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Monday, 8 September 2008

Miss MNL

Well, as the saying goes: You can take the girl out of Manila but you can never take Manila out of the girl. I can attest to that.

Whenever I visit my sisters, it makes me annoyingly nostalgic, like a crazy old woman. I have compared Manila to the two-year old (or it it three?) city I live in. And I must say that nothing beats the good ol' streets of Manila, where you can wear outrageous outfits without getting annoying stares.

The city where my dreams became reality. Good thing that when I came there, it tolerated the ambitious air of it. It was so ambitious that I can feel it in the air I breathe.

Even though the city and I have a love and hate relationship, I keep coming back. Aside from the gross personal fact that I found something within it, that's where I grew, physically, intellectually and emotionally so I owe a lot to the city. I never realized that I have what it takes to survive the shit of the real world until I set foot in the streets of Pedro Gil and any other street I frequent, for that matter.

Nakaka-miss. Sta. Rosa is kinda boring na...which prompted me to think of trying out at this place for the nth time:

So now, I vow that when I get a two-day off, I'm going to visit and just roam around even if I don't have enough moolah to spend for shoe shopping. Bow.


jungzx said...

I feel the same way when I go to the Pasig/Ortigas area. *sigh*

Home. I feel like I've come home. :)

KC said...

Nostalgic much, eh?
I'm bored na dito sa Sta. Rosa. Hehe.