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Sunday, 14 September 2008

Insecurity Guards And The New Breed

Here's a new term I coined: insecurity guard. They are:

  1. Endemic to every place. May also be a Competition Whore...if encountered, you're screwed since they are known to piss the living hell out of you.
  2. Individuals with seriously low self-esteem and a pseudo-god complex as a front so that they won't look pitiful. This god complex is achieved by intimidating and/or bullying other people who fortunately, won't give a flying fuck on superficiality.
  3. People who are totally insecure about themselves that a new component of their blood plasma is the poison called: envy.

You probably encountered insecurity guards many times. However, I recently discovered from my sister, Charmaine, there is a new breed of havoc wreaking assholes...the cross of the Insecurity Guard and the Competition Whore, a.k.a. Impaktang Inggitera. Trés fabuleux.


I don't know if I have to shoot fire out of my eyeballs or laugh my ass off when Charmaine told me that her quasi-bitchface of a classmate openly insults her...all because of a boy.

You're totally lucky in NOT having me as a classmate.

I won't go into detail about what she did to my sister but that's something I never did and won't ever do to anyone. I don't like it if people insult you just 'cause boys pay attention to you rather than them...that thinking is so 92 A.D. For starters, It isn't my sister's fault if she's one of the boys and is fucking friendly. Maybe that SOAB should try to be friendly and be less of an attention whore. Jeez, that girl sure guzzles:

Is it in you?

Why are some people devolving? Instead of thinking more logically as they age, they end up on the opposite side of the world.

Seriously, GIRLS PLEASE EVOLVE. Kthxbye.

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