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Monday, 22 September 2008

Seven Hundred Fifty Six

A few days ago, I was over at my Auntie Guritte's house for my cousin's 10th birthday party when I found out that my other cousin, Isen is having episodes of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.  

L-R Christopher, Chaka Doll, Jaristi, Cha-mu, Isen and CJ

I thought it just occurred on the same day but Auntie Nene told me that he was like that even the day before. All they can do is to succumb to folk medicine. That's when I told them to bring him to the hospital because he might be experiencing electrolyte imbalance.

The catch is, times are hard for my mom's youngest sibling so they can't afford to have him checked up.

My mom and Auntie Simple agreed to foot the bill, however, it wouldn't be enough to cover the meds since everything was a spur-of-the-moment thing. But we took Isen to the hospital anyway. While I was with him, I was looking for something on my bag and voila! I saw my salary, still tucked in the envelope. My sleep-deprived mind must've forgotten that I received my pay.

To make the story short, I paid for the lab charges.

Normally, spending 756 peysoz in a heartbeat would've caused me to convulse and froth at the mouth. But since I can't bear the thought that my cousin would drink pito-pito or whatever herb the magtatawas would prescribe, I gladly spent it for him...since Isen is a super nice and smart kid

Not that it makes me a hero of the world, I am writing about this to let people know how good it makes you feel when you help someone. It makes so much difference, especially for a heinous bitch like me.

...because it made me feel 756 zillion times better. Yun lang poe.

Step One

Dizizit! The first step of the culmination of my dark and twisty plans:

Spot the ambisyosa mark

I know I have been rambling about this for a very long time. It's just that I have to assess myself if I am ready to take this advanced form of mental workout...since going to med school is not a joke. I also have to put into consideration my family's financial status since the fees are freakin' expensive. Aba, hindi naman kami bajillionaire no!

Now, I think I'm ready. Sana pati bulsa nina mudra at pudra. Haha!

If you're going to ask me, ambisyosang tunay talaga ako kasi nagbabalak ako sa:

  1. UP - Ultimate!!! Lumalabas na trying hard ako. Lol. Kasi sobrang hirap pumasok dito.
  2. PLM - Mas mabait kesa UP at medyo mura ang fees. Thanks, Verna!
  3. UERMMC - Sumusunod sa presyo ng UST...mas mura ng sampung libo.
  4. UST - Saksakan ng mahal

These four schools in the metro are my top choices since they offer kickass education and training and that the location is accessible. If I live in Cebu, gora ako sa Cebu Doctors...deadma na ang UP. Hehe. Eh hindi, malas ko na lang. Maganda pa naman din dun.

Whatevs. Just wish me luck so that I can get a kickass NMAT percentile. Self review lang poe kasi ako kahit mapurol na ang knowledge ko sa sciences. Syet.

So help me God.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Lame Open Letter

When I left St. Paul Manila, I was a closet rebel. I often wonder what would happen if I have courage to give them a piece of my mind to make the college a better place. But of course, I was NOT thinking of a seriously jologs way to revolt. I mean jologs, like writing this kind of letter:

Click on photo to enlarge

This was posted by a junior student on the bulletin board in the Nursing office. My sister took a photo of it so that I can read. My thoughts:

  1. Girl siguro ang nag-post because guys have the pin instead of the cap.
  2. What a dope. The letter sender was brave enough to write this but was too much of a chicken by not writing her name...idinamay pa ang batch eh siya lang naman ang nagpakana nito.
  3. Perfectionists?! As much as you do, the CI's don't want to see your capping ceremony suck ass thus the rigid practices. I hated our practices but in the end, our capping ceremony kicked ass.
  4. "Now we dare you remove our caps! We challenge you all!!!". This is totally lame. Miss Reyes (Doctor Reyes now...susyal), can tell you not to wear your caps, even without force. She can just sit on her chair and just say, "Dum-di-dum-dum-dum. Wala akong magawa ngayon. Ah alam ko na! Hindi ko pagsusuotin ng cap ang lahat ng 3rd year at 4th year. Nyahaha!"...like she'd say that. I hope you get the picture: No challenge needed.
  5. "I bet you cannot remove any of us because we will do our best". Uhm, reality check?!Duuuude, even if you do your best, there are going to be times that it won't be good enough. So don't be too sure you won't get kicked out just 'cause of that. And as for the letter sender, her status is probably screwed by now.
  6. Ahh, the classic BSN-4 and BSN-3 gap. It's nothing personal. Masyado shang affected. "Be discreet when you degrade us" WTF?! Nobody wants to be degraded, even in the most discreet way. Labo.
  7. I have to comment on the grammar. Technically, a letter sent to the admin is a formal document even if it is an open letter like that one. Sana in-edit muna niya bago ipinaskil para lalong nakaka-konsensya, lalo na sa 4th year. Sa halip na makapag-reflect kung mayabang nga ba sila, baka hindi makahinga yung Batch '09 sa kakatawa sa linyang "...may you all past the board exams".
  8. Pagkatapos bigyan ng pagkakataong mag-cap, gumawa pa ng dahilan para tanggalan siya ng karapatang isuot ang cap niya. Abnoy.

My sister, Charmaine wanted to beat the shit out of this person...because their batch is in danger of being de-capped. FYI, being de-capped is similar to being exposed in a scandal for us nurses.

Good luck na lang.

The only piece of advice I can give is that they might be super strict now that it makes you want to hurl but you have to obey even if it hurts. Because when you go out to the real world, your rigid training is such an advantage. Srsly.

Trust me on that one because I know. It happened to me.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Insecurity Guards And The New Breed

Here's a new term I coined: insecurity guard. They are:

  1. Endemic to every place. May also be a Competition Whore...if encountered, you're screwed since they are known to piss the living hell out of you.
  2. Individuals with seriously low self-esteem and a pseudo-god complex as a front so that they won't look pitiful. This god complex is achieved by intimidating and/or bullying other people who fortunately, won't give a flying fuck on superficiality.
  3. People who are totally insecure about themselves that a new component of their blood plasma is the poison called: envy.

You probably encountered insecurity guards many times. However, I recently discovered from my sister, Charmaine, there is a new breed of havoc wreaking assholes...the cross of the Insecurity Guard and the Competition Whore, a.k.a. Impaktang Inggitera. Trés fabuleux.


I don't know if I have to shoot fire out of my eyeballs or laugh my ass off when Charmaine told me that her quasi-bitchface of a classmate openly insults her...all because of a boy.

You're totally lucky in NOT having me as a classmate.

I won't go into detail about what she did to my sister but that's something I never did and won't ever do to anyone. I don't like it if people insult you just 'cause boys pay attention to you rather than them...that thinking is so 92 A.D. For starters, It isn't my sister's fault if she's one of the boys and is fucking friendly. Maybe that SOAB should try to be friendly and be less of an attention whore. Jeez, that girl sure guzzles:

Is it in you?

Why are some people devolving? Instead of thinking more logically as they age, they end up on the opposite side of the world.

Seriously, GIRLS PLEASE EVOLVE. Kthxbye.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Miss MNL

Well, as the saying goes: You can take the girl out of Manila but you can never take Manila out of the girl. I can attest to that.

Whenever I visit my sisters, it makes me annoyingly nostalgic, like a crazy old woman. I have compared Manila to the two-year old (or it it three?) city I live in. And I must say that nothing beats the good ol' streets of Manila, where you can wear outrageous outfits without getting annoying stares.

The city where my dreams became reality. Good thing that when I came there, it tolerated the ambitious air of it. It was so ambitious that I can feel it in the air I breathe.

Even though the city and I have a love and hate relationship, I keep coming back. Aside from the gross personal fact that I found something within it, that's where I grew, physically, intellectually and emotionally so I owe a lot to the city. I never realized that I have what it takes to survive the shit of the real world until I set foot in the streets of Pedro Gil and any other street I frequent, for that matter.

Nakaka-miss. Sta. Rosa is kinda boring na...which prompted me to think of trying out at this place for the nth time:

So now, I vow that when I get a two-day off, I'm going to visit and just roam around even if I don't have enough moolah to spend for shoe shopping. Bow.

Friday, 5 September 2008


Help me. Even if I'm so left behind, I can't stop ogling babies in almost all of these forms:

Nakakainis. Only high street stores sell these styles..medyo chaka pa. I need the simple ultra-modern ones because I don't want to end up looking like:

So shallow no? Well, excuse me for being a girl. Heh.

Photo credits: Gladiator shoes and Gladiator Movie Still