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Thursday, 31 July 2008


Ok. I'm on a two-day off since yesterday so I have enough time to rant and rave about the rumored Pinoy version of Gossip Girl on this blog and on my Multiply. People reacted violently as if its production will help trigger the Bubonic Plague. Plus a visitor on this site assumed that the chikatime came from me.

Nge! Actually, huli na nga ako sa balita eh. Nung May pa pala nagstart ito. Other people blogged about it way before I did. Hee-hee. And I never said that I love you that it's already confirmed...rumor lang sha. Peace out!

Anyway, upon reading on the rumor, I decided to investigate so that I wouldn't be that bothered when I'd go on duty again. I asked some members of the GG Multiply Group about the source of this cheesemax and they told me that they just got it off an Istorya.net thread...chika lang talaga.

Gossip Girl Pinoy version by ABS-CBN: Fiction. ...just as it should be.
At least we're spared from paranoid thoughts of Tagalized lines like:

Sino ako? (Who am I?)
Iyan ay isang sikretong hindi ko ipagsasabi (That's one secret I'll never tell)
Alam mong mahal mo ako (You know you love me)
Mwahugs (XOXO)
Babaeng Chismaxer (Gossip Girl)

About the ABC-5 cheesemax and the "Constance Billard, Pinoy Style" photo, I don't know yet if it's fact or fiction. Honestly, I think the kids on the photo are cute but ruined by their outfits. And I haven't watched anything from ABC-5, after Sabrina The Teenage Witch got cut from its program list so it was really a surprise that they are planning to air the remake. If you have any info about the things mentioned above, share naman diyan oh!

Naloka din ako because my friends informed me that my previous post was discussed in Chuvaness' blog. Kaya pala sa stats ko, maraming galing sa site niya. I saw it already. Na-conscious tuloy ako sa grammer at isfeling ko. Lol.
BTW, I'm an avid reader of Chuvaness dot com.


jungzx said...

Niiice. You were linked. :)

And WHEW. Thank GOD that local GG nightmare is over!

KC said...

^ Yeah. It's nice to hear that the local GG news is just a rumor. We can now watch TV in peace. :p

Armilda said...

LOL. Funny.

Queen of Mean said...

"Babaeng Chismaxer (Gossip Girl)"---Bongga!hahahaha!

I love chuvaness.com =)

eunika said...

Can I repost this?:) Thanks!

Petitehye said...

Hello, dropping by and hope you are okay. Drop at us anytime you are available. You can also check informantion about the 2008 Beijing Olympics Results and Winners there. See you ;0

KC said...

@ Armilda: That was just something I cooked up out of boredom

@ Cors: Tindi di ba? Ang nagagawa naman ng taong nababagot...

@ Eunika: Sure thing. :)

@ Petitehye: Sure. Thanks for visiting.