girls would be spared from the tirade of negative comments. It was supposed to be a supplementary to the ABC-5 chika but the comments are mostly personal attacks...like it was their fault that they were given bad costumes.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Ang Taray

I was forced to watch the pageant last Monday because my colleagues tuned in to see if our third world country rep will stand a chance. After watching, this led me to believe that this lola:

is one chica lady even if her boobs seem to have a life of their own. Observe:

Nagtaray ang bruha

She's the first ever Miss Universe winner to have strutted her stuff wearing a tux. And for the record, if I haven't been living under a rock, she's the only one who wore a long sleeved evening gown in a pageant. I even heard that Mango got inspired and made a sleeveless version of Riyo Mori's gown on the first photo.

For me, going against the norm and wearing a trend well above the rest are ways to be chic and fab.

Photo Credits: yimg and Yahoo

Sunday, 13 July 2008


I was seriously pissed off and stressed out for the past few days because of work related things. My boss' patients drove me crazy because of their I'm-so-important-so-I-need-to-see-Dr.-Sy-now. And there are some inconsiderate bitches who just barge in and make your life miserable.

Now that it's all over, I don't have to wake up pissed off and go to bed still pissed off. I dismissed the premise that I'd be pissed off for the rest of my life.

If I can only post something like this:

Please sit down and wait to be called.
Shut your pie holes if it isn't your turn.
Violators will be apprehended

Fine: Balenciaga Giant Work Bag in Red
(dehins pwede japeyks)

...would it guarantee a pest-free day?
Baka sila pa ang ma-peste sa akin.