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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

What the Hell?!

I was in a totally good mood upon opening my Multiply account. But when I read from one of my groups that ABS-CBN is planning to do a local version of Gossip Girl, sumakit ang ulo ko. Though it's just a rumor, it's so bad that it makes me want to projectile vomit. Y'all know that Gossip Girl is my favorite show so any rip-off is truly un-fucking-believable.

Fine. OA na ang projectile vomit. Though I say "Love your own", I don't think that the plot will click here in our conservative country. I hope if it's true, they should just use the concept but DON'T copy everything, from the characters down to the plot.

Here's the chikatime:

ABS-CBN will air the Pinoy version of Gossip Girl soon. FINAL CAST:

Serena van der Woodsen
: KC Concepcion

Dan Humphrey:
John Loyd Cruz

Blair Waldorf
: Anne Curtis

Nate Archibald
: Sam Milby

Chuck Bass
: Luis Manzano

Jenny Humphrey
: Angelica Panganiban

But there was someone who said that it isn't ABS-CBN or GMA who would be making a Gossip Girl-ish series. It's ABC-5. Hilarious much? I don't know.

Constance Billard, Pinoy Style?!


Constance Billard, Manhattan Style

You decide.

Got this chikatime here: GG Multiply Group.

EDIT: I removed the first photo so that the girls would be spared from the tirade of negative comments. It was supposed to be a supplementary to the ABC-5 chika but the comments are mostly personal attacks...like it was their fault that they were given bad costumes.


Anonymous said...

this is pure bullcrap. you probably invited this yourself out of boredom and love for the show.

great casting though. i suggest shaina magdayao as jenny humphrey rather than angelica panganiban

armilda said...


KC said...

@ Anonymous: Nope. I got it from the link posted below. I wouldn't cook this up because I never thought that GG rip-offs should exist.

But hey, Shaina is ok to be Jenny.

KC said...

@ Armilda: But hold your horses, the Pinoy version is just a rumor. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

donna said...

mukha silang waitress...pota

KC said...

^ Ay wag ganyan. Spare the girls na lang. Just think that it is a case of "When Bad Clothes Happen to Good People".


15 said...

no f*ckin' way. this is so not cool.

folly said...

yuck! This is so J-O-L-O-G-S!

I'm totally disgusted!

Anonymous said...


Before posting anything on your blogs, please do check your grammar. Using the English language to make yourself sound sophisticated really doesn't work.

"it makes me want to projectile vomit"?? For the love of God! Do you know what a VERB is?! Or is it just because you DO have Pyloric Stenosis? Pyloric Stenosis is just for infants dear. Choose the words that you'll be using properly.

I just passed by your blog and I can't stand reading entries like those. If you're going to use a language, please stick to its proper usage and rules.

This just shows how the youth of today learn proper English. Maybe you should go back to Basic Grammar.

KC said...

@ 15 and Folly: Thank heavens it's just a rumor.

15 said...

@KC: Yeah and I hope it stays that way, "just a rumor".

KC said...

@ Anonymous: Thank you for your comment and for being straightforward. And I'm going to be straightforward as well.

Don't take what I said too literally. Let me clarify that I used the line "It makes me want to projectile vomit" to exaggerate my dismay for the Pinoy Version of Gossip Girl. If I remember correctly, exaggeration is a figure of speech. I didn't use it for the sake of sounding sophisticated.

You don't have to go around and insult me by asking me if I know what a verb is, telling me to go back to Basic Grammar or by assuming that I have pyloric stenosis (which I know that you know, isn't the only medical condition characterized by projectile vomiting).

Never assume. Because when you assume, you make an ASS out of U and Me.

And for the record, I know what a verb is and I don't have pyloric stenosis.


jungzx said...

FAME = haters


Go, KC. Remember me when you're a... *supahstar!*