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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Ang Taray

I was forced to watch the pageant last Monday because my colleagues tuned in to see if our third world country rep will stand a chance. After watching, this led me to believe that this lola:

is one chica lady even if her boobs seem to have a life of their own. Observe:

Nagtaray ang bruha

She's the first ever Miss Universe winner to have strutted her stuff wearing a tux. And for the record, if I haven't been living under a rock, she's the only one who wore a long sleeved evening gown in a pageant. I even heard that Mango got inspired and made a sleeveless version of Riyo Mori's gown on the first photo.

For me, going against the norm and wearing a trend well above the rest are ways to be chic and fab.

Photo Credits: yimg and Yahoo


gasti said...

yan pala yung itsura nung nanalo? hapet ah parang tibo lang..talagang papansinin ka talaga ng judges pag ganyan ang ipinakita mo.

hi kC! busy na si pagiging nurse ah..hehe!

Chizmosa said...

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kingdaddyrich said...

siya rin ba ang unang miss universe na nag last walk na hindi naka gown?