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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Lame Open Letter

When I left St. Paul Manila, I was a closet rebel. I often wonder what would happen if I have courage to give them a piece of my mind to make the college a better place. But of course, I was NOT thinking of a seriously jologs way to revolt. I mean jologs, like writing this kind of letter:

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This was posted by a junior student on the bulletin board in the Nursing office. My sister took a photo of it so that I can read. My thoughts:

  1. Girl siguro ang nag-post because guys have the pin instead of the cap.
  2. What a dope. The letter sender was brave enough to write this but was too much of a chicken by not writing her name...idinamay pa ang batch eh siya lang naman ang nagpakana nito.
  3. Perfectionists?! As much as you do, the CI's don't want to see your capping ceremony suck ass thus the rigid practices. I hated our practices but in the end, our capping ceremony kicked ass.
  4. "Now we dare you remove our caps! We challenge you all!!!". This is totally lame. Miss Reyes (Doctor Reyes now...susyal), can tell you not to wear your caps, even without force. She can just sit on her chair and just say, "Dum-di-dum-dum-dum. Wala akong magawa ngayon. Ah alam ko na! Hindi ko pagsusuotin ng cap ang lahat ng 3rd year at 4th year. Nyahaha!"...like she'd say that. I hope you get the picture: No challenge needed.
  5. "I bet you cannot remove any of us because we will do our best". Uhm, reality check?!Duuuude, even if you do your best, there are going to be times that it won't be good enough. So don't be too sure you won't get kicked out just 'cause of that. And as for the letter sender, her status is probably screwed by now.
  6. Ahh, the classic BSN-4 and BSN-3 gap. It's nothing personal. Masyado shang affected. "Be discreet when you degrade us" WTF?! Nobody wants to be degraded, even in the most discreet way. Labo.
  7. I have to comment on the grammar. Technically, a letter sent to the admin is a formal document even if it is an open letter like that one. Sana in-edit muna niya bago ipinaskil para lalong nakaka-konsensya, lalo na sa 4th year. Sa halip na makapag-reflect kung mayabang nga ba sila, baka hindi makahinga yung Batch '09 sa kakatawa sa linyang "...may you all past the board exams".
  8. Pagkatapos bigyan ng pagkakataong mag-cap, gumawa pa ng dahilan para tanggalan siya ng karapatang isuot ang cap niya. Abnoy.

My sister, Charmaine wanted to beat the shit out of this person...because their batch is in danger of being de-capped. FYI, being de-capped is similar to being exposed in a scandal for us nurses.

Good luck na lang.

The only piece of advice I can give is that they might be super strict now that it makes you want to hurl but you have to obey even if it hurts. Because when you go out to the real world, your rigid training is such an advantage. Srsly.

Trust me on that one because I know. It happened to me.

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