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Monday, 18 August 2008


Let me introduce you to one of our kittehs, Powder a.k.a. Pow-pow/Powie.

OH HAI! Mah namez Powder!

I freaking love this cat because Powie is the perfect companion whenever I am bored. Whenever I come home pissed off due to work-related bullsht (what's new?!), I just cuddle Pow-pow and talk to her even if I know I'd sound neurotic and all the negative vibes disappear. My brother does the same too. They have a special bond because Powie prefers to sleep with Christopher rather than with me. Pow-pow is my stress reliever...

But five days ago, my stress reliever was gone.

I came home from night duty and was surprised to find out that Pow-pow isn't waiting for me by the door. I kept on calling out her name but no kitteh came forward. Even if I was dead tired, I can't sleep until I haven't found Pow-pow. I looked everywhere but still, no sign of Pow-pow. Frustration came about and I went to bed, almost tearing up, hoping that the cat will show up when I wake up.

But Pow-pow never showed up. Until now.

That's why I've been on emo mode. Although we still have Evil Kitty, having them both is like, my way of life. But now I might as well get used to the fact that Evil is now alone. Our worker, Ate Marit and my mom have this theory that Powie might have been cat-napped because passers-by are amazed by that fat cat and were asking if they could have her...since Pow isn't the type to wander in the neighborhood. Also, mommy and Ate Marit was rationalizing that cats can figure out their way back home if they go beyond their territories, thus the theory.

And if Pow-pow really was cat-napped, screw the bastard who took her.

I seriously miss you, Pow-pow. 


Ruy said...

So cute... I hope you find her!

KC said...

@ Ruy: Thanks. :)