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Monday, 22 September 2008

Seven Hundred Fifty Six

A few days ago, I was over at my Auntie Guritte's house for my cousin's 10th birthday party when I found out that my other cousin, Isen is having episodes of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.  

L-R Christopher, Chaka Doll, Jaristi, Cha-mu, Isen and CJ

I thought it just occurred on the same day but Auntie Nene told me that he was like that even the day before. All they can do is to succumb to folk medicine. That's when I told them to bring him to the hospital because he might be experiencing electrolyte imbalance.

The catch is, times are hard for my mom's youngest sibling so they can't afford to have him checked up.

My mom and Auntie Simple agreed to foot the bill, however, it wouldn't be enough to cover the meds since everything was a spur-of-the-moment thing. But we took Isen to the hospital anyway. While I was with him, I was looking for something on my bag and voila! I saw my salary, still tucked in the envelope. My sleep-deprived mind must've forgotten that I received my pay.

To make the story short, I paid for the lab charges.

Normally, spending 756 peysoz in a heartbeat would've caused me to convulse and froth at the mouth. But since I can't bear the thought that my cousin would drink pito-pito or whatever herb the magtatawas would prescribe, I gladly spent it for him...since Isen is a super nice and smart kid

Not that it makes me a hero of the world, I am writing about this to let people know how good it makes you feel when you help someone. It makes so much difference, especially for a heinous bitch like me.

...because it made me feel 756 zillion times better. Yun lang poe.


flor said...

your good deeds will return naman eh.

KC said...

@ Flor: Hindi naman. Sussss! Haha.
Kahit wala nang bumalik. Masaya naman na paminsan-minsan nakakatulong ako... ;)